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FitLizzio Training Experiment: Day 1

reebok tank

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all as excited as I am about my new experiment!! If you’re not, I need you to be so I can get through it with some motivation haha!

Yesterday I did Day 1 and I do have some initial thoughts!

The Workout

The workout was INTENSE. It was a “lifting” day. It started with a warm-up on the treadmill that included a sprint progression: 30 seconds walking, 30 seconds jogging, 30 seconds sprint x4.

Once I was warmed up, it was time for the workout. This workout was circuit-style and recommended completing 3-6 rounds with 12-15 reps per exercise.

Here are the exercises:

  • Clean & Press
  • Med Ball Slams
  • DB Reverse Lunges
  • Push-Ups
  • Bench Dips
  • Sprint in Place
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
  • Med Ball Jumping Jacks
  • Incline Push-Ups
  • DB Bicep Curls
  • Side Lateral Raises
  • One Arm DB Rows

I made it through 4 rounds. The idea is that by the end of the program you can complete 6 rounds, so hopefully I’ll get there! I’m sure I could have pushed my way through 2 more rounds, but my form was starting to slip and I had made it a goal in my head to get to 4. It was plenty for the first day. I was sweating bullets by the end.

reebok tank

Not sure if you can tell, but my shirt is drenched!

The Food

This is where I may have to make some adjustments and add a little bit to my meals. When I totaled everything for my day’s meals into MyFitnessPal, it came out to just 1380 calories!! I am almost 5’8 and 151 pounds. That is just not enough on a day I’m working out (or even a rest day for that matter). I’ll likely just adjust the amounts at each meal (i.e. instead of 3.5 oz of chicken, I’ll do 5 oz. and instead of 1/2 cup of carbs, I’ll try 3/4). I want to participate in this FULLY, but I’m also not willing to risk my health over it. The plan does call for a good amount of fats, so I’ll probably leave those as is.

I will say, the chia seed protein pancake I had for breakfast (right from the 21 Day Clutch) was SO delicious!

protein pancake

It doesn’t look pretty, but it tasted good!

20 days to go on the FitLizzio Training Experiment….

Question of the Day

1. Have you ever done any of the training programs on Bodybuilding.com? What were your favorites?

9 Gift Ideas for the Fitness Freak

Happy Friday guys!

Thanks so much for your comments and added tips on my 5 Things I Do Every Day post! I love getting other ideas from people!

On another note, can you believe Christmas is in 6 days?! I STILL haven’t done ANY shopping. Oops.

I think part of the reason that I wait so long is that I have NO idea what to get people. I like to think that I know people really well, but when it comes to gifts, I’m completely lost.

As a certified fitness freak myself, I DO know what other fitness freaks would like. I figured that if nothing else, I can at least help someone out there who’s struggling with gift ideas for their fellow fitness freak.

1. Leggings. You can never have too many leggings. I own about 15 pairs and still keep buying more. It’s a sickness really, but I’m fine with this type of sickness. I know other female fit freaks can agree. BUT, the brand is important too.

If you want to go affordable, yet functional, I recommend Reebok.
If you’re okay with spending a bit more, Lorna Jane & lululemon are a great fit! Here are a few options I like:


Lorna Jane

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 2.15.09 PMScreen shot 2014-12-18 at 2.17.25 PM

2. Workout Trackers. Fitness freaks love to track their progress. It helps keep us accountable, pushes us to be better than yesterday, and let’s face it, there’s a little geek inside us all, and this helps to feed that inner geek. Here are my recommendations:

FitBit Charge ($129.95)
Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 2.20.05 PM

JawBone UP ($99.99)7124064_sa.jpg;canvasHeight=77;canvasWidth=105

3. SHOES! Oh wow. There are so many options for this, but here are my top picks for each category:
Running: Nike Free FlyKnits ($160)

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 2.32.29 PM
Crossfit or Weightlifting: Reebok Crossfit Lite TR ($89.99)

Casual: Skyscape Chase Print ($59.99)


4. Gift Cards to Nike, Reebok, lululemon, Lorna Jane, or a general sports store like Sport Chalet or Sports Authority. I know these aren’t the most personalized gifts in the world, but we love them. Period.

5. PT or Class Passes. We likely already have a membership to a gym or a personal trainer, but this stuff is expensive. See if you can buy a gift card towards membership or personal training at their gym. If they’re really into classes like spinning or yoga, call their favorite spot and see if you can purchase some classes for them. They’ll likely be able to look at their history to see what they typically buy and can recommend a good option.

6. Food. I know this might seem weird, but fitness freaks love food. And especially nut butters. And Quest bars. And coconut oil. In fact, we like a LOT of things….and we would be super excited to receive any one of them as gifts. Putting together a gift basket of some of these items would be AMAZING. Here are some of the goodies that will be sure to bring a smile to someone’s face this season:

Quest Bars

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 2.37.53 PM

Justin’s Nut ButtersScreen shot 2014-12-18 at 2.39.06 PMNuttzo

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 2.40.07 PM

Nikki’s Coconut Butter


7. FitMark bag. ($59.99-$99.99) I’ve been called the bag lady at my gym. I walk in with my cooler, my gym bag, my purse, and my laptop bag. Sometimes I even have my dog’s backpack with me too! (Yes, he has his own backpack. I’m a true dog mom.) Do you know how useful a FitMark bag would be for me? (Hint, hint!). There are a lot of options, but these bags are specifically designed for the gym rat. Anyone would be ecstatic to have one! Here’s what a basic bag looks like:


8. Wireless headphones. These are key. The JBL commercial I saw recently says it all:

I own a pair of these:


They’re pretty cheap ($33) on Amazon and work really well. If you want to spend a little bit more money, you could also go Beats by Dre, but plan to spend $150+, especially for the discreet headphones.

9. Running Band for iPhone. Almost all runners have switched from using a watch to track their runs, to using some sort of app instead. If you do this, it means you have to bring your phone with you on your run, and stuffing it in your sports bra isn’t the best idea in the world. Insert the running band! These things are GREAT and make for the perfect stocking stuffer.

pDSP1-20056692p275wHopefully this helps you find the perfect gift for your fellow fitness freak!

Question of the Day

1. What is your dream gift this year?


Live from Reebok FitHub Studio City! {NOW OPEN}

Last week, I was invited to the GRAND OPENING of the new Reebok FitHub in Studio City. This intimate event, which included a healthy breakfast and a refreshing morning yoga class, was hosted by the founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles (LOVE her) and the lovely Haylie Duff!

To prepare me for this event, Reebok sent me some sweet yoga gear to try out too!

Here I am before the event in my full gear:

I LOVED these pants and tank top so much. I got several compliments on the outfit. The pants were comfortable and didn’t squeeze me too tight around the waist (a.k.a no muffin top!) and the top was breathable and flattering. Two thumbs up.

The real kicker (pun intended) was the SHOES. These SkyScapes are amazeballs.

They are lightweight AND comfortable. I actually forgot I had them on….(and almost took a yoga class with shoes on like a goober.) -_-

Since I’ve basically only taken them off to sleep (and do yoga), I was curious as to how they made a shoe so comfortable that was also functional in a variety of ways. (I lifted in them, boxed in them, and just carried on my regular daily life in them…which isn’t something I can’t normally do. I usually bring 2-3 pairs of shoes with me wherever I go. Not kidding.)

This is what I found out straight from Reebok:

“The SkyScapes’ Skyspring technology features a unique design architecture designed to help support the foot and provide all day comfort. This shoe is crafted borrowing the materials and soft molding process used to create lingerie, which provides all-around comfort and creates a shoe so lightweight that it weighs only 5.0 ounces.”

Makes sense! My only worry was that they were a light color and well, I am a busy girl. I’m running around all day, I have a dog, and it’s not strange for me to find myself running around in dirt. I was worried that by the day’s end, they’d be a complete mess. You can imagine my excitement when I found out that they are machine washable! #winning

I made my way to the event and was greeted at the door with a healthy breakfast and the cutest yoga mats I’ve ever seen! For someone who doesn’t do yoga very often, even I decided I needed to have one of these mats.

Tara led us through a 45 minute yoga class right in the store (the Reebok FitHub stores offer classes in addition to retail), which was the perfect way to start out the day. I had never met Tara before, but I’ve become a huge fan. She is so cute and has such a light-hearted, fun approach to teaching!

After we finished up the yoga class, I walked around and checked out what the store had to offer. This is what I love about Reebok (both the Fit Hub store and the brand in general)….they don’t cater to only one sport. Whether I’m looking for a weight lifting shoe or running clothes or CrossFit gear or anything else, they have options for me. I love that they have such a wide variety of items.

These pants caught my eye (wink, wink, friends and family, Christmas is coming up!)

And it only took me about 30 seconds to decide that I needed to buy these high-top shoes on the spot (and I did)..

Overall, this was such a great event and I’m sooooo excited to have a Reebok FitHub store in the area. If you live in the L.A. area, Reebok FitHub Studio City is OFFICIALLY OPEN:


12184 Ventura Blvd

Studio City, CA 91604


Monday-Saturday: 10am – 7pm

Sunday: 11am – 6pm

If you’re not in the LA area, they’ve opened up several locations around the country already. You can check them out here.

Check out more from Reebok!


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Reebok.

Tuesday Things & a Funny Oscar Video

Hey guys,

I’m currently at the grand opening of the Reebok FitHUB Studio City this morning. This yoga and breakfast event is hosted by Tara Stiles and Haylie Duff! I’ll have a full review up on the blog next week! In case you’re curious now, you can find other Reebok FitHUB locations here: http://fitness.reebok.com/Reebok-FitHub/Articles/2014-10/New-Reebok-FitHubs/

Tuesday Things (random thoughts from my brain)

1. My new lifting program from Bret Contreras leaves me SO hungry! I am basically doing a full body lifting session 3-4 days per week. I’m loving it so much, but my appetite is through the roof! SO excited to be lifting BIG again and I can’t wait to see how this changes the game for me.

Glute pump goin' on. Heavy squats, Bulgarian squats, 45 degree hyperextensions, banded hip abduction.

2. Kombucha addictions are expensive. I think I need to either pick having a gourmet coffee OR a Kombucha every day, not both. If I just start making my morning coffee at home, I can make room in the budget for this Kombucha addiction, which seems to be ever-growing.

3. Sugar affects me much differently these days. Since I have stayed pretty consistent with staying away from sugar since my No Sugar Added Challenge ended, anytime I do eat sugar, I feel pretty sick. It has made me not want to eat really sugary foods. This is a new thing.

4. I bought a Squat Sponge for when I do hip thrusts. Game changer.  (a.k.a, no more bruised hips!)


5. I watched the movie “Come Back to Me” on Netflix last night. It was kind of your typical thriller with the naive girl who can’t see the obvious, BUT it was actually pretty good. I wouldn’t say it’s GREAT, but it definitely had me on the edge of my seat. Thought I’d share since finding good thriller movies on Netflix can be kind of a needle in a haystack ordeal.


6. For your entertainment, watch my dog completely talk back to me. Punk.



Exciting News + No Sugar Challenge Update – Day 24


If you haven’t entered my giveaway of a free race entry to a SoCal Reebok Spartan Race, you can do so here! Ends tonight at midnight!

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged….sorry about that! Work and life got a little busy this past week…..

Remember the exciting news I couldn’t tell you yet?

Here it is….

Say hi to my boy!!!!!Meet Oscar!!!!!

He is our little pride and joy. Oscar is 8 months old and was a rescue pup from Boxer Rescue L.A.

I’m a totally obnoxious dog mom…..so get ready to see lots of pictures of our sweet guy. 😀


Have you guys entered my Reebok Spartan Race Entry give away???

It ends tonight at midnight and I have to say….not many entries (so better chances of winning!)


My workouts have been great lately….and now that I’ve got Oscar…we’re walking and/or running several times a day. He’s a VERY energetic dog (like his momma), so we play a LOT. He’s keeping my cardiovascular health in check, that’s for sure!

Here are my workouts for this week and what I plan to do into the weekend:

Sunday: Back/Biceps (done)

Monday: 20 min. HIIT + lots of walking/running w/ Oscar (done)

Tuesday: Shoulders + walking/running w/ Oscar (done)

Wednesday: Legs + Boxing

Thursday: Chest/Tris/Abs

Friday: Boxing

Saturday: Active Rest

Sunday: Full Body

No Sugar Challenge Update

It’s officially Day 24 of the challenge! We’re extending it about a week, so we’ll end up at about 37 days total.

Cravings: I don’t even think or crave diet soda any more. This is a habit that I’d like to keep dormant after this challenge ends. It’s terrible for me, but I never wanted to quit. Now that I have, I might as well stick with good old water and Kombucha (OBSESSED w/ Trilogy flavor)


Feeling: I definitely want some sugar LOL. Fruit is just not doing the trick. I want a cookie. There, I said it. 😀 They have these cookie’s at the coffee shop I go to and for now, all I get to do is stare at them and drool…

redVelvetV2I actually highly recommend checking out this company (Cookie Good) if you’re looking for gifts. They are TONS of fun flavors like Oreo Butterfinger, Bacon & Maple Syrup, Peanut Butter Pretzel, Birthday Cake, and soooo many more. They taste like heaven.

In all reality, this isn’t all that hard, but I do like to enjoy a treat every now and then. Not being able to do that has been kind of sucky, but it’s also fun to challenge myself like this.

Progress: I feel like I lost some fluff at the beginning, but have stayed pretty much the same since. I’m not doing this to lose weight and haven’t changed my eating habits aside from cutting out the added sugar/fake sugar. I am definitely welcoming the almost-abs, and have plans to kick things into gear with a NEW challenge in December. (I love challenges!!)

Day 1


Day 20


Hope your hump day is a happy one!! See ya tomorrow!

Spartan Race {Giveaway!!}

Happy Friday!! Isn’t Friday always happy?! I think so. 🙂

I have some REALLY exciting news….but I can’t share it just yet.

I know, I know….I’m THAT annoying person….but it really is awesome! I’ll be able to share it in just a few days!!

Spartan Race

I was recently contacted by the awesome folks at Reebok Spartan Race to see if I wanted to participate in one of their Southern California Spartan Races this December or January. If you know me, you know this is RIGHT up my alley! If it involves jumping, running, climbing, crawling, and any other extremeness, you know I’m all for it!!! I love adventurizing (as I like to call it) so this was really exciting news for me.

If you remember, last year I ran a 5k mud run and absolutely LOVED it. I actually did a back to back race. It was pretty small and they had the option to do a 5k race followed by a 5k mud run. I did them both and although super exhausting, it was an absolute BLAST.

mudrun2 mudrun1


What’s even MORE amazing, is that Reebok Spartan Race gave me an extra FREE race code to give away to one of my readers! Weee!

Here’s how to enter (open to Southern California races only, so you either have to be local or willing to travel):

1. Go to the www.Spartan.com and pick a race in Southern California in either December or January.

2. Leave a comment telling me which race you would like to do.

3. I’ll pick a winner using www.RaffleCopter.com on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014.

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll be back later with an update on the Sugar Challenge! (It’s officially Day 18…woah!!!)

$500 Reebok Gift Card (GIVEAWAY)

Enter to win the Reebok Fall Fitness Giveaway where both you and I can each win $500 in Reebok gift cards!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Hey folks!! Boy, do I have a giveaway for you today!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVEEEE Reebok’s workout gear. I personally own a few pairs of their workout pants and just ordered more the other day! They’re my favorite (Yes, even more than Lululemon) because they stay put, yet don’t cut off your circulation. I’m not sure how they do it, but go Reebok!

Here are some of the items that I’m totally digging right now!



Love this sports bra!


I have these and love them!


The lovely folks at Reebok are GIVING AWAY a $500 gift card to a reader PLUS I’ll get one too if we win! Help me, help you people!!!

Entering is simple:

1. Pick out your favorite fitness item (apparel, shoes, accessories, and more)

2. Post a link to that item in the comments section below.


Check out Reebok.com from now through August 31st!

That’s it! Reebok will announce their winner on 9/2, and if we win, I’ll announce who my winner is on 9/3! Thanks Reebok for making staying fit fun!

*Open to US Residents Only


Why Your Workout Pants Don’t Need to Cost More Than Your Gym Membership

I’m definitely not going to disagree with the rest of the world, lululemon pants rock the body.  They look great, they feel great, and they are super trendy. What I don’t like? The price tag. Holy moly! I live in Santa Monica and work at a boutique, somewhat classy gym. Membership here is $89/month. (It’s a lot compared to other parts of the country, but for Santa Monica it’s about right.) The latest trend in workout clothes has pants that cost around the same price! While beauty can definitely be a price worth paying, I prefer to find the bargains when it comes to my workout attire.

LADIES: You don’t have to sacrifice cute workout outfits just because you don’t want to pay the high dollar. There are plenty of options that will keep you looking great and not going broke. 🙂


1. Reebok!

Reebok just came out with a new line of workout clothes called ReebokONE. They have styles for all types of workouts! Whether you’re doing Crossfit, Yoga, Running, or Weightlifting, they have it all. And the best part? You can find their prices to be about half of lululemon’s. NOW, they definitely have some pricier options, but if you look around the site a bit, you can find some bargains. They also have frequent coupon codes (currently if you sign up for their newsletter, you get an automatic 15% off). I snagged these bad boys for $55 including shipping/tax with a coupon code.








2. Victoria’s Secret

I have been wearing Victoria’s Secret Most Loved Yoga Pants for years now. They are comfortable, can be used in the gym or just to lounge around and run errands in, and they last a pretty long time. I have used them for running, weightlifting, playing sports, sleeping, you name it! Right now, this link goes straight to a clearance where the pants are only $19.99 a pair. I just found out when I fetched the link, so excuse me while I go shopping before I finish the rest of this post….;-)











3. TJ Maxx/Ross

You have to be in the mood to dig, but I’ve found great designer clothes (both workout and regular wear) at both TJ Maxx and Ross. Some trips are better than others, but I’ve found designer workout pants for less than half the cost. Can’t beat that.

4. Trunk Shows

Finally, call your local stores and find out if they have any upcoming trunk shows. I know lululemon and Lorna Jane both do them at yoga studios and gyms occasionally. Trunk shows usually yield a discount of 20-40% off of their new clothing. It’s definitely worth making the phone call.

While I say all of this in the name of saving, I still spend $200 on a pair of jeans without blinking an eye. Hey, you have to splurge somewhere, right?

What are your splurges and what do you try to save money on? Any discounted deals to add to this list?


*Note, I am not affiliated with ANY of the companies above (aside from Iron Gym). Although I definitely wouldn’t mind it 🙂