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9 Random Things & My First Thought

Why not 10? Because I guess I’m just not that random this week. 😀

I had a nice trip to Arizona this past weekend and am just now catching up on life……And Dexter.

My First Thoughtâ„¢ movement

GUYS!! I started something new this week. It’s my way of painting a picture of the REALITY of working out…all in good fun.

I call this “My First Thought.” I posted about it here on Facebook.

Basically, you post the first thought that comes to your head after you finish your workout. Before you have a chance to catch your breath.

Today, MFT was “FUCK 15 min. HIIT!!!!!” Sorry for the language, but it’s the truth!!!!

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Moving on…

I thought I’d mix it up a bit today and tell you 9 random things that have been swirling around in this little brain of mine. Without further adieu…

1. I LOVE DEXTER. I understand, I’m about 8 years late to the party, but this show is AWESOME!! I can’t watch it alone because it scares me haha. Also because Charlie would kill me if I watched it without him.


2. Nothing beats an Arizona sunset. I know I live in beautiful Santa Monica and we get some gorgeous skies and weather, but there is something about a painted desert sky. The evenings in Arizona smell different and feel different. It’s hard to describe really, but I do miss them!

3. My hands are a WRECK. Between metformin-online, weight lifting, pull ups, and more, my hands are just completely torn up. Any tips for this? I need the callouses to protect my hands while climbing, but I’m not sure how to keep the callouses smoother???

4. I have a slight obsession with grapes. It is not uncommon for me to buy a bag of grapes and eat most of the bag in one sitting. Grapes are like crack to me. It’s a problem I’m not ready to deal with yet, so save your interventions!!! Charlie may or may not have found a rotten grape under the couch today……wasn’t me!!!

Oh hey there....;-)

Oh hey there….;-)

5. I haven’t done steady state cardio in months (aside from 2 or 3 hikes.) I did 25 minutes walking on the treadmill the other day, but it was slow and I was doing it because I had time to kill and didn’t want to sit. Why did I ever do so much cardio? I’m leaner and I don’t have to do boring workouts. It’s pretty awesome. Not that there’s anything wrong with cardio, it just wasn’t doing it for me. I like the occasional run, but I’d rather throw heavy weights around and climb on walls. 😀

Hello shoulder!

Hello shoulder!

6. I’ve been boxing recently and I am so glad to be back doing it! I used to take a boxing class twice a week for at least a year. Actually, if you read the blog in the beginning, you may even remember that! I loved it SO much, but just didn’t continue it when I moved to Santa Monica. I started a few weeks ago and it feels really good to hit the mitts again!

7. I finally started grinding my own coffee beans. It makes a HUGE difference in the taste! I guess my dad was right all of these years. He has me grinding a special concoction of two different types of beans. It’s magical and makes early mornings much more bearable. I’m also spending less money on my beloved coffee from my favorite coffee shop. I still go! But not 2-3 times per day. :-0

8. This room. I want to decorate my room like this!! I just might make a few trips to Home Goods this weekend…..

Does the dog come with it?!

Does the dog come with it?!

9. The Selfie song!! OMG. It is so annoying…but…i have to admit…..every time that damn song came on this weekend, my little brother and I would start dancing in the car. We also danced to the YMCA in the car, but that’s besides the point….



Tell me two random things about you!