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Weekend, Filming, Workouts, Pawn Shops!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty low-key, but I think that was much-needed after Friday’s long day.

Friday was the 2nd filming day for the WBBC At-Home Fitness Program! We were in the sun for about 6.5 hours, did 4 workouts, and lots of other speaking footage. It was a ton of fun, but a ton of work, too! If you’re interested in the program, you can click this link to get on our waiting list. 😉

I’m a total doophus and forgot to wear sunscreen.



(Funny story about that “Kiss Me” balloon….it’s from Valentine’s day!! Charlie and I are trying to see how long it will stay inflated. Best.balloon investment.ever, if you ask me.)

The camera man and I have some very funny farmer’s tans going on!

His and Hers Sunburns

His and Hers Sunburns

I’m not trying to make light of these sunburns. It’s obviously extremely dangerous, but we were just so frazzled in the morning that we both forgot sunscreen. :-/ Live and learn.

Here are some shots from the filming:

Lizzy and Anna

Lizzy and Anna





Perfect Stretch

Perfect Stretch

Anyways, I’m really excited for this to come out!

After filming and working out in the sun all day, we were STARVING. We found an AWESOME little Hawaiian burger shack nearby called, Shaka Shack Burgers. AMAZING. The sweet potato fries were probably the best I’ve ever heard. SUPER GREASY and DELICIOUS haha. I ordered the Turkey Burger and it was pretty awesome too.


Charlie and I always talk about going to pawn shops to see if we can luck out with some smokin’ deals. It’s much more difficult these days since you can find out what everything is worth on the internet. We finally decided that this was the day we would actually go look!

We drove to Hollywood and went to a few different pawn shops. There was definitely some interesting stuff in them, but ultimately, we walked away empty handed. We ALMOST got a really killer deal on a vintage microphone, but alas, it didn’t work. Womp, womp.

We finished around 4:30pm and decided to go to the Arclight to see Neighbors.

Neighbors_(2013)_PosterThis movie definitely had some hilarious moments, but overall, I’d give it a 7. Probably best to wait for it to come out on DVD, which nowadays should be about 2 weeks! Haha. (Remember when you used to have to wait MONTHS AND MONTHS for a movie to come out just for RENTAL….buying it was like a year. Crazy how times have changed.)

We finished off the night by making dinner, baking cookies (YUM) and watching Dexter.


I woke up earlier than Charlie and started cleaning the house. Eventually he joined me and then we headed to the gym for a workout. We did the following supersets (weights/reps are mine…Charlie is stronger than me and did more weight plus higher box jumps):

Superset #1:

4 Sets of

-Medicine Ball Thrusters (16 lb ball x 15 reps)

-DB Push Ups w/ Rotation (10 lb DBs x 8 reps)

Superset #2:

4 Sets of

Heavy Deadlifts (139 lbs x 10 reps)

Burpee-Pull Ups (bw x 5 reps)

Superset #3:

2 Sets of

DB Shoulder Press (25lb DBs x 8 reps)

Box Jumps (24 inc. x 10 reps)


Charlie also helped me work on my form for box jumps. I was doing the 24 inch box, which I’ve done many times before, but my form wasn’t great. With the tips he gave me, I’m ready to tackle the tall 30 inch box. Just need to get some cajones, that’s all!

Some fun slo-mo videos of us!

That’s all I’ve got today! I’ll be back tomorrow morning with my workout plans for the week!


Have you ever been to a pawn shop?

Ever found a REALLY cool steal while at a pawn shop?



Lovely Sunday

After a few days of a lot of work and long days, I’m finally relaxing today. It feels so good! I’ve had a great few days, but I’m exhausted.

On Friday, I attended/worked an all day seminar. I got a LOT out of it, but it made for a long day. I was out of bed by 5am Friday, and we didn’t get done until about 6:30pm. I had also agreed to babysit my boss’s kids Friday night, so I didn’t get home until about 1:30am.

This would have been fine, had I not had to get up at 6am on Saturday!! All for good reason though. Yesterday was the launch of The World’s Best Bridal camp as well as the enlistment for The World’s Best Bootcamp Platoon 004!! A fun day, indeed.


After I finished, although I’d only gotten in about 7 hours of sleep total between two nights, I needed a workout. Mentally needed it. Here’s what I did:

Saturday Workout

3 Rounds of:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

5 Rounds of:
8 KB Snatch (per side)
8 KB Cleans (per side)
8 KB Front Squats (per side)
8 KB Swings

It worked me for sure. And I proceeded to nap for FOUR HOURS. I felt like a new woman afterwards.

Once I was up and got my life back together, I headed to the studio to hang with my man while he recorded drums for a client.


As for today, I have no real plans except for good coffee and some relaxation. I may sneak in a workout, but I’m not pressuring myself. I have to film 4 full workouts on Tuesday (more on that later), so I may rest up a bit.

Hope you’re all having a FAB Sunday!!

Question of the day:
-Do you like naps? Hate them?

I go back and forth. Love them when they’re REALLY necessary (like Saturday) but for the most part, I feel like I should/would rather be doing something else.


Hello lovelies!

I’m working away this morning. Something about Thursdays….I like them. Maybe because it means the week is almost over.


My work life has been really great these past few weeks. I’m feeling good, productive, and ambitious. Gotta harness that when it’s there! The companies I work with are also in a growing stage, which is pretty exciting. I take a lot of pride in not only my work, but also the companies I work for. It’s fun to see hard work manifest and become something bigger.

My workouts have been going pretty well too…..aside from the fact that I randomly was sick on Saturday evening through Sunday night. Felt about 75% normal on Monday, so it really didn’t hold me back much. I worked out Monday and then again Tuesday….but come Wednesday a cough snuck in. Grrr. As long as this leaves as quickly as my random sickness, I’ll deal with it. 😉

Exciting News

Okay, so I mentioned a while back that I was working on putting together an e-book and that it would be ready soon.

Well guys……it’s ALMOST THERE!!!!! I just need to put the finishing touches on it.

Fit Lizzio’s Fitness To-Go!


This e-book includes 10 workouts that can be done ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. It is the PERFECT little book to bring on a vacation or work trip, or for any other time too! You can gift it to friends or family, or keep it for yourself ;-).

All of these workouts take LESS THAN 30 MINUTES. So now your “i don’t have time” and “i don’t belong to a gym” excuses have been extinguished. 😀

The e-book is $1.99 and I expect to have it ready to go May 1st!

I’m so excited to share this with you guys! It’s my first e-book and I would LOVE to get your feedback and results. I’ll share more details about that part of it later. Hint hint: prizes!


Since I did a full body workout on Tuesday instead of boxing as I had planned, I’m going to take a boxing class tonight, followed by some climb time at Rockreation! I’m still planning on hitting up the CrossFit gym on Friday for the WOD and then we’ll see what the weekend brings!

Hope you’re all having a great week!

1. What platform do you typically use to read blogs, articles, ebooks? (i.e. Laptop, kindle, iPad, iPhone)

2. What’s your favorite part of work for you?

10 Minute Sweat Fest

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday!! As I mentioned yesterday, I have a “Try It Tuesday” workout on the agenda for everyone!

I did this on Sunday and it kicked my boo-tay!

10 Minutes – As Many Rounds As Possible

5 Push-Ups (chest to deck! from the knees is okay if needed)

5 Kettle Bell Swings (medium – heavy weight)

10 Lemon Squeezers (or sit-ups)

5 Burpees (I did it without the push-up, but if you’re hardcore, do the push-up too!!!)

Try this one and let me know how it goes!!!

Question of the day:

 Are you a cardio bunny?

Weekend Pics from 1/3-1/5/14

*Almost* wearing normal clothes. I cheated and wore workout pants. 20140105-234724.jpg

Recording my boyfriend playing drums. 20140105-234733.jpg

Hanging out at the World’s Best Bootcamp-Burbank Enlistment day for Platoon 002! 20140105-234744.jpg

Platoon 002 doing their baseline workouts!20140105-234759.jpg

Got ready for girl’s night and decided a beanie was necessary. Mission Impossible style. 20140105-234819.jpg

Any exciting things happen for you guys this weekend??

Winter Workout

It feels like a whirlwind, but somehow the holidays came and went and we’re all getting ready for New Years! You want to know what I’m doing for New Years? Grilling venison and plopping on the couch with a movie. Yeah, we like to party hard. At least I have a hot date.

So where the hell have I been?! I last left you with the Legend of the $5 Coffee Table. Well you will be glad to know that it’s still in my living room and is now accruing more stuff on top of it. Operation Jungle Gym is in full effect.

Anyways, I headed out to Kansas with the boyfriend to visit his family for the holidays. I’m an Arizona girl converted to a Southern California girl. Kansas=cold. As a kid, I spent many winters in Chicago with my extended family, but it’s been a good 10 years. The only snow/cold I’ve been in recently has been for snowboarding, which is an entirely different situation altogether. Needless to say, I don’t do well in cold. Hell, the Santa Monica arctic temperatures right now are killing me!

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you’re reading my complaints, but I promise I have good intentions. You see, even in the blistering cold, I managed to run outside twice and do two indoor workouts. Point being=there is no excuse for not being able to fit in a workout! I did these workouts before, between, or after family events and although it was NOT comfortable, I felt SO much better afterwards.

I do realize that I’m a little bit psychotic and not everyone is ready to venture into 16 degree cold to get a workout in, but the workouts I did inside were absolutely killer and required no equipment and minimal time. I made my manfriend join in too and even though it only further solidified his theory that I’m trying to kill him, I think he secretly enjoyed the challenge.

Try these out and let me know how it goes 😉

cold outside workout

(This workout takes about 20 minutes give or take.)

Warm Up: 25 burpees


10 Rounds for Time

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Sit Ups (or mix it up and throw in different ab exercises)

Then finish off with one more round of 25 burpees

Feel free to modify the reps, sets, etc, but this was a butt kicker! Let me know how it went when you try it!

Stay tuned for Workout #2….

Happy New Year from Us!

merry christmas 2012

Special on Personal Training

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I’m running a special through Memorial Day!

Buy 1 month, get 1 week free!

Buy 6 months get 1 month free!

Visit for more information

(The pricing is a little wonky on the website and I’m working to get that fixed ASAP! For now, please e-mail me for pricing at

I really appreciate my readers and as a bonus, if you mention this blog post in your e-mail, I will give you an additional week for free!! 6 weeks for the price of 4!

(Offer expire 5/30/2011)


As you may have caught onto from my post a few days ago, I’m working on weaning myself off of caffeine. For many, this is mostly mental, but for some of us caffeine-hoarders, it’s physical too.

I started out by giving up my beloved Xenergy’s. I love those little (read: big) cans of heaven, but they’re pricey! I’m about to move to another state (have I mentioned that? More on that in another post :)) that happens to be about twice as expensive as where I live now. $2 a day adds up! And sometimes, it was more like $4-6 dollars per day. Yeah, I had a slight addiction……

So I’ve now been mostly caffeine-free since last Friday. I say mostly, because I’m not trying to give it up completely. I’ve done that in the past, and it really is fine, but I do like to have caffeine every now and then.

So here is what I’ve done and these are my goals for caffeine:

-No more Xenergy! (1 per month is okay)

-If I’m feeling like I need an extra kick before a workout, either coffee or a pre-workout supplement(but this is only when I reallllllly feel like I need it.)

-Diet soda if I feel like it. More often than not, I don’t feel like it. Unless I’m in California(visiting). Somehow I always end up drinking diet soda there, and that’s fine with me.(Until I move there, of course..)

How I feel?

Day 1: Headaches, extreme fatigue, slept like a baby

Day 2: Headaches, extreme fatigue, slept like a baby

Day 3: Slight headache, a little fatigue but getting better, slept like a……

Day 4: Who needs caffeine?

Ha, so that’s pretty much how caffeine withdrawals go. You can still carry on with daily life, but I will admit, it’s a pain in the ass the first couple days and you want to give up. If you stick with it, though, you will feel better than ever after a few days.

Let me know if anyone else is/was giving up caffeine!!

I’m not sick, I’m not sick………

Ok I’m sick. 🙁

Hey friends!

Today is being spent on the couch with water, iced tea, the TV and my laptop. I’m currently fighting something(maybe the flu :-() and can’t fathom the thought of actually walking right now.

This is my view today:


Fitness Update

In one word: un-believable. I have been getting in such amazing workouts both by myself and with my new trainer and the fruits of my labor are coming in amazingly. My cardio is at about 45 minutes 6 days a week and lifting 4-5 days per week.

Oh, and I’m now official….

Life Update

I’m busy with school and 3 part time jobs, but still having a great time. Here are some pictures of my recent shenanigans in Los Angeles and Phoenix. Life is too short to be in a routine ALL of the time…spontaneous trips are well worth the experiences 🙂

What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Do you prefer making plans and schedules or just “wingin'” it?

Is anybody out there?!

I have totally let this blog go. Life is so BUSY. I just thought i’d give an update on my life….

-I’m still kicking my ass in the gym daily, and sometimes twice daily. My workouts have never been better 🙂

-I’ve been eating well, but living life. My weight is pretty steady, but I’m happy with my body right now and am getting leaner. No more crazy diets for me, just slow, steady weight loss through clean eating.

-I’m taking 19 credits in school and it’s keeping me pretty busy!

-I am currently working 3 jobs on top of school, with a writing job on the side, hence the lack of posts.

-I do plan on bringing back daily posts, but need to figure out where I want to take this blog and what I’d like to do with this first.

-I’m not planning on competing this year, but may do it anyways…we’ll see….I do however have some non-set plans for next year….but it’s a surprise so you’ll have to wait…… 🙂

All in all i think i might be the happiest I’ve ever been in my life!

Oh yeah, and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer now too!

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