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Break it down


13 days: 1800 calories, 100-150g. carbs per day.
6 days: 1600 calories, 50-75g. carbs per day, veggies only.

I haven’t been quite strict enough since my last show. Partly because I was struggling with dealing with post-comp. blues while prepping for a show. That is a deadly mix. These past two weeks have been filled with binge, followed by 4-5 days of good eats, followed by another binge.

After dieting so strictly, especially for the few weeks leading up to my first competition, I needed a break. I was so excited and thrilled by the results of my first competition, and how much fun I had doing it, that I didn’t realize what I was setting myself up for. Although I am not regretting doing these next two competitions(August 22nd and September 5th), I feel that a break should have been in order. And the break should have been better planned.

Order of Action:
Learning what I have learned in the past two weeks(although it feels like it has been months…), is that I need to allow myself and my body time to recover from the rigorous dieting it is put through pre-contest. I have 20 days now, and although I know I have gained a few pounds, I haven’t gained too much. My workouts have stayed intense, and I have been eating clean the majority of the time. I am bloated right now both from poor food choices, and also my stupid period. I haven’t had it in 4 months, and it decided to take it’s time puttering around in my body the last week and a half driving me insane wondering if it was coming or not. It finally did on Saturday morning. Explains the raging hormones, mood swings, etc. My body is adjusting, and dieting is NOT easy when your body is adjusting. I also know that 20 days is a lot of time if I do it just right. I believe that if I really push myself and set myself up for SUCCESS, that I will come in looking even better than I did at my last competition.

This is me putting myself out there. If I get any feelings of wanting to stray from plan, I am going to text the blog(if I am out of the house) with my cell phone number so all of you can text me and yell at me for being a big baby. I don’t believe that will happen, but if it does, feel free to banter at me!!! 🙂

The 20 day countdown has begun.

On a positive note, I cleaned my entire kitchen, both bathrooms, closet and picked up the clothes from my bedroom. Just need to finish re-arranging my room(need more shelving first) and the house will be spotless(at least until mid-week hehe.)

Agenda for tomorrow:
Workout: AM Cardio, Legs-Glutes/Hams, 1 hour cardio post-workout.
Work: 11:30-2pm
Meeting: 2pm-2:30pm
Errands: 2:30pm-4pm Get new jump suit to give to my sponsor for logo-ing, get themed sportswear outfit
Blog: 5pm
Secret Life of an American Teenager: 8pm(yes, very important haha)
Sleep: 9pm!

And i’m off…..with 8 Skinny bones….