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60 Days

The big count down has begun!! I am 60 days away from stepping on the national stage 😀

I am about completely excited and completely nervous at the same time!! When I imagine show day, I get butterflys. It’s going to be so much fun. Still have some details to hammer out, but everything will all work out.

Today, I slept in later than usual(7:30AM haha) and took my time getting ready for the gym. I had absolutely nothing on my agenda today other than to clean/pack for my moving day. (Windows Live Writer, I <3 you and your linking simplicity.)

Glutes were on the agenda for today! Keep a look out for my article  regarding some unconventional, yet extremely effective glute exercises. I will publish a link to it when it’s done and up.

Glute Workout

I just did normal sets today. No supersets, no drop sets. Just focused on my form and mind to muscle connection.

-Quadruped Hip Extensions

-Single Leg Hip Thrusts

-Reverse Hyper

-Hip Abduction

-Smith Sumo Squats(normal reps, pulses, and holds)

I also spent a good 60 minutes on the stairmill and another 20 on the recumbant bike(mostly so I could finish a chapter in the book I’m reading.)

I found this book behind the front desk at work and decided to read it one day while doing cardio(I always read when I’m doing incline walking or stairmill. It makes the time FLY by, and it doesn’t affect how hard I push myself because I set it at whatever level I normally would.)

I have to say, this book surprised me! I still have about 50 pages left, but from the first few chapters, I got hooked and it totally has been stringing me along the entire time like an ex-boyfriend. I highly recommend reading this if you get the chance. Kelly have you read this???

Time for more cleaning/packing. Have I mentioned that I love moving??? :-/