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20 Minute Sweatfest! {workout inside}

Hey guys!

I’m so glad the weekend is almost here! I’m getting over a little cold, and I want to just chill out and watch movies. Remember the good old days when you were sick and it meant that you were automatically excused of all responsibilities? Oh how I wish that were still the case! As an adult, being sick just means you feel like shit as you go through your normal daily tasks. Boo.

Today I was feeling a bit on the mend and decided to see how a workout would feel. Working out when I’m getting over being sick is a 50/50 risk I take. Sometimes I feel like it kicks me out of the sickness for good….other times it just makes me feel worse. I’m happy to say that I think I’m feeling better after this one! Fingers Crossed.

For this workout, you need a barbell, a kettle bell (or a dumbbell would work too), and a medicine ball. I used a regular 45 lb bar, a 12kg Kettle Bell and a 16 pound medicine ball, but use what works for you.

20 min sweat fest

This workout kicks my butt. I do it once per week for conditioning and it never fails!


IMG_7926That’s my sweaty post-workout bathroom selfie inception photo. What do you ya think?

I’m spending the rest of my day getting a bunch of work done, finding some boxes (oh yeah, we’re moving!), and then going to hopefully relax and get the rest of this sickness OUT of my body.

Have a wonderful day peeps!

Question of the Day:

Do you work out when you’re sick?




Weekend in Park City + Rockstar Fitness™ Workout!

Good morning!

I promise I’ll be back to a regular blogging schedule soon…just trying to figure this whole “life balance” thing out. Know what I mean? 🙂

This past weekend, I flew up to Park City to hang with my bestie! We’ve literally been best friends since we were in 2nd grade (I hated her before that haha), and since I’ve lived in LA, we haven’t really gotten to spend too much quality time together. Since she just moved up there, I figured it was the perfect time to fix that!


I had never been to Park City (or Utah in general), so I was super excited about this trip!

The people in Park City and SLC are SO nice. It was such a nice stop-ed-info of pace from LA. The views were GORGEOUS, and it even snowed a little bit on Sunday!


We ate good food, laughed, did some yoga at her store (lululemon), and just had a blast getting to know the city. I can’t wait to go back!



Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition WORKOUT!

Woohoo!! Thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition so far! If you haven’t yet, you still have a week left before prices go up!! ($8.99 right now!)


I thought I’d share one of the workouts from Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition. This workout totally kicked my butt and it only took me 20 minutes. Oh, and I did it in my living room. Win, win, win!

ROCKSTAR FITNESS - Video in a Scrolling Article and a Gallery_1

Hope you love it! Here’s that link again to pre-order Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition!

As always, check with a doctor before starting any new exercise program. Listen to your body and know your limits.



Weekend Things + Booty Building Exercises!

Hey Friends!

I hope your Monday is off to a great start! I’m not quite ready for the weekend to be over, but what can ya do?


Friday night, we went and saw one of the bands Charlie worked with at the W in Hollywood. I had never been there, and it was pretty cool! The event area is on the 12th floor, so the views were amazing!


Saturday morning I headed to Temescal Canyon with my friend Tedi to catch up and sweat a little. It was hot out and we didn’t have a ton of time, so we only went about half way up and turned around to come back down.


I sat on the couch and ate lunch/snacked a bit while watching Dick Van Dyke,


and then got up the energy to go do a Chest workout.

I got home, showered up, and took a nap. I’ve been extremely exhausted lately and although I’m not usually a napper, I’ve been trying to sneak them in more often. Not being rested has so many bad effects on the mind and body, so I’m trying to be better about getting enough of it. If I’m unable to get enough hours of sleep during the night, I’m working on finding 20-30 minutes to nap at some point in the day.


Shots, Shots, Shots!

Anyone ever gotten a B12 shot? My friend’s friend just opened up a clinic where she does all kinds of vitamin shots and IV’s. I went in last Wednesday and got a B12 + MIC shot. It’s supposed to help keep my energy up. I’ve actually felt a lot better since, and I ended up buying a package of 4 more. I’ll give me full opinion on how well I think it works (or not) after I use up all of my appointments. They suggested that I go in once a week and that the consistency helps, so we’ll see!

My Favorite Booty Building Exercises

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post for Chrissy at  Snacking in Sneakers. It’s a topic that I’m constantly asked about, so I thought I’d share it here, too! Check out my Top 5 Best Butt Exercises for Building Glutes!

New blog post is up on I'm on my soap box today talking about how you can stop saying I CAN'T....and start doing more than you thought in profile.

Questions of the Day:

1. What’s your favorite booty exercise?

2. Least favorite?

Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition {PRE-ORDER HAS LAUNCHED!}


FullSizeRender(2)Save $6 NOW by pre-ordering and pay only $8.99!!


What is the Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition eBook?

As a sound engineer, working in and out of recording studios all over Los Angeles, I (Fit Lizzio) work with a LOT of traveling bands and musicians. I have worked with a wide range of them stretching from Weezer to Demi Lovato. As a personal trainer, bestpainrelievers bikini competitor, fitness enthusiast, AND certified metal-head, I’m constantly asked questions in the studio about how to stay fit. They usually tell me that they get into a great routine….until it’s time to hit the road for tour….

when it all comes falling apart.

I wanted to create an easy-to-use solution to this problem, and that’s where

Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition was born.

My passion and background in fitness and music, along with my collaboration with celebrity trainer,

Torri Shack (Lionel Richie, Miguel, Mel B.), have made this eBook one of the best fitness eBooks around.

We got tired or seeing so many bands struggle to maintain a fitness routine while on tour…

and got even more tired of the excuses!

With nothing else of it’s kind out there, we knew this was not only wanted but NEEDED in the

marketplace, as being on the road is NO reason that you can’t maintain a consistent level of fitness.

Fans alike can participate, as these workouts can be done ANYWHERE and with NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY!

In this eBook, you will find 25 workouts that can be done

-with NO equipment

-in a 6×6 foot area

-in 20-30 minutes

Any musician will tell you that the better shape they’re in, the better they’re able to perform on stage. The problem is finding the time to workout, and more importantly, knowing WHAT to do.

I promise you’ll be sweating your ass off, seeing your 6 pack start to come in, start improving your fitness level, have better stage presence, and that you’ll leave your tour feeling better than when you started!

Pre-Order Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition today and save $$$!

You’ll receive your copy of the eBook in mid-May 2015 when it releases!

This is a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the eBook, I’ll give you your money back.

Save $6 NOW by pre-ordering and pay only $8.99!!


Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 6.59.22 PM

Rockstar Fitness: Tour Edition PRE-SALE NOW OPEN!!

I am so excited to announce that my latest ebook in collaboration with Celebrity Trainer, Torri Shack, is now available for pre-sale!!

Click here to save $6 off the regular price!!

What is the Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition eBook?

This eBook was created by Lizzy Ostro and Torri Shack. As a sound engineer, working in and out of recording studios all over Los Angeles, Lizzy works with a lot of traveling bands and musicians. Since fitness and music are her closest passions, she’s constantly asked questions in the studio about how to stay fit. They usually tell her that they get into a great routine….until it’s time to hit the road for tour….

when it all comes falling apart.

Torri Shack is a Celebrity Trainer to many musicians that tour around the world. Some of her clients include Lionel Richie, Miguel, and Mel B. They’ve been BEGGING Torri for years to come up with a way for them to stay fit when she’s NOT around.

With this, Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition was born.

Lizzy and Torri got tired of seeing so many bands and artists struggle to maintain a fitness routine while on tour…

and got even more tired of the excuses!

In addition, ANYONE can do these no-sleep-disorders. They are equipment-free and can be done in a small area.

In this eBook, you will find 25 workouts that can be done

-with NO equipment

-in a 6×6 foot area

-in 20-30 minutes

Any musician will tell you that the better shape they’re in, the better they’re able to perform on stage. The problem is finding the time to workout, and more importantly, knowing WHAT to do. Not to mention, who doesn’t want a hot bod when they take their shirt off on stage?

We promise you’ll be sweating your ass off, improving your fitness level, having better stage presence, and leaving tour feeling better than when you started!

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday!

I apologize for the sporadic posts lately…I’ve been beyond BUSY lately, and I’m just trying to do it all!

Today I’ve got a bunch of random things floating around in my head, so I figured I’d just compile them into a post of random thoughts and the latest happenings in my life!

– I am the type of person that always feels like I need to finish things by the end of the day. This means if I’m given 20 tasks, then I try to figure out a way to do them all that day. This is both a blessing and a curse. I’m a REALLY hard worker and I GSD (get sh&t done) like a MFer! On the other hand, I stress myself out SO much trying to tackle everything. Perfect example, my new ebook: Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition. I’m SO excited to release this. I’ve put a TON of work into this project and it’s seriously AWESOME (and pre-sale starts on Wednesday!). On the other hand, it just seems like a never ending project at times. Of course, I know that it will all be worth it, but some nights as I’m working away, I just want to give up on everything. It’s hard to be open about that, as I sometimes feel that people assume I enjoy what I do 100% of the time. I do enjoy it a lot, but I have many moments where I just feel overwhelmed and want to just quit. Sometimes the beach bum life just sounds really tempting. Anyways, I hate to be a negative Nancy, but sometimes it’s good to just be real with people about the struggles of every day life. We all have them. Loving your work doesn’t mean you love every minute of it and it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed at times.


-My body is totally exhausted this week! Charlie, Oscar and I went on a 6 mile hike in Malibu on Sunday and it actually made me pretty sore. I typically don’t get sore from hiking, but I also have been focusing on strength training, conditioning (usually with KB’s), and track workouts as of late, so I guess mixing it up with a hike really got to me! I still find it interesting that endurance-wise, I still feel just as good as I did when I was doing cardio all the time. I don’t breathe any harder now than I did when I was doing cardio #8daysaweek. It just goes to show that steady state cardio is not the only way to keep your cardiovascular conditioning in check!


-I have two cool trips planned in the next month! I’m going to Park City in a few weeks to hang with my BFF (literally since I was a kid) since she’s moving there! Then in May, I’ll be heading to the BLEND Retreat in Boulder, CO! I’m excited for some time in the mountains!


-I got to see my favorite band ever play last week and it was everything I could have asked for!! 36 Crazyfists (yes, i’m a total metal head in case you didn’t know) has been my favorite band for 11 years. I’m a total die-hard fan and I’m still working on fulfilling my dream of visiting Alaska AND seeing them play in their hometown (Anchorage).


-This guy makes bad days good. He is the sweetest, most playful puppy and he helps me take a step back sometimes and see how simple life is.


That’s all I’ve got for now….I’ll be back later this week with the details on Rockstar Fitness™ Tour Edition AND with a fun conditioning workout to try!!

Peace out folks!


One Arm Rows, Workouts + OB Dog Beach WEEKEND!

Hey peeps!

This morning started as it always does…COFFEE! My family always laughs at me when I talk about coffee. Before I moved to LA, I HATED coffee with a passion. I thought the smell and taste was so awful, and I just couldn’t get on board with it.

Fast forward to living in LA…

You basically need coffee to live here. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I just think it’s a “thing” here. It’s a busy city and since moving here, I’ve had a really busy life! I definitely found out quickly that I needed it when I moved here, and well…now I’m a total coffee snob. I’m picky about my coffee, I know what I like and I know what I don’t like and it just is kind of funny. Total 180!


This past weekend, Charlie, Oscar and I went down to OB in San Diego. Charlie found this great little hotel called the Ocean Villa Inn that not only allows dogs, but basically caters to dogs! There was a dog beach right behind the hotel, the rooms were dog-friendly, they had a dog-wash station on site, and each room had a back door that let out into yards for the dogs to play!


The beach part was awesome! There were soooo many dogs running around, and there was a place for humans to lay out and relax as well. Oscar ran around through the ocean and sandy beaches, played with other dogs, and had a BLAST. I think he was upset when we had to leave on Sunday. He must have run around for 3 hours both Saturday and Sunday! I’d be lying if I said Charlie and I didn’t have a blast as well!


We wore both ourselves and the pup out. At least one of us got to sleep on the ride home.


One Arm Rows

When we got back on Sunday, I somehow roped Charlie into doing an upper body workout with me at the gym. This is the workout we did:

Superset – TRX Rows + KB Clean & Press

Superset – TRX Renegades + Lat Pulldowns

Superset – DB One Arm Rows + Plate Squat to Press

I took some video of the one arm rows (below)

I love this exercise because it really focuses the lats. Notice that I really get a good stretch at the bottom of the movement. This really helps to keep the lats engaged and helps me to pull from my lats, as opposed to from the arms.

Workouts for the Week

Here’s the tentative plan for the week:

Monday: Track Workout + Legs (DONE)

Tuesday: Paddle Boarding

Wednesday: Shoulders/Chest

Thursday: Conditioning + Legs

Friday: Back

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: Hike or some other active recovery ( TBD)

Questions of the Day

1. Are you a coffee drinker? snob? connoisseur?

2. Have you ever been paddle boarding?

Good, Good, Bad

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been quite a busy few days! I was in AZ this weekend for Celebrity Fight Night and drove back on Monday. I was able to get some work done on the drive back (I wasn’t driving), and went right into more work as soon as I got home. I can’t believe it’s actually already Wednesday, now that I think about it!

I thought it would be fun to anticonvulsants-info some of the good and bad from the last week, with a good, good, bad post where I highlight 2 good things and then a not so good thing. Here goes!


I got to hang out with this cute kiddo this weekend,


as well as his little brother (my newest nephew). I love, love, love hanging with them!


Clearly, Oscar wasn’t getting enough attention haha!



I got to celebrate my belated birthday this weekend with my family (my birthday was March 10th).


My sister got me the BEST necklace I’ve ever owned for my birthday. It’s a necklace from Origami Owl and she put charms inside that represent me. She put a cup of coffee, a dog paw, a kettle bell, a heart that says “aunt”, a guitar, and my birth stone. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement!



I found out about I ticket I had from 2013 that never got paid and had to pay a BOAT LOAD to ensure my license would be in good standing. NOT COOL.


I attended Celebrity Fight Night again this year and had a blast! Kelly Clarkson performed and was AMAZING, along with Blake Shelton, Reba McEntire, Josh Groban, and Ronny Dunn (Boot Scootin’ Boogie!!). Frank Caliendo also did his standup and OMG…it was hilarious. His impressions are so spot on, I could have watched his standup all night! I laughed to tears!



I got my pup and my mom’s pup together while I was in AZ and they were too cute! These two guys love eachother. We call Oscar mini-me because he’s SO much smaller than Knuckles.



My diet has been all over the place and I haven’t been sticking to my macros as consistently as I’d like to. I’m maintaining my weight (it’s what I do best! lol), but I want to stop allowing stress to get in the way of my goals. It’s something I’m going to work on this month as a top priority.


Question of the Day:

What is one good and one bad thing that happened this past week?