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The Secret

Let me just tell you, I’m a blessed person. I have a lot of ugly things in my past, but they are made up for by all the amazing things that I have. Great friends, family(most of them ;-)), drive, ambition, a support system, the list goes on and on. There are also a lot of “extras” that I have and I am asked pretty frequently “How did you get hooked up with that?!” or “Where did they find you?!” This is usually referring to different sponsorships or deals I come across. Well, I’m here to tell you that a magic fairy didn’t just show up at my door one day and bring me those things.

I did something different. Something that most people don’t do. It’s really simple, and it isn’t rocket science. I don’t have some special way of talking to people to convince them that I’m different than anyone else (although I AM known as a little bit ….non-traditional? Weird, crazy and nuts have all been used in the same sentence as my name but I’m cool with that because normal people are boring. :)) Now that you’re probably fearing for your life, I’ll tell you the big secret to my success.


Although I definitely do NOT get everything that I want and am turned down just as often as I’m given opportunities, I do apply this strange, unheard of phenomenon………..

Shocking right?! Your life just changed didn’t it? Well probably not. It seems like an extremely obvious thing to do, but let me just tell you that most people do NOT ask for what they want. They just expect that if it’s supposed to happen then it will(which I actually do believe that, but not in this case.) If you want something you usually have to work for it. It won’t come falling in your lap, and sometimes it DOES fall in your lap, but since you just stood there quietly, it gets up and moves on to someone else. Asking is not rude. The worst thing that will happen? Someone will say no! No big deal, just move on and try again.

You’ll never know unless you ask. SO ASK for what you want!