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It CAN be done!!!!

Being in the fitness industry for the last 6-7 years of my life, I tend to be the go-to person at parties,get-togethers,bathrooms (for real), you name it –when it comes to questions about working out and eating right. I’m TOTALLY okay with that, because I LOVE to talk about it and helping others brings me SO much joy! Hello, I have an entire BLOG about it and LIVE it every day!

Now, what DOES get a bit frustrating is when I stand there excitedly giving people advice and options as to what they can do, and they IMMEDIATELY come back at me with why that JUST isn’t possible for them. I’m tired of hearing that you don’t have time, that you can’t do *this* because it hurts your *that* (barring serious injuries, it is usually something that can be modified very easily!), that healthy food is gross, that it’s too expensive, you don’t have a gym membership, blah blah blahdeefrickinblah! Let me fill you all in on a little secret:

You don’t need to rearrange your life in order to have a healthy one! There is this notion that in order to be healthy you have to “go to the gym a lot and eat vegetables all the time.” You don’t. You just don’t. I truly believe that ANYONE and EVERYONE can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Now to make this clear, I don’t think everyone needs to be like me. I realize that I’m not the norm. For heaven’s sake, I LIKE BURPEES. IT ISN’T NORMAL.  I crave vegetables and eat them in massive quantities for “fun”. While that is me, I realize that not everyone is that and you absolutely DO NOT have to be anything close to that. I believe everyone can live a healthy and active life by making SIMPLE and SMALL changes. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods and you don’t have to become a slave to the gym. I actually would steer you a different direction if that’s where you were headed!

Let me tell you a little story about someone very close to me: my boyfriend Charlie. I always use Charlie as the perfect example of someone who has had the effect of a changed life without actually changing their life around.

IMG_1636When I met Charlie, his habits were very typical of an American. He ate fast food for most meals (McDonalds was a go-to), M&M’s and Famous Amos cookies for a snack, and save for the random hike here and there, he was pretty sedentary. I had no intentions of trying to change him into some health nut or workout freak and I still don’t. That’s not him and that is totally okay.

Charlie knew that his lifestyle wasn’t very healthy and wanted to change it, but, like SO many others, he wasn’t quite sure what to do. In his head, you had to eat broccoli all day if you wanted to be healthy. Aside from the perceived awfulness of a healthy diet, he’s also very stubborn. To him, working out was something he just didn’t have time for. He, once again, perceived this as something that would easily take 2-3 hours out of his day, which was just not possible. He works A LOT and if being healthy meant interfering with his work and passion, it was likely going to last about .543 seconds. I remember the first time I suggested that he try brown rice instead of white rice. I’m pretty sure he considered running away from me and never speaking to me again. (Glad you didn’t, babe). I might as well have insulted Star Wars!!(FYI: You can lose limbs for that kind of talk around this house….) I knew then that this wouldn’t be easy, but I was willing to help and be patient with him since I knew, ultimately, he wanted to be a healthier person. It took me reminding myself that not everyone is like me. I LOVE the gym, LOVE the sweat, WANT to workout, LOVE eating healthy (don’t get me wrong, I love other foods that aren’t so healthy, but for the most part, I like food that makes me feel good), so it isn’t as hard for me to motivate myself to go do those things. Not everyone feels that way about it, and that is completely okay. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

I tell you this because with some small changes here and there, Charlie has become a pretty healthy person!

These days, Charlie eats brown rice, whole wheat pasta, lean meats, fruit, vegetables, and minimally processed foods (by choice and taste), snacks on Greek Yogurt (and loves it more than anyone I know!!), eats balanced meals on the regular (his former lunch of a #2 at McDonald’s has now become a chicken, brown rice, and vegetable bowl at Chipotle), checks ingredients on packages before eating anything (he’s more obsessed than I am on this!!) and he works out with me at least 1-2 times per week. His life has not been overhauled, his schedule has not been compromised, and he does this all by choice. YES, he still eats sweets and junk food. But he does it on occasion, not on the regular. I absolutely support and encourage him, but if he didn’t want to eat healthier and BE healthier, he’d still be eating a steady diet of Taco Bell Double Deckers. He now tells me that on the very rare occasions that he does eat fast food, he instantly feels like garbage and never wants to eat it again. He can’t even believe he used to live on that stuff! (Hell, I did too in high school! Not sure how I even functioned! Teenager cells, I guess.) Charlie will still eat his beloved M&M’s and Milky Ways on occasion, and he will NEVER say no to a milkshake (although, thankfully, he isn’t offered one very often ;-).) This is all just to say, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. Just not all the time. (I’ll be the first to admit that on a weekly basis, SOME type of candy will be consumed by me.)

My point in highlighting Charlie’s story is to show you that it CAN be done by anyone. Even if you’re not trying to be a “health freak” (yeah, I know what you guys say about us!!!!), you are still capable of leading a VERY healthy life. I repeat, it does NOT have to completely change your life. You can still eat the foods you love and do the things you love. It is the LITTLE changes that really add up and that is what you have to remember. Charlie and I still eat frozen yogurt (hey, maybe sometimes we I  might even maybe, kinda, sorta, eat it twice in one day like last Saturday), get burgers, share endless bowls of chips and salsa, and thoroughly enjoy our food. Deprivation is NOT in our vocabulary. Moderation is.


So what are some lifestyle principles that we live by?

1. Moderation. We don’t eat frozen yogurt and burgers every day. It’s usually a once a week type of thing. (If, hypothetically, you DO get it twice in one day, it still counts as once a week since it was just one day of that week….right?!?!?!)

2. When we are craving a burger or something that is typically deemed “unhealthy”, we choose better ingredients. As I mentioned in this post, Burger Lounge is our go-to because of the ingredients they use. Charlie gets a grass-fed beef burger and I get a free-range turkey burger. No fake, fatty meat and no factory farms. Basically, we try to eat at restaurants that offer a better quality, when available. When it comes to something like chips and salsa, we buy chips that have very few ingredients and ingredients that we can actually recognize, and get salsa using the same standards.

3. We make it at home. For example, instead of eating sodium-laden Chipotle all the time, we make it at home for dinner several times per week. This allows us to control our ingredients so we know what we’re putting into our bodies. Organic Chicken, Brown Rice, Organic Bell Peppers, Half-Sodium Black Beans, Mexican Cheese (we buy any brand that doesn’t have any weird preservatives. This can be tough, so if you’re able to go to a health food store for this, I highly recommend it. The Ralph’s near us only has ONE brand that doesn’t have a bunch of fillers in it), and Hot Sauce. We both agree that it is actually BETTER than Chipotle.

4. Our workouts typically last 20-25 minutes. Sure, sometimes we do longer workouts, but I absolutely 100% guarantee that you can get a fantastic workout in with only a 15-20 minute window to work with. Sometimes they don’t even require ANY equipment at all! (In fact, I’ll be releasing an e-book in the next few months that will give you PAGES of quick, equipment-less, workouts that will have you mopping your sweat off the floor in under 30 minutes.)

As you can see, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Even deciding to make ONE small change to your health can have a huge impact. It’s the exact reason why the plethora of excuses drives me crazy. I can’t express enough that you don’t have to go Biggest Loser style and workout 5 hours a day while eating 1200 calories of fake food to lose weight or be healthy. You have to care about your health and make the attempt to make small changes.

I’m HAPPY to answer any questions you guys have. Leave me comments on here or on Facebook and tell me your biggest problems with making healthier choices. I’ll do my best to help you solve them. I believe EVERYONE can live a healthier life without sacrifice. Let me help you on your way to yours!

10 Weeks Out

Lizzy compete 6-2

Okay, so officially Friday is 10 weeks out, but we are going to pretend 🙂

I have some goals for this contest prep. Let me brief you about my past contest prep real quick. It started back in December 2008. I wanted to lose weight and doing a show was my goal. I didn’t really know how to do a lean-out, so I just did what I knew. I ate clean foods. I counted calories, but they would range anywhere from 1800-2500 calories per day.(Sometimes even 2800 a day) I didn’t have any “free” days until about April of 2009. I had lost the pudge that I made up in my head was carrying, and was ready to try to lean it out for the July show. I didn’t have a “plan” per say, I was still just doing what I knew worked. Not being too strict and having a cheat day about every two weeks. These cheat days were full out binges, by the way. It obviously slowed my progress, and it is why I came in just right for the July show.(I say that because had I been on a strict contest prep diet from December to July, I would have looked like I was just shipped over from a deserted island that didn’t have any food.)

Fast forward to now. I have eaten enough crap to feed a third world country my fair amount of junk these past few weeks during my “mini bulk”. Whether I bulked up my muscle or just a bunch of fat, I’m really not sure. What I DO know is that I have gained strength, pretty sure I have gained a fair amount of muscle, very sure I have put on some fat. Don’t worry guys, I am OKAY with it. A year ago, I would have been sitting under the table crying because I was destined to become obese, but these days, I KNOW what I need to do to lose weight, and KNOW that I have done it before and feel CONFIDENT in myself that I can do it. I’m about 10 pounds up right now. Which actually works out perfectly because I have 10 weeks until my competition.

This is a BIG competition and it has been my goal since I bought my plane ticket a few weeks ago that I will bring my BEST PACKAGE to the stage. That means that from 10 weeks out until the day of the show, I will put in 100%. Not 99.9%, I will be standing on stage knowing there was NOTHING more I could have done.

Now that I have written Chapters 1-6 of my novel, I will lay out my goals for this contest prep. i am going to go into this prep with a PLAN, not just going to wing it like I did before.

  • Calories will be 1800 per day. Macros on most days are: Protein: 168 grams Carbs: 161 grams Fat: 53 grams (this comes out to 1793 calories)
  • Days that I am insatiable, I will up the carbs or fat and lower the protein a little bit.(Fats like nuts and carbs like oats help fill me up pretty well) Calories will stay the same.
  • If I am finding myself TOO hungry, I will go up to 2000 calories per day, but will have to assess that as time goes on. With my lowered cardio, 1800 should be okay.(i’m 5’7, so i easily lose weight on 1800 a day)
  • I will be taking measurements and posting progress pictures every two weeks. I am not going to start them on day 1, because I am superstitious and feel like it will jinx me(call me crazy, no really, i don’t mind :)) So look for them two weeks from Friday!
  • I am going to enjoy myself for this 10 weeks. I will enjoy the process of leaning out and seeing the changes in my body.

I’m really excited. I have never done a contest prep where I followed it exactly, and REALLY am excited for this challenge! I love myself a good challenge and KNOW how happy I’ll be on show day if when I do this.

(By the way, the strike out feature is 99% of the reason I switched to word press…and yes, i’m serious haha)

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy watching me transform these next 10 weeks. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome and SERIOUSLY helpful. 🙂


How often do you glance in the mirror? Once a day, 5 times a day, 10 times a day?

When you look in the mirror, how often is your thought process a positive one? Are you saying to yourself “i look pretty today!” or are you saying “i look like a whore on nickel night!”  “Not looking my best today…”

Do you ever find yourself going through almost the whole day and realizing that you haven’t looked in the mirror all day? That happened to me today and I realized..if I don’t look in the mirror, I don’t see the negative flaws that I pick out when I am staring at myself. I don’t even care, because I can’t see it. “What momma don’t know can’t hurt her.” Right?!

Chances are, if you don’t see what you look like, you probably aren’t dwelling on how terrible your makeup looks, how fat you look, and that the dimples in your ass seem to have multiplied over night. (However I’m pretty sure that has happened to me before :))

So what if you went an entire day without looking in the mirror? Are mirrors forcing us to dwell on our flaws and therefore contributing to the constant negative attitude that many women have about themselves?

I challenge you today, to walk by the mirror without glancing at yourself. Put your make up on, and don’t touch it up for the rest of the day. Don’t glance at it, don’t check to make sure your looking “thin” today. Bypass the mirror, and see how it impacts your day. (Or rather how it doesn’t impact your day.)

Staying positive will get you ahead in this weight loss game. When I committed to losing weight last December, I told myself not to look in the mirror and to just do what I know is right. Not having those constant “i look fat and ugly” thoughts consuming my days allowed me to stay positive and be patient. Results don’t come overnight and patience is what wins in the long run.

Let me know how it goes 🙂