Well after skipping a day and promising not to, I did it again. Oops! Let’s recap, shall we?

Thursday I got up bright and early for some BOXING. I hadn’t been to that class in a week and a half after being sick and sleeping in on Tuesday(oopsey). It was just as hard as I remember and so much fun! I have said it before, but the combination of a great boxing instructor who also happens to be funny, and a good group of only about 4 people that get to class(always the same people) makes for an awesome class! If you’ve never tried a boxing class(actual boxing, not the cardio-style boxing classes) you really should! They are ahh-mazing.

After boxing, I got a case of the “i have no desire to lift”‘s. I went to the other gym anyways and just relaxed until my appointment with my trainer. I didn’t feel like lifting, but did anyways. It was a so-so workout, but better than nothing. My heart was not into it.

Throughout the rest of the day, I played some football(catch)and ran a few sprints with a friend. A few hours later, I jogged about a mile to one of the gyms I used to go to, chatted with some faces I hadn’t seen in a while, and jogged/walked back. It was a pretty active day, but low-key at the same time.

Today, I slept in because I NEEDED it. I had a leisurely morning, got to the gym and had one of the most fun workouts I’ve had in a long time. I did EXACTLY what i felt like doing, which included HEAVY(for me) deadlifts, heavy hip thrusts(will explain) and reverse hypers. The deadlifts was my favorite part. I took lots of time in between sets and really had fun with it. I probably did 8 or 9 sets total. I started with 95 pounds and went up to 165 pounds. The last few sets were 155, 155 and then 165. There were two power lifters that were lifting near me and one of them came over to me and was telling me to yell “Hoo-ah!” as I pushed through each rep. It was pretty funny and there was lots of “hoo-ah” going on at the gym! I hate to admit, I feel like it actually helped 🙂 Everyone has their noise or breathing patterns when they lift, and i might have to start incorporating the Hoo-ah! haha

Okay, this post is getting very long, I am going to save my other stuff for the next post. Stay tuned!

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