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Swanson Health Products: Review (& discount!!)

While I was given a gift card by Swanson Vitamins to use in their online store, all opinions expressed are my own.

I was recently contacted by Swanson Vitamins and asked if I wanted to try out some of their products. If you’re not familiar, Swanson Vitamins is an online store that carries ALLLLLLL kinds of health products! From healthy snacks to supplements to beauty products! It was funny, because I had been looking around on their website just a few days before they contacted me. It’s like they knew!! 😀


Anyways, I gladly accepted seeing that they had such a HUGE variety of items in their store and hello, I had already been eyeing their site just days before. Fate, people!

It took me a while to peruse the site because there were so many things I wanted. I probably could have EASILY spent hundreds of dollars without thinking about it. Since I didn’t want to break the bank, I decided on the following items:

Kay’s Natural Protein Cookie Bites – Cinnamon Almond


These were awesome!!! They came in a snack size pack and were delicious! I tried them both on their own and as a cereal with some almond milk. They tasted great and I loved that they were packed with 12g Protein in each serving.

Kameda Baked Frosted Rice Snacks – Maple


These were a little too good! Haha. This was the perfect snack for when I wanted something a little sweet after a meal. It definitely didn’t feel me up, but it was just 50 calories for 2 little cakes and they were really, really tasty!

Quest Nutrition Protein Chips (Cheddar & Sour Cream and Sour Cream & Onion flavors)


I’ve had these before and while I won’t tell you they taste just like regular chips, for a chip that doesn’t really have any carbs, they’re great! Unfortunately, these were crushed during shipping, but the customer service at Swanson’s was bar none, and they took care of it the same day for me. Love when companies are on top of their stuff like that.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard – Chocolate Malt


I saved this for last because it was my favorite purchase of all! This protein powder might be the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had (and trust me, I’ve tried a LOT of protein powders over the years…that could be a post in itself lol)! It really tastes like a chocolate malt! I’ve been blending ice, almond milk, and protein powder together (that’s it!) and it is so, so good!

The best part of all of this was the ease at which I ordered my items. The website is super easy to navigate, the check-out process is super simple, and my items came within just a few days. Even when I had a problem, customer service was quick to respond and take care of my problem instantly. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50, which is great (and trust me, it’s easy to find $50 worth of stuff you probably already use on the daily).

It gets even better! Right now you can also save 15% on any order over $75! (15% off + free shipping = SCORE). Use this link to start finding your favorites!

Hope you guys enjoy! I’ll be back to more regular blogging soon. I am also starting a VLog, and the first episode should be up in the next few days. 🙂


Big Bear + NOW Foods Review!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the disappearing act! Work got really busy + I was getting ready to head out for vacation, so the blog got pushed to the wayside. Tis’ life! But I’m here now, so let’s get right to it!

I’m currently on my first REAL vacation in about 4 years and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, I do lots of quick weekend trips, but this time we decided to really relax and get out of town for a whole week. We went to Big Bear Lake last year for a day and a half and I basically fell in love with it instantly, so we’re back!


How could I not with a view like that? Wakeboarding, hiking, beautiful weather, gorgeous lake, and with the people (and pup) I love! I love the mountains and being outdoors, so this is the perfect place for me. It’s also only about 2 hours away from Los Angeles, so it’s a quick and easy trip.


Whenever I head out for a trip, I like to bring a mixture of bars, protein powders, and of course, necessary items like sunscreen and lotions. Per this post, it helps me in a pinch and it’s nice to have some healthy stuff with me wherever I go.

I met the folks from NOW Foods at BLEND this year and they were nice enough to send me an AWESOME package with some really useful stuff! It’s great for every day life, but has made my vacation so much easier too!


Check this out:

  • Plant Protein Complex
  • Probiotics
  • Garlic Infused Coconut Oil
  • B-12 Energy Packets
  • Vitamin D-3 lotion
  • Toffee Caramel Fudge Whey Protein Powder Packets
  • Bug Ban
  • Energy Nut Mix
  • Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds
  • Farro
  • Avocado Oil

So much good stuff, right?! Here’s what I’m loving so far on this trip:

The Probiotics and B12 Energy Packets

IMG_8650 IMG_8649

These are so, so convenient! They are in powder form and easily mix with a glass of water. I’ve been mixing the B12 energy packets in my water first thing in the morning. B-12 has many benefits, but what I like most is that it helps keep a steady level of energy + keeps you alert and awake! I’ve been mixing the Probiotic packets in my water bottle that I carry around with me as well. It’s flavorless too, so it’s an easy drink and a great way to keep my gut in check while I’m eating my way through Big Bear!

Bug Ban



ROOKIE MISTAKE. We are staying at a cabin right along the water and if you’ve ever been up in the mountains, you know that BUGS are EVERYWHERE. Our first night here, we left the patio door open all evening long (order cymbalta). We walked back in the house to bugs flying around everywhere! We tried turning the lights off in the house and keeping them on outside, but it didn’t really help much. Being the huge bug-phobe that I am, I sprayed this stuff generously all over myself so that at least if they were in the house, they’d stay away from me! I was surprised to see that it actually worked! Ha! SO glad I brought this with me! #lifesaver


Raw Energy Mix

IMG_8645When we got into town on Monday, we had a few hours to go before our check-in at the cabin. I suggested we go on a hike. We brought some of this with us and ate it at the top of the mountain. It was a hit! The bag may or may not be almost gone already.

Vitamin D-3 Cream IMG_8648This has been another lifesaver out here! I’ve been in the sun basically since we got into town, and have been lathering this on throughout the day. It smells AMAZING (it has a light citrusy scent) and really has been keeping my skin nice and moist, even though it’s pretty dry up here.

Toffee Caramel Fudge Whey Protein Isolate

IMG_8646This is hands-down one of my favorite protein powders now! As you may have noticed, I don’t discriminate and I like to try different brands and flavors. This one is definitely going into my rotation! I have now used it for a protein shake and protein pancake, and it was delicious in both cases!

Garlic Infused Coconut Oil

IMG_8743I’ll be honest, when I saw this, my first reaction was that I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I always associate coconut oil as a “sweet” flavor, so I was a little bit confused at first. I decided to try it with some chicken (pictured on the left above), and I’m so happy I did! The garlic flavor is light and you get a really good “sweet and savory” flavor combo with this coconut oil! This is definitely staying in my kitchen!

Overall, I’m so, so happy with these products! Everything seems to be well thought out, their ingredients are good, and the company is constantly coming up with new products for their customers.

If you want to check out more NOW products, visit their website or follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@NOWFoods)!

I’m going to get back to enjoying this amazing weather and view. I’ll have a full recap of the trip when I get back. Having so much fun! Catch you guys later!

Questions of the Day

1. Have you ever been to Big Bear?

2. What’s your favorite vacation spot?


Supplements I Take and Why

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I could have definitely used another day of the weekend to chill out! I didn’t drink any caffeine this weekend, and therefore was having some pretty annoying caffeine headaches! I got in some GREAT workouts, but besides that, the couch and TV were my friend. 😀 It’s nice to veg out sometimes, haven’t done it in too long!

I thought I’d give you guys a little insight into the supplements that I take and why I take them. This is not a recommendation and you should always ask a doctor before you begin taking something new. Also, what I take may not be best for you to take, but I’d be happy to answer any questions, so feel free to comment or e-mail me with them!

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – This is a supplement that I take once per day. It is an antioxidant that is actually produced in the body. It helps to turn glucose into energy while fighting off free radicals (waste in the cells that can lead to cancer.)

Papaya Tabs – These are simply digestive enzymes. They help to break down food and assist in digestion.

Probiotic Complex – These are also a form of digestive enzymes that actually have a living culture in them. They aid in the break down of food, absorption of nutrients and help with digestion.

Magnesium – . When I’m feeling extra tired and worn down from my work outs (not right after a work out, but almost as if I’m over training) I immediately up my magnesium intake. Magnesium is abundant in the body, but people can become deficient when dieting. I like to take it each day as a reserve, just in case.

Glutamine – I can’t stress this one enough. I like to call it the miracle supplement. This aids in recovery, BIG TIME. It helps to repair muscles and cells when they are broken down. I also take it when I get sick, as it helps the body to recover faster.

That’s it. I don’t take any fat burners or any other janky supplements that are on the market. I’ve tried different things, but I like to get most of my nutrients from food. I do take a multi-vitamin everyday to cover my bases, but I also try to make sure I’m getting in a variety of foods, especially vegetables.

If you have any additional questions as far as brands, or where to buy these or other supplements, comment or e-mail me at fitlizzio (at) gmail (dot) com.

Buyer Beware


I was learning about how supplement companies are able to market their products and how they get their ingredients. Basically, companies see that “X” is the hot new product on the market. Hot product=pricey, and as long as there is a “dusting” of that product in their ingredient list, they are able to put it on their Proprietary Blend. Beware of proprietary blends!! You don’t know how much of a product is in there, and it could be so minute that it wouldn’t do anything=Waste O’ Money. I’m not saying that all companies do this and it also doesn’t mean that all proprietary blends are bullshit….all I am saying is buyer:beware.

With that said, not ALL companies are like that. One company in particular is quite the opposite and makes sure that their products are made with quality ingredients AND with the consumer’s health in mind. This equates to heavy testing and trials before being put on the market. I spoke with the owners directly and got a really great vibe about their goals and dedication to what they are all about. Smith-Bryant Labs makes some really great products and if you’d like to try them out, right now Promo code: Lean will get you 50% of the LEAN product and Promo code: Rush will get you 25% off the RUSH product.

*I am not a doctor and you need to check with a doctor before taking any type of supplements. No matter how well tested, any supplement can have an adverse effect on someone. We are all different and different products will affect each person differently. Just like food allergies, not everything agrees with people. I am also not saying that you NEED to take supplements. Some people prefer to take them when they are having trouble pushing through a plateau, and others don’t feel comfortable taking them and that is PERFECTLY OK. Again supplements are there to SUPPLEMENT, they are not a cure-all and you have to exercise and eat well to get great results.