As you may have caught onto from my post a few days ago, I’m working on weaning myself off of caffeine. For many, this is mostly mental, but for some of us caffeine-hoarders, it’s physical too.

I started out by giving up my beloved Xenergy’s. I love those little (read: big) cans of heaven, but they’re pricey! I’m about to move to another state (have I mentioned that? More on that in another post :)) that happens to be about twice as expensive as where I live now. $2 a day adds up! And sometimes, it was more like $4-6 dollars per day. Yeah, I had a slight addiction……

So I’ve now been mostly caffeine-free since last Friday. I say mostly, because I’m not trying to give it up completely. I’ve done that in the past, and it really is fine, but I do like to have caffeine every now and then.

So here is what I’ve done and these are my goals for caffeine:

-No more Xenergy! (1 per month is okay)

-If I’m feeling like I need an extra kick before a workout, either coffee or a pre-workout supplement(but this is only when I reallllllly feel like I need it.)

-Diet soda if I feel like it. More often than not, I don’t feel like it. Unless I’m in California(visiting). Somehow I always end up drinking diet soda there, and that’s fine with me.(Until I move there, of course..)

How I feel?

Day 1: Headaches, extreme fatigue, slept like a baby

Day 2: Headaches, extreme fatigue, slept like a baby

Day 3: Slight headache, a little fatigue but getting better, slept like a……

Day 4: Who needs caffeine?

Ha, so that’s pretty much how caffeine withdrawals go. You can still carry on with daily life, but I will admit, it’s a pain in the ass the first couple days and you want to give up. If you stick with it, though, you will feel better than ever after a few days.

Let me know if anyone else is/was giving up caffeine!!

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  1. ha! Glad it’s going so well and that you’re sleeping so good!

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