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I just want to say that I am SO grateful for all of my readers. You all seem to understand what I am going through, and you know how to make me feel a little less crazy.

It can be hard to put something like that out in the open, but it feels good to do so. I never know what the reaction will be. I don’t know if I have lost some readers from posts like that, but it is just proof that I’m not a bionic super hero 24/7.(You totally thought I was huh? Santa isn’t real either…uh oh, there goes 10 more readers!(do i even have 10 readers??? :-))

Okay, enough with the wise cracks. I already feel better today. Getting that out, and giving myself permission to get back to my roots of what works for me, was just what I needed.


This morning, after a glorious 3.5 hours of sleep(thank you for the midnight entertainment, apartment above me. I like to sing Akon in the wee hours of the morning at the top of my lungs. Oh wait, that’s you.)…anyways, I pulled my tired-ass out of bed for boot camp. I actually turned off the alarm first, and don’t even remember doing it, but at 6:15, I woke up again and had a whopping 15 minutes to grub and leave the house.

I ended up eating 2 pieces of apple, and cooking some egg whites for after boot camp. I ate the rest of the apple after boot camp as well.

Boot camp was pretty tough today! 

The Drill:

-10 bleachers, plyos in between each

-3 sled runs(down and back)

-4 parachute sprints(100 yards(ish? i think..) each way, down and back)

-Sledge hammers-10 per side

-2 more sprints(50 yds i think..down and back twice)

-mountain climbers, jump ups, sumo squats, lunges, suicides x 2, and some ladder work.

I think i was a sweaty mess, but it was like 47 degrees so I really don’t know 😉

Things you probably don’t care about but I’ll tell you anyways:

Afterwards we hit up Starb’s for some coffee. I got my weekly Americano, dropped a couch off at Goodwill, bought a new protein powder since I’m out, and now I’m rotting away hanging at work.

I talked to a friend of mine about some cool things that we are working on. It will be a few months before it materializes, but it’s worth the wait 🙂

Have a Happy Holiday, and don’t make excuses not to work out!