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Friday Fun!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m so excited for this weekend to just relax and not have any plans! The last few weekends have been fun, but busy. I’m ready to just chill out and do what I feel like doing at that moment. Maybe some paddleboarding, hiking, or a picnic!

Let’s recap some workouts from the week!

On Wednesday, my friend grabbed me and asked me to join her workout. I had some time to spare, so I jumped right in. The programming here was minimal reps, for maximum strength. The rep scheme for that was six sets of 1,2,3,1,2,3 reps. We chose 5 different exercises to do this with and in between every single set, we did 10 KB Swings.

-KB Clean and Press (12kg)

-RDL (155lbs)

-Lateral Lunge w/ KB (8kg)

-Chin Ups (bodyweight)

-KB Windmills (8kg)

It was a tough workout and took us almost 90 minutes! But…300 KETTLE BELL SWINGS LATER…we were done. I used a 20kg KB for the swings.

I was so exhausted from the workout that I actually ended up taking a nap from about 7-8:39pm. I got up for a bit and then was OUT.

Thursday, I took a boxing class. I LOVE boxing. Hitting the mits and hearing that “crack” is soooo much fun. The class is held in the basement of our gym, so it gets HOT. I always leave completely soaked. It’s like Hot Boxing haha.

Today, I’m planning on taking a Crossfit class. I’m too scared to look at the WOD because I might chicken out. Guess I’ll see what it is when I get there! 😀


What are your plans for the weekend?

What was your FAVORITE workout of the week?