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Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition {PRE-ORDER HAS LAUNCHED!}


FullSizeRender(2)Save $6 NOW by pre-ordering and pay only $8.99!!


What is the Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition eBook?

As a sound engineer, working in and out of recording studios all over Los Angeles, I (Fit Lizzio) work with a LOT of traveling bands and musicians. I have worked with a wide range of them stretching from Weezer to Demi Lovato. As a personal trainer, bestpainrelievers bikini competitor, fitness enthusiast, AND certified metal-head, I’m constantly asked questions in the studio about how to stay fit. They usually tell me that they get into a great routine….until it’s time to hit the road for tour….

when it all comes falling apart.

I wanted to create an easy-to-use solution to this problem, and that’s where

Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition was born.

My passion and background in fitness and music, along with my collaboration with celebrity trainer,

Torri Shack (Lionel Richie, Miguel, Mel B.), have made this eBook one of the best fitness eBooks around.

We got tired or seeing so many bands struggle to maintain a fitness routine while on tour…

and got even more tired of the excuses!

With nothing else of it’s kind out there, we knew this was not only wanted but NEEDED in the

marketplace, as being on the road is NO reason that you can’t maintain a consistent level of fitness.

Fans alike can participate, as these workouts can be done ANYWHERE and with NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY!

In this eBook, you will find 25 workouts that can be done

-with NO equipment

-in a 6×6 foot area

-in 20-30 minutes

Any musician will tell you that the better shape they’re in, the better they’re able to perform on stage. The problem is finding the time to workout, and more importantly, knowing WHAT to do.

I promise you’ll be sweating your ass off, seeing your 6 pack start to come in, start improving your fitness level, have better stage presence, and that you’ll leave your tour feeling better than when you started!

Pre-Order Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition today and save $$$!

You’ll receive your copy of the eBook in mid-May 2015 when it releases!

This is a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the eBook, I’ll give you your money back.

Save $6 NOW by pre-ordering and pay only $8.99!!


Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 6.59.22 PM


….and I’m alive too!

Woah!! A whole week without a single post. Not even a friendly hello. What kind of a person am I?!

Hey friends!!! I’M BACK!! 

Sorry for the disappearance there. I’ve been prepping for an event this Friday, along with my regular work duties, so I’ve just been a little drained lately. I kept sitting down to write and I just decided to take that time to relax instead. Forgive me 🙂

Now that I’m a little bit more caught up, I thought I’d stop by and give you a quick update.


MY E-BOOK, Fit Lizzio’s Fitness To Go! IS ON AMAZON KINDLE!!!!! (click here!!!) 

cover2I know I said May 1st (which is when I’m planning my FULL release), but it is up and ready, so why hold back from my AWESOME readers?!

If you don’t have a kindle, you can download the Kindle app on your iPhone, Android, or iPad too! 

Here’s what the description says: 

10 Great Workouts you can do WHEREVER, WHENEVER!!

Do you love traveling but hate missing your workouts or getting out of your fitness routine? You don’t have to worry about that ever again!

Imagine going on your next work trip or family vacation and not having to search for a gym in a city you don’t know, spend hours away from relatives and co-workers just to get your workout in, or wasting money on ridiculously priced day passes!!

Fit Lizzio’s Fitness To Go solves it all! Bring your workouts ANYWHERE you go! With this 10 page e-book, you can stay fit wherever you are! These 10 workouts can be done in your hotel room, grandma’s living room, or at the park!

You can purchase my e-book here. It is the PERFECT way to stay fit while traveling!

And just because you guys are great, here’s one of the workouts you can find in my e-book!

Workout from my e-book!

Workout from my e-book!

In Other News

My nephew started walking yesterday. All by himself!!! Do you know what that does to one’s heart strings?! If you have a nephew, then I’m sure you do. Especially one as cute as this…



In workout news, this week I’ve managed to do: 

Monday: Killer leg workout! and some bouldering

I’m so sore from it still! I’ll definitely have to share this one with you guys…

Tuesday: Boxing and some bouldering

Wednesday: Chest/Back workout with my man.

Thursday: Hoping to get anything in. Might even do cardio. Busy day!

Friday: Nope, nada, negative

Saturday: Crossfit?

Sunday: Depends how Saturday goes….

We All Go Through It

My workouts this week were nothing crazy, but that’s just how it is sometimes. I can definitely tell you, I had to WORK myself into the gym most days this week. It truly does not come easy to me all the time. I almost skipped climbing on Monday and almost skipped boxing on Tuesday. But I just went. Grumbling the whole way. And guess what? I survived, it turned out to be awesome, and I’m happy I went. Wasn’t easy though!

I say this to tell you guys, WE ALL GO THROUGH IT. People act like I’m just always ON my game and I don’t go through the feelings of just wanting to be lazy and not work out. I’m not bionic guys. Trust me…I almost walked out of boxing a few times Tuesday night. Seriously. But I knew I’d feel MUCH worse if I walked out than if I just stayed and toughed out the class. I was right. I ended up getting great workouts even though I was dreading almost all of them.

Like I, (and everyone else), always say…..90% is just SHOWING UP. Just put on your workout clothes…GET TO THE GYM (or park or garage or wherever you do your workouts). Just START. Chances are that once you actually get going, it won’t be too bad. There ARE times when it is okay to rest. When you’re too sore, haven’t slept enough, need to relax…..but we all know the difference. Sometimes, you just have to push yourself.

Thanks for sticking around with my less than stellar blogging schedule this week! I promise things will go back to normal and you can read my rambling on a more regular basis. 😀

Questions for today: 

1. Do you travel often?

2. Do you work out when you travel?