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If you’re wondering about the title, I can explain. You see, I’m on day 4 of a cough that will.not.go.away.

It came out of nowhere and is leaving its mark on me! I’ve tried all kinds of over the counter medicines (which I very rarely do. I normally like to just let my body fight off whatever I have). I tried teas, lemon, honey, cough drops, etc. Nothing was working. The cough has been plaguing me and it’s forced me to take 3 full rest days!! It feels like Chinese water torture!!

Finally today, I bit the bullet and went to the doctor. I don’t typically go to a pedobearpics doctor (I have a naturopathic doctor) but at this point, I want ANYTHING to take away the cough so I can keep my lungs. He prescribed a Z pack (antibiotics) and cough syrup with codine. Normally, I avoid antiobiotics like the plague, but considering I feel like I HAVE a plague, I went ahead and started them. The cough is so bad that even the cough syrup with codine didn’t help much!!

Anyways, that is what I’ve been up to!! I am hoping that tomorrow the cough will have subsided enough for me to at least get some type of work out in. I took a long walk outside yesterday, but I’m still itching for a real work out.

Trying to listen to my body and let it heal, while not driving myself crazy! Luckily, writing at my other blog and mixing/editing music has kept me pretty occupied the last few days. Here’s to hoping for improved health!!!