Chestaratops and biceptasaurus-rex

Hola! (Do you ever find it awkward to be writing a hi, hey, or hello, at every single post. Maybe I will stop. Rebel blogger.)

Today was a really good day. I was in a good mood for the first half, and a bad mood the second half(due to being tired mostly.)


I started off the day with some boxing!! It was SO much fun. We sparred today for the first time. A 60 year old man kicked my ass, but it’s cool. I also sparred with 3 other people, one of whom was my instructor. He started talking shit to me at the end to get me to hit him harder, he knows me too well haha.

We started off with 2 minutes on, 1 minute off, and then half way through the class, we had no more breaks.  I seriously had no energy left by the time the 60 minutes was up. I felt like I had gotten hit by a stampede, and then reaped of any and all awakeness that I had prior to the class.

The verdict? Most fun boxing class to date. I shall return 😉

Afterwards, my friend talked me into going to tan at her work. If you know me at all, you know I do NOT do tanning beds. I am against them in every way, shape, or form, but maybe the boxing lowered my inhibitions. I am not against tanning in the sun(although I am aware of the skin cancer dangers and try not to over-do it), but I live in amoxil-info and paying for a tanning bed is just dumb. We have sun almost every day of the year. Talk about stupid spending. Anyways, i tanned for free and I’m pretty sure my arm pits are burnt. What is hotter than that? The sweet zits that keep popping up on my face. 🙂 Are ya still with me??

I dragged my toasted body to the gym afterwards to lift. Today was Chest/Biceps.

Chest was mostly machines. Chest flys, cable flys, hammer strength incline press, EZ bar curls, DB curls, Preacher curls(machine). Why so many machines? My trainer chose them, not me. I let him take the reins of my workouts this week. We finished up with some ab work.

This afternoon I did a sprint workout and realized how dead my legs are from yesterdays Stump Day. It was still a good workout, but I was just exhausted in general. I may or may not be getting faster with my sprints. Most likely not, but a girl can dream right?!


Meals were good today, but the balance was a little weird. It still turned out good in the end.

M1: 1 egg, 5 whites

M2: 4 oz. ground turkey burger

M3: Protein Shake

(all protein, not ideal.)

M4: 4 oz. ground turkey burger, 1 carrot, green beans, and a Flax Cracker(just flax and water)

M5: Protein Ice Cream

M6: 4oz ground turkey burger, 1TBSP PB, mustard, and a broccoli/cauliflower mix.

M7: Protein Ice Cream(addict much?)

It seems like a lot of food, but only 1658 calories worth. It was also a low carb day if you didn’t notice. Two more low carb days and then carb day is Sunday!

I’m off to go pack food for tomorrow and then be in bed by 9. I am working out at 530am and then working until 1 or 2pm. Should be a good time 🙂

Good night!


  1. Alyson says:

    Where do you do the boxing class? It’s sounds awesome.. and Happy Friday!

    • fitlizzio says:

      I do some of them at Club SAR(in the evenings) and the morning ones are at the JCC in Scottsdale. If you ever want to come let me know!

  2. courtlove111 says:

    I might be coming to Scottsdale in March…my parents are renting a townhouse for a month…I might have to come box with you!!! I wish we had a good boxing gym around here…I love punching and kicking. HHHmmm..pent up aggression anyone?!

    Great workouts as usual!!! Be careful in the tanning bed!!!!!
    adventures in tri-ing

    • fitlizzio says:

      You will have to let me know when you come in town! We should get together for a hike or some boxing for sure!! 🙂

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