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And another one gone

And another one gone, another one bites the dust!!

Oh hey guys! Day 97 was great!! I worked my ass off at the gym this morning and my hunger showed for it. Today I made room to have a little treat tonight.

You see, I was being SO perfect during the week days, that Saturdays all bets were off. I didn’t binge every Saturday of course, but honestly I struggled most weekends for the last couple of months. This last 3.5 weeks until my competition, I will not screw it up. I am basically where I need to be, but I need about 5-7 days to lean myself out(no carbs) before the show. So, with that said, if I want a treat, I am going to have it, but only if it is within my calorie limit. This will hopefully stave off any feelings of wanting to just eat like shit and binge.

Today was a long, stressful day, good in many ways, frustrating in others, and by the time i was done with everything, I wanted some ice cream. So i got Stonyfield Farms Low Fat Frozen Yogurt Dark Chocolate After Dark. I knew I had room for it being that I was only at 1700 calories so far for the day and the fact that I burned over 1000 this morning at the gym(probably around 1200…which means I probably burned at least 2800 calories today if not more) ..there was room. It totally got my craving and I feel okay about it because I am not overly full or anything. I don’t plan on having treats every night and this is not an excuse to go get ice cream every night, but I would say once a week or twice a week is okay. Of course if I notice any weird changes in my body, they will be gone with the wind, but if I hover around where I am (which I expect to…at the end of the day calories in/out wins) then I should be good to go by about 10 days out. There will be no treats at all after that and then about 6 days out I will cut all carbs and wring the water out of myself like I did last time.

Hopefully this plan of mine will work 🙂 You already saw my workout for today…so here are my eats!

M1: LARGE b-fast: 1c. spinach, 1 egg, 1 c. egg whites, 125 g. blueberries, 4TBSP Almond butter, 1 red bell pepper

M2: 5 oz. chicken, 1/4 avocado, 1TBSP fresh salsa, green beans

M3: same as above minus the green beans but add aNOTHER TBSP almond butter. yeah i like my fat haha

m4: 1c. spinach, 1c. egg whites, asparagus

m5: 15 almonds

m6: 1/2 can no salt added salmon, 2 red bell pepper, 1.5TBSP almond butter

m7: Stonyfield farms low fat frozen yogurt dark chocolate, strawberries, a peach, and a few yogurt raisins may have slipped in my mouth.

Ended the day at 2588 calories(seems high, but if it prevents a 5000 calorie binge, then its like i said..i burned a lot of kcals this morning so i don’t feel guilty, techinicially im still i n a deficit for the day.)

by the way i know i said i do better without fruit, but i think it is the 110 degree weather here that has me wanting it more lately. i dont know what it is… Anyways, i see fruit as a treat as well…so i guess i had a lot of treats tonight lol

I want to thank KatieP for putting together this 100 day challenge. SO many people have joined and she is amazing for handling all of the organizing!! Check out her blog if you haven’t already. She is an awesome chick!