Hey guys!

I am so tired today. And I have been hungry all day too! I ate very well today and was eating every few hours, but I guess my body was just burning up the food so fast because every two or three hours I was so hungry! Usually I will be somewhat hungry by my next “feeding” but not too bad. Oh well, I didn’t munch or do anything wrong, so its alll gooood.

This morning I had another session with Dae. He only had 30 minutes to train me today, but it was 30 minutes STRAIGHT (zero rest) of triceps. All types of pull downs, push downs, dips, diamond pushups, etc. I literally couldn’t straighten out my arm at the end of the workout because even THAT was too much for my poor tricep muscles. They stuck with me until they just couldn’t do it anymore haha. I finished the workout off with an hour of elliptical/arc trainer. Friday he is going to have me do biceps and shoulders, so I will do back tomorrow.

I think a lot lately about how different my life is now that I have started eating clean. For one, my body is looking a million times better than it ever has. I have now had three people this week separately comment on my body. It feels really good to know that my hard work is paying off. The funny thing is that when i lost 10 pounds last spring, every day was a challenge for me. The reason is because I was eating any food I chose(mostly healthy, some not healthy), but just watching my calories. It works if you want to lose weight, no doubt, however, it is much harder because eating sugary and refined foods makes you crave……….drum rolll…………….sugary and refined foods!!! WEIRD HUH! I had read so many things about this but until you actually make the commitment to eat clean foods, you don’t realize just how impactive it is. I now “splurge” on an extra bowl of oatmeal or a few extra apples. Today for example…i had 2 apples after dinner instead of just the 1 I was planning. I am now able to walk by junk food and my mouth doesn’t water. Why? Because I can FEEL the difference that my diet(and i use that term to mean the way that i eat) has had on my body and mind. I feel at peace with my body, I feel happy in my skin, and I feel healthy. I am not saying that I will never eat any bad foods again, but honestly….I have no desire for them and haven’t in some time. So who knows, maybe I won’t eat them ever again if I never crave them again.

This post has gotten very long but that has been on my mind and I just thought that I would share. For people that struggle with staying on a diet, try eating clean, it is easier than you would ever imagine.

Off to do some homework and then veg out!


  1. Health and Fitness says:

    The most important part of any health & fitness program is commitment. In addition to diets most programs also include proper physical exercises like for example running, jogging, walking, cycling etc.

  2. Tamzin says:

    I can feel a difference now too that cutting out (most) of the junk has done for me.

    Tonight walking home… I was actually thinking about the great big salad full of veggies that I was going to make… instead of lusting after pizza!

    Its a great feeling to be full of good greens.


  3. jeimayprovy says:

    Hey I’ve been meaning to ask you what a figure competition is. Is is like some form of bodybuilding? Your exercise sounds great! Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Health and Fitness says:

    Fitness is an integral part of work life. A healthy mind and body helps in better performance at work.

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