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Tuesday Things & a Funny Oscar Video

Hey guys,

I’m currently at the grand opening of the Reebok FitHUB Studio City this morning. This yoga and breakfast event is hosted by Tara Stiles and Haylie Duff! I’ll have a full review up on the blog next week! In case you’re curious now, you can find other Reebok FitHUB locations here: http://fitness.reebok.com/Reebok-FitHub/Articles/2014-10/New-Reebok-FitHubs/

Tuesday Things (random thoughts from my brain)

1. My new lifting program from Bret Contreras leaves me SO hungry! I am basically doing a full body lifting session 3-4 days per week. I’m loving it so much, but my appetite is through the roof! SO excited to be lifting BIG again and I can’t wait to see how this changes the game for me.

Glute pump goin' on. Heavy squats, Bulgarian squats, 45 degree hyperextensions, banded hip abduction.

2. Kombucha addictions are expensive. I think I need to either pick having a gourmet coffee OR a Kombucha every day, not both. If I just start making my morning coffee at home, I can make room in the budget for this Kombucha addiction, which seems to be ever-growing.

3. Sugar affects me much differently these days. Since I have stayed pretty consistent with staying away from sugar since my No Sugar Added Challenge ended, anytime I do eat sugar, I feel pretty sick. It has made me not want to eat really sugary foods. This is a new thing.

4. I bought a Squat Sponge for when I do hip thrusts. Game changer.  (a.k.a, no more bruised hips!)


5. I watched the movie “Come Back to Me” on Netflix last night. It was kind of your typical thriller with the naive girl who can’t see the obvious, BUT it was actually pretty good. I wouldn’t say it’s GREAT, but it definitely had me on the edge of my seat. Thought I’d share since finding good thriller movies on Netflix can be kind of a needle in a haystack ordeal.


6. For your entertainment, watch my dog completely talk back to me. Punk.



Things I’m Loving Lately

I’m excited to head into the weekend and thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been loving lately. Let’s get right to it!

1. Walking my dog.

oscarwalkThis is kind of a weird thing to like, but I really do enjoy walks with Oscar. He always eye-diseases-info so happy and it gets me to take several short breaks throughout the day. My phone has a step tracker on it. Since having Oscar, I’ve doubled the amount of steps I take each day. Dogs are good for fitness!

2. Buffalo Wing Sauce.

wingsauceOn everything, everywhere.

3. Sweet Potatoes.

sweet-potato-1Tis the season! For some reason I hadn’t had sweet potatoes in a while. I’ve been eating them lately and forgot how much I love them. They are nature’s candy for sure!

4. The Dick Van Dyke Show

001-the-dick-van-dyke-show-theredlistOkay, call me an old lady, but I’ve been watching re-runs of the Dick Van Dyke Show lately and I love it! I used to watch it when I was a little kid and hadn’t seen it since then. I decided to put it on the other night (I love old TV/movies) and have been all about it since. It’s super edgy for it’s time!

5. The Dog Park

dogparkThis is kind of like #1, but not at all. The dog park is one of my favorite places to go with Oscar. It is seriously like a Central Park for dogs. You have the old dogs that sit under benches, the puppies that go nuts and run like crazy, the antagonizers, the grumps, the ones that play catch…it’s like their own little city! It cracks me up.

Questions of the Day

1. Do you ever watch old TV shows or movies? Which ones are your favorites?

2. What’s your favorite “seasonal” food right now?

Exciting News + No Sugar Challenge Update – Day 24


If you haven’t entered my giveaway of a free race entry to a SoCal Reebok Spartan Race, you can do so here! Ends tonight at midnight!

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged….sorry about that! Work and life got a little busy this past week…..

Remember the exciting news I couldn’t tell you yet?

Here it is….

Say hi to my boy!!!!!Meet Oscar!!!!!

He is our little pride and joy. Oscar is 8 months old and was a rescue pup from Boxer Rescue L.A.

I’m a totally obnoxious dog mom…..so get ready to see lots of pictures of our sweet guy. 😀


Have you guys entered my Reebok Spartan Race Entry give away???

It ends tonight at midnight and I have to say….not many entries (so better chances of winning!)


My workouts have been great lately….and now that I’ve got Oscar…we’re walking and/or running several times a day. He’s a VERY energetic dog (like his momma), so we play a LOT. He’s keeping my cardiovascular health in check, that’s for sure!

Here are my workouts for this week and what I plan to do into the weekend:

Sunday: Back/Biceps (done)

Monday: 20 min. HIIT + lots of walking/running w/ Oscar (done)

Tuesday: Shoulders + walking/running w/ Oscar (done)

Wednesday: Legs + Boxing

Thursday: Chest/Tris/Abs

Friday: Boxing

Saturday: Active Rest

Sunday: Full Body

No Sugar Challenge Update

It’s officially Day 24 of the challenge! We’re extending it about a week, so we’ll end up at about 37 days total.

Cravings: I don’t even think or crave diet soda any more. This is a habit that I’d like to keep dormant after this challenge ends. It’s terrible for me, but I never wanted to quit. Now that I have, I might as well stick with good old water and Kombucha (OBSESSED w/ Trilogy flavor)


Feeling: I definitely want some sugar LOL. Fruit is just not doing the trick. I want a cookie. There, I said it. 😀 They have these cookie’s at the coffee shop I go to and for now, all I get to do is stare at them and drool…

redVelvetV2I actually highly recommend checking out this company (Cookie Good) if you’re looking for gifts. They are TONS of fun flavors like Oreo Butterfinger, Bacon & Maple Syrup, Peanut Butter Pretzel, Birthday Cake, and soooo many more. They taste like heaven.

In all reality, this isn’t all that hard, but I do like to enjoy a treat every now and then. Not being able to do that has been kind of sucky, but it’s also fun to challenge myself like this.

Progress: I feel like I lost some fluff at the beginning, but have stayed pretty much the same since. I’m not doing this to lose weight and haven’t changed my eating habits aside from cutting out the added sugar/fake sugar. I am definitely welcoming the almost-abs, and have plans to kick things into gear with a NEW challenge in December. (I love challenges!!)

Day 1


Day 20


Hope your hump day is a happy one!! See ya tomorrow!

What I’m Loving Lately: Part I

1. This Leg Workout I did last night. Maybe love is the wrong word. Hate is probably more accurate, but I have a love/hate relationship with most of my workouts. 🙂

Supersets (3 sets of each)

-Sumo Deadlifts & DB Curtsy Lunges

-Reverse Lunges & Single Leg Hip Thrusts (a.k.a the death of me)

-KB Goblet Squats & DB Step Ups

2. Sweet Tango Apples


3. This post by my awesome friend Gretchen. Fuck Smiling!

4. Sweater weather!! Finally getting to wear hoodies here and there. 🙂

5. Hanging with this pooch while I work


6. Watching re-runs of The Office

7. These little Justin’s Almond Butter packets!!!

almondutter8. Iron Boxing Classes (can you spot me?!)


What are YOU loving lately?

Link up in the comments!

5 Things I Will Probably Regret Admitting

Today has been the most boring Monday in history. Not boring in the sense that there was nothing to do, but boring in the sense that it was very routine and blah. I don’t like routine. I like unroutine. I also like making up new words.

I got up feeling like I could stay in bed for another 2 hours, but I decided not to be a loser and to get my butt to work. I worked for about 3 hours and called it quits. I debated on going home and coming back to workout, but had a feeling if I went home I’d never come back. To the treadmill I went…..



Today’s workout was just cardio. I put my legs through the ringer the past few days and my upper body is sore from yesterday’s workout as well. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill (8.0-12.0 incline, 3.3-3.5mph) and finished with 15 minutes on the “moon machine”. I call it that because when I’m on it I feel like I’m walking on the moon. Since I know what that would feel like.


Since today was so mundane, I figured I’d spice it up with 5 things you may not know about me. There are no rules to this game except that if I don’t think twice before typing it, it’s not good enough to make the list. Here goes..

1 I once lied about having a dog. No, I wasn’t 5 years old, I was 19. It was an accident, but by the time I realized what was going on, I couldn’t turn back. Let me explain….

My dog had died about 3 months prior to this conversation. This person we shall call “John” had been talking to me about his dog quite a bit. I may or may not have had a crush on John and started talking about funny things that my previous dog did. (At this point, it could have been a current or former dog, I hadn’t clarified either direction.) He then told me that we should take our dogs to the dog park together and for some reason I just blurted out “Yeah that would be fun!” I think I was just nervous and I said it before I had a chance to think. I felt like an idiot, and it was too late to say “Oh wait, I mean my dog is dead!” So, for the next week, I had to pretend that I had a dog whenever I was asked about it. Finally, I came in one day and told him that my dog had gotten hit by a car a few days before. It was a lie, it had happened about 3-4 months prior, but I didn’t know what else to do. 

2In kindergarten I peed my pants on the playground and tried to blame it on the water fountain exploding on me. The water fountain DID explode on me….internally…

3 When I was a little kid (2nd grade maybe?) our cousin was staying with us for the summer while he interned at a company in Phoenix.  I would literally bug him day and night and go in his room when he wasn’t home messing with his stuff. He had a scanner, so obviously I needed to scan every part of my body and every object in the entire house. I think I was just excited to have someone new around, but at 19 years old, I don’t think he was all that amused with me. Or at least not 24/7. I can’t remember if he got mad at me or just started ignoring me, but one day I got mad that he wasn’t paying attention to me and I took the keys to his rental car and threw them in the dumpster. I denied ever seeing them and eventually, he had to get a locksmith out to make new keys. I never admitted this to anyone until I was in college. Mike, if you’re reading this, SORRY!! 🙂

4 Continuing with my angelic childhood, my sister used to babysit a lot and actually made pretty decent money for someone her age. She kept it in a piggy bank in her bedroom. It was weird, because every few weeks a few hundred dollars would go missing and that exact amount would end up in my wallet. It was a strange phenomenon that never quite got explained…..;-)

5-2 Banana peels don’t get you high. Don’t ask me how I know that, or why I learned that at age 14. 

banana peel

So now that I’ve admitted that I was the devil’s child and also quite gullible, what is one thing you will probably regret admitting? Leave a comment!