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Battling the Snack Monster: Snack Ideas

If you’re human, it’s pretty likely that even with the best efforts set forth, the snack monster can come at any time. It happens to me, too. And it can be a real bitch.

You’ve planned out your meals, maybe even packaged them up for work, and then it hits….

the Snack Monster.

Last week was definitely one of those weeks for me. I was stressed, it was cold & rainy for a few days, and I just wanted to snack all.the.time.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t handle the Snack Monster all that well this week. Which by the weekend, left me feeling pretty snacked out and ready to get back to regularly scheduled eating.

It also got me thinking about what I could have done, in hindsight, to combat the Snack Monster. With the holiday season in full force, and food literally at every corner we turn, it becomes more and more difficult to refrain from eating allthefood. But if we DO hold back a bit, we’ll probably be much happier with ourselves when we step into the New Year. Of course, if you gain a little weight during the holidays, don’t sweat it, but it’s much easier to maintain weight than it is to lose it, so let’s combat what we can right here and now!

Most of the time, these are some of the snacks I eat when the Monster hits.

Battling the Snack Monster: Healthy Snack Ideas

  • Apple with a Tablespoon of Natural Peanut or Almond Butter


  • Strawberries dipped in Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt


  • Carrots dipped in Hummus


  • Small handful of Salted Almonds


  • Grapefruit or Orange Slices


  • Sliced Bell Peppers with Avocado on top sprinkled with Salt & Pepper


  • Plain Popped Popcorn


  • Chopped Cucumber, Tomatoes, and Avocado with Balsamic Vinegar, Pepper, Salt, and Cilantro


  • Ants on a Log: Celery with Natural Peanut Butter and Raisins or Chocolate Chips


  • Small Handful of Almonds and Chocolate Chips

almondmixcupThe options are endless, but keeping vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats high on the list of options will help to get you through. It’s a snack, so you shouldn’t be eating to get “full” but rather to feel “satisfied”.  Portion out your snack before you start eating so that you don’t go overboard.

Question of the Day

What are some healthy snack options that you use when the Snack Monster hits?