Wet Bleachers

Yay for Saturday, right?!

Man oh man I am exhausted. Last night, my mind was literally RACING. I had so many thoughts going on that even though I was tired, I couldn’t fall asleep. That wouldn’ t be such a big deal, normally, but for the last month and a half or so, I’ve been getting up at 5:30am on Saturdays for boot camp!

As soon as I fell asleep, my alarm went off. Don’t you hate when it feels like that?? I probably got about 5 hours of sleep. Again, not that big of a deal normally, except that after boot camp, I had to work until 6pm. Blech.

Boot camp was hard today!


Since it was a drizzling a little bit, we didn’t have to do our normal “warm-up” of 15 bleachers. Instead, we ran up the stair parts of the bleachers. Up and down, around, repeat. We did that a few times and then got started on the plyos. Today’s plyos were:

Parachute Sprints


Mountain Climbers

Jumping Lunges

Kettlebell Swings

Frog Leaps


Spider Push-Ups(just wait until I explain these. And no, these aren’t spiderman push ups.)

Prowler pushes with 35 lb plate down 50 yards and back.

Weight Pack Sprints down 50 yards and back.

We did this including the bleacher runs through twice. Then finished up with 2 laps around the field of Indian Runs.

I thought I was going to die doing the prowler that far. Holy hell, it was intense. That and the spider pushups were enough to wind me.

Spider push-ups: My lovely trainer Ernie has a few screws loose in his head, I’m convinced. These pushups are done with a ladder. The ladder is laid out across the field. You get in push up position with each hand in one of the ladder slots. Go down, start to push up and JUMP your entire body sideways to the next two ladder slots. I think in total it ends up being about 20 pushups. These are SO hard. I thought pushups with a clap in between were hard, HA!


Food today has been impeccable. I had a phone conversation with my old trainer last night. He is a really good friend of mine and we had a really good and much-needed talk about my training and dieting. It only fueled the motivational fire I’ve got going on.

Meal 1: 1 egg, 1 cup egg whites

Meal 2: 1 fortune delight tea;  1 scoop Jay Robb Protein + 1 tsp glutamine

Meal 3: chicken, avocado, salsa green beans

Meal 4: Repeat

Meal 5: Spinach, chicken, coconut oil, tomato, salsa

Meal 6: Chicken, coconut oil, salsa, green beans

Meal 7: Same as meal 6

Today’s meal plan is really high protein, medium fat, and really low carb. Not every day will be like this, but some will.


I’m currently at work. I did some work for my clients and am now trying to occupy the next two hours. I’m really tired and bored. I have caught up on blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. I have responded to e-mails. I have gotten caught up with my clients. I have done most of the homework that I needed to(with the exception of one thing that I can’t do on my laptop because it requires using Microsoft Access which I conveniently don’t have.)

1 more hour and then I can eat another meal, start cleaning up the gym and hopefully 6pm will be rolling around shortly after that.

Have a great rest of the day!


  1. jeimayprovy says:

    Aww sounds like you’ve had a great Saturday so far! Workout sounds pretty beasty like always 🙂 Hope you have a good rest of the weekend 🙂

  2. Becca says:

    How much longer till show time!? Are you getting excited?

    • fitlizzio says:

      almost exactly 12 weeks. I’m not doing FAP anymore…i want to have a good clean prep not a starve-a-thon which is what i felt like i was doing to try to get ready for it.

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