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Things I’m not Great At

Gooood morning!

Hope your day is off to a fantastic start! It is Friday, after all. I started my morning with some yoga (more on that in a minute), training a client, and then started my work day. and of course, coffee. Duh.

My workouts have been awesome lately, and I’ve been having fun writing my own again. It’s nice to have a coach and not have to think about my workouts, but I also love my own programming. I do a great job of progressively kicking my own ass. I’m getting stronger, and especially in my upper body. I hit a 105×3 bench press last weekend and can’t wait to test my 1RM soon!





Things I’m Not Great At: (including ending sentences with a preposition)

-Being consistent with dieting

-Stretching & Foam Rolling

-Being patient

-Saying no

-Stopping to smell the roses

While everyone is all like “be positive, think positive, throw away the negative feelings”, I think it’s important to talk about weaknesses too. I agree, focusing on the positives is helpful for overall well-being, but if you ignore the negatives and weaknesses, you likely won’t get better at them. You’ll just hide them away and focus on other things. I’m super aware of my weaknesses and I’m also super annoyed that they bog me down.

I am trying to face all of them and take an active role in working on them.

What I’m Doing to Combat my Weaknesses:

Being consistent with dieting: I’m writing down my goals, writing in a journal, and taking things day by day. I screw up a lot. But I don’t give up. People can roll their eyes or think “she’ll never move forward”, but truthfully, I don’t care. I’m happy with my body, but I do have goals I want to reach. Dieting is my nemesis and I’m working on changing that. I’ll likely fail 23423 more times, but I assure you if that’s the case, I’ll try 23424 times.

Progress Picture – 10/28/15

Stretching & Foam Rolling: Well I realized that even when I told myself I’d do these things, I wouldn’t. When a friend reminded me that he teaches a badass yoga class and that I should try it, I thought “what the hell” and went. I ended up actually liking it (yup, it finally happened), and signed up for a membership. I’m taking class 2-3 times per week and it’s definitely helping my mobility. I am also foam rolling while I wait for clients (so thank you for when you’re late, you allow me more time with the foam roller).

Being patient: This sort of ties in with the above. I’m working on not expecting things to happen instantly. Of course, I don’t always succeed in this, but the intention of being more patient is there, and I’m at least at the point of thinking about it and reminding myself of this.

Saying no: I am the queen of saying “yes, i’d love to!” to just about everything. It landed me with 5 jobs and more stress than I could handle. These days, I’m learning to turn things down that aren’t worth it. I’ve turned down 2 projects in the last month, and I feel good about it.

Stopping to smell the roses: I live minutes from the beach and rarely go, so I’m determined to change that. Last week, I grabbed Oscar and went down to watch the sunset. We walked along the boardwalk and it was awesome. I also took him to the dog beach last weekend, which was equally awesome. I’m taking time to take in the things I normally walk past without noticing. It’s been really good for my mind and soul.


Oddly enough, I’m noticing that I’m much more calm and at peace lately. I feel less stressed and more carefree. I think a combination of the above has contributed to that, and I’m feeling really happy in my life again.

I’ve said it before, but health and fitness isn’t always about working out, eating right, and #motivation selfies. Sometimes it’s about everything else that goes along with it. Conditioning the mind, learning new things, combating bad behaviors or negative thoughts, DEALING with problems head-on. I’ve been so focused on the fitness aspect, that I let a lot of the other stuff go over the years. It’s nice to start focusing on the other stuff, while maintaining the things I know I’m good at.

I’m headed to Chicago and then Phoenix next week, so I’m sure I’ll have some fun photos and workout videos then as well.





How often do you glance in the mirror? Once a day, 5 times a day, 10 times a day?

When you look in the mirror, how often is your thought process a positive one? Are you saying to yourself “i look pretty today!” or are you saying “i look like a whore on nickel night!”  “Not looking my best today…”

Do you ever find yourself going through almost the whole day and realizing that you haven’t looked in the mirror all day? That happened to me today and I realized..if I don’t look in the mirror, I don’t see the negative flaws that I pick out when I am staring at myself. I don’t even care, because I can’t see it. “What momma don’t know can’t hurt her.” Right?!

Chances are, if you don’t see what you look like, you probably aren’t dwelling on how terrible your makeup looks, how fat you look, and that the dimples in your ass seem to have multiplied over night. (However I’m pretty sure that has happened to me before :))

So what if you went an entire day without looking in the mirror? Are mirrors forcing us to dwell on our flaws and therefore contributing to the constant negative attitude that many women have about themselves?

I challenge you today, to walk by the mirror without glancing at yourself. Put your make up on, and don’t touch it up for the rest of the day. Don’t glance at it, don’t check to make sure your looking “thin” today. Bypass the mirror, and see how it impacts your day. (Or rather how it doesn’t impact your day.)

Staying positive will get you ahead in this weight loss game. When I committed to losing weight last December, I told myself not to look in the mirror and to just do what I know is right. Not having those constant “i look fat and ugly” thoughts consuming my days allowed me to stay positive and be patient. Results don’t come overnight and patience is what wins in the long run.

Let me know how it goes 🙂