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Have Your Pasta and Eat It Too!!!

….errr something like that.

A few weeks ago, I got a random craving for pasta with italian sausage and red sauce. Such a delicious combo, but it can be very calorie dense and carb heavy. I don’t know about you, but itty bitty portions of pasta just isn’t cool, people.

I decided to put my own healthy hand at the dish, and to my surprise, it was AMAZING.

I know what you’re thinking…amazing as in it’s edible AND healthy….but fo’ realz…this was good!!

Here’s my dirty little secret recipe. I encourage you to try it! It makes a HUGE portion of food for around 350 calories. It’s balanced, delicious, and leaves you feeling happy (as all meals should!).



I promise this is a dish that your entire family will love. If you’re not keen on soy(the shirataki noodles are made with it) you could also use Miracle Noodles which are made with glucomanin instead of soy.


1. What is your favorite dish?


2. Do you have a comfort food that you’ve healthified?