Boxing + Everything Else

Wow, totally disappeared there for a few days!! Sorry about that.

Life has been super busy, but filled with great things. I’ve been working, school, homework, workouts. The usual.

Today I made up with an old friend: BOXING.

I haven’t boxed in a few months. I got kinda sick of it and I kept tweaking my wrists! I decided to take some time off, but tonight I went back. It was a boxing conditioning class so a mix of boxing, plyometrics, and cardio. All I have to say is 3 minutes of jumping lunges is freaking brutal.

Contest Prep

I am 6.5 weeks away from competing!!! I am getting worried, but I think that if things go the way they have been, I should be ready to compete. It’s much different this time around, as I may have mentioned last year, I was ready to compete about a month before my show. This year, I’m cutting it down to the wire. Eek.

I’ve been seriously KICKING my ass in the gym. I’m becoming ridiculously good at coming up with fun, creative and HARD workouts in the weight room. I keep surprising myself with the new things I’m coming up with! I love it though and I’m NEVER bored. So many ways to change things up!

Cardio has been going well. I’m getting it done and that’s what matters. The “end” is in sight and I’m SO stoked for it. I’m already eyeballing a few shows shortly after Vegas, but I’m focusing on the task at hand for now.


Hope everyone is doing well!

Question: Do you shower after your workouts or go about your day and then shower at night? I’m a dirty rat and I just go about my day sweaty unless I have a reason to shower. Gotta love having a job that allows me to show up looking like a sweaty beast 🙂


  1. April says:

    I’m glad you’re creative and can think of your own things. I wish I was like that.

    Watched Grandma’s Boy again last night and thought of you. I figured you’d seen it. My sister hasn’t and she’s a big gamer. I told her to watch it on Netflix last night.

    I shower after cardio workouts because I sweat my balls off. BUT…this morning I didn’t because I was hugry. I’m just going to the mall to try on outfits so it’s no big deal. Ew..think of that the next time you’re trying on clothes.

  2. I’ve been enjoying my kickboxing DVDs but sure wish my gym offered a class. I have to shower after my workouts b/c I sweat buckets! No one, I mean no one, would want to be around me!

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