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A to Z Blog Survey

I know I just did a blog survey the other day, but saw this one on Caitlin’s blog and thought it’d be fun to do!

Here’s another blog survey, but this time A to Z!


A – Age: 27

B – Biggest Fear: C&*&roaches (AKA those who shall not be named)

C – Current Time: 8:37am

D – Drink You Had Last: Americano w/ Steamed Almond Milk + Stevia

E – Easiest Person to Talk To: Taylor & Maggie

F – Favorite Song: I definitely don’t have just one, so I’ll go with a song I’m currently liking – Shinedown – Cut the Cord (their new single!)

G – Grossest Memory: Hmm…gross but also hilarious – when Oscar drank ocean water and then proceeded to literally pee out of his butt. hahaha

H – Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

I – In Love With: Charlie & Oscar


J – Jealous Of: People who get to travel wherever, whenever

K – Kindest Person You Know: I know a lot of kind people, fortunately! My little bro is pretty awesome, though.

L – Longest Relationship: My current one -3.5 years

M – Middle Name: Allison

N – Number of Siblings: 3 (older sister, older brother, younger brother)

O – One Wish: To continue to live a happy and fulfilling life

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: A woman from a nearby hotel regarding a business retreat

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “Are you persian?” no. & “Does his tongue always stick out like that?” YES.

oscar the boxer

R – Reason to Smile: Life is good!

S – Song You Last Sang: Sound of Madness by Shinedown

T – Time You Woke Up: 7:08am

U – Underwear Color: Green

V – Vacation Destination: ALASKA


W – Worst Habit: Nail biting -_-

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: My knee when I was in middle school

Y – Your Favorite Food: Grapes

Z – Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Okay, not it’s your turn!

-Vacation Destination

-Favorite Food

-Grossest Memory

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Things I’m Loving Lately

I’m excited to head into the weekend and thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been loving lately. Let’s get right to it!

1. Walking my dog.

oscarwalkThis is kind of a weird thing to like, but I really do enjoy walks with Oscar. He always eye-diseases-info so happy and it gets me to take several short breaks throughout the day. My phone has a step tracker on it. Since having Oscar, I’ve doubled the amount of steps I take each day. Dogs are good for fitness!

2. Buffalo Wing Sauce.

wingsauceOn everything, everywhere.

3. Sweet Potatoes.

sweet-potato-1Tis the season! For some reason I hadn’t had sweet potatoes in a while. I’ve been eating them lately and forgot how much I love them. They are nature’s candy for sure!

4. The Dick Van Dyke Show

001-the-dick-van-dyke-show-theredlistOkay, call me an old lady, but I’ve been watching re-runs of the Dick Van Dyke Show lately and I love it! I used to watch it when I was a little kid and hadn’t seen it since then. I decided to put it on the other night (I love old TV/movies) and have been all about it since. It’s super edgy for it’s time!

5. The Dog Park

dogparkThis is kind of like #1, but not at all. The dog park is one of my favorite places to go with Oscar. It is seriously like a Central Park for dogs. You have the old dogs that sit under benches, the puppies that go nuts and run like crazy, the antagonizers, the grumps, the ones that play catch…it’s like their own little city! It cracks me up.

Questions of the Day

1. Do you ever watch old TV shows or movies? Which ones are your favorites?

2. What’s your favorite “seasonal” food right now?