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Springwise Round-Up

Springwise Round-Up is a weekly post where I highlight some of the posts from this website that really stood out to me. Of course, this is my opinion only. While I typically tend to highlight some of the sillier finds from the site, you can find some really cool, inventive, and helpful new start-ups on Springwise that I highly encourage you to check out!

Springwise Round-Up – 2nd Edition

1. The NEX band – The NEX band is a modular bracelet designed to let young users send secret messages, unlock game levels and personalize their look. Like smartwatches, the modules can light up in different ways to indicate a new received text message, phone call or social activity from Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, as well as real world activities such as another NEX-wearing friend coming into proximity. Friends can set up coded light messages to each other, assigning certain colors and patterns to different friends or meanings.

My thoughts: WHY. Teenagers having cell phones with all of these different crazy apps is enough, in my opinion. I think this is just getting to be a bit ridiculous!

2. – By trawling traces of their online activity, wants to reconstruct people’s personalities with an artificially intelligent version that friends and family can ‘chat’ to after they’re gone.

My thoughts: Basically, by taking info from the web, they are going to RE-CREATE YOUR DEAD RELATIVE SO YOU CAN CHAT WITH “THEM”?!?!?! This is creepy. Really, really, creepy. That is all.

3. Headset for Dogs – Sweden’s No More Woof is an EEG device that reads dogs’ brainwaves in order to determine what’s on their mind.

My thoughts: Frea.king.Awe.some. I have ALWAYS wanted to know what dogs are thinking!! I wonder how accurate this is……we may never know!

That’s it for this edition of Springwise Round-Up!! See you


1. What do you think of these crazy ideas/inventions?!

2. Do you have any crazy/awesome/scary new start-ups to add to this list?

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