Leg Day + Great Magazine

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I didn’t wear green today, but my drink was green. Does that count?

Today was quads/plyos! I was here at 5am for the workout and full of energy. I was rocking out driving at 4:30am haha It’s sick, i know.

I wore my HRM today for kicks, and burned 588 calories during my leg workout. Finished that with cardio and totalled about 1,000 calories burned in my workout. All before 7am. I’ll take it 😉

OnFitness Magazine

I stumbled upon this at the store last night. I am usual skeptical of  health magazines because they are usually a) geared towards the everyday average person who exercises because they should or b) full of “iffy” information that doesn’t really make sense or is just plain false.

I’d never seen this magazine before so I started flipping through. It is a natural and scientific based magazine and I decided to check it out.

L.O.V.E this magazine. Their articles are SO informative and are geared towards BOTH average people and athletes.

A few high points that I liked about this issue:

  • The article about shortening your workouts and upping the intensity. They had a sample of a 30 minute workout that was high intensity as opposed to a longer , less intense workout. The workout involved clean and presses, pullups, squats, etc.
  • The article about your brain chemical levels related to fat loss. Probably one of the most informative articles I have ever read
  • RUN don’t jog. This article stated that jogging is easy. It is somewhat hard, but not that hard. Running, on the other hand is hard. Shorten the distance, and up the intensity was the gist of this article. Love it.

In a walnut shell(do walnuts have shells? I’m an idiot for having to ask…) this magazine gave me some GREAT information on a lot of different aspects. It also had a section that compared different approaches to exercise(functional training, compound training, isolation training, and High Intensity Training) There were quite a few references to body building as well.

If you get a chance, check out the magazine, or I believe you can view it online. Click on this link for their website. Like I said, this magazine is for EVERYONE(from a newbie to a seasoned athlete) and filled with GOOD  & USEFUL information.


  1. Cool, thanks so much for sharing the magazine info. I never thought of the other health/fitness mags in the way you put it, but it’s so true about the audience. I still get a few of them but NEVER pay any attention to the workout plans. They’re all set up for people who expect a quick fix and typically use really light weights out of this insane fear of bulking up.

  2. Wow 1,00 calories by 7 am! You’re my hero!! =)

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  4. Courtney says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this mag. I mainly ony read Oxygen now because most of the other magazines are pretty laughable. I will have to check this one out!
    adventures in tri-ing

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