2 Delicious Recipes for the Lazy (Lizzy) {wo}Man + 20% OFF Gnarly Products!!

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Hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday! I’m easing my way back into “real life” after an amazing vacation. So far, so good, but still missing this:


Since getting back, I’ve also been trying to get back into my healthy eats. While we were in Big Bear, I pretty much just ate whatever I wanted (and I loved every minute of it)! We grilled chicken and burgers at the cabin for dinner on a few nights, but also ate a bunch of candy, chips and salsa, french fries, and breakfast sandwiches. It was super tasty, but I was more than ready to get back to my normal way of eating (mostly healthy) by the time we got home.

One of my go-to breakfast foods lately has been either a protein pancake or protein shake. I’ve been getting up pretty early each day to train clients, and I usually don’t have time to do much in the kitchen, nor do I want to. I also don’t want to leave on an empty stomach (training clients while you’re hungry is no bueno), so this has been what’s worked well for me.

The awesome people at Gnarly Nutrition recently sent me their Chiseled Chocolate Whey Protein to try. I mentioned on Instagram how excited I was about their products, and they have not disapointed! It is RARE for me to find a protein powder that I can mix with nothing but water and still stomach. Most of the time, protein powders are pretty awful plain, but Gnarly is anything but that. It has a sweet, but not overly sweet, chocolately taste and is very smooth.

gnarly nutrition

While it tastes good with nothing mixed in, that’s just not as fun as making yummy recipes with it! Since we all know I’m just about the laziest chef in the world (I’ve nicknamed myself Chef Boy-ar-don’t), then you know these recipes will be super easy to make! While I don’t come up with new recipes too often, occasionally I mix the best of both worlds and create a delicious, yet super simple recipe that goes into my rotation for months or even years. Here are two of those creations below using my beloved Gnarly protein powder.

Blueberry-Banana-Chocolate Protein Smoothie

FullSizeRenderMakes 1 Serving

-1/2 Banana

-1/4 Cup Blueberries

-1 Scoop Gnarly Chiseled Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

-2 TBSP Plain 0% Greek Yogurt (I used Fage)


Pour all ingredients into blender. Hit “blend”. Serve.

It’s so easy, a caveman (or Lizzy) could do it!


Chocolate Chia Seed Pancake

protein pancake

Maybe your pancake will actually be round. #fail 😀

Makes 1 Serving

-1 Egg

-1 TBSP Chia Seeds

-1/8 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

-1/2 Scoop Gnarly Chiseled Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

-1 Packet Stevia

So you can definitely do this much more easily by blending the ingredients, but I am lazy and hate cleaning, so I do it this way so I have less dishes to do. #truelaziness

Pour all ingredients into a greased pan. Mix it all up really well. Turn the heat on medium and let it sit for a few minutes. When it’s ready to turn over, flip it for only about 20-30 seconds. Then ENJOY!

While I used chocolate for these recipes, you could also use their vanilla which is just as tasty (I know because I’ve tried it!).

Wanna know what else is totally tubular about Gnarly Nutrition?

They’ve given all of YOU guys 20% off of any of their products!!

All you have to do is enter code: fitlizzio at checkout! BOOM!

Question of the Day

1. What Gnarly products would you like to try?

2. What is your favorite lazy recipe to make?

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