Tan everywhere

Jan everywhere. (I watch way too much of The Office.)

Moving on…

Today was..interesting.

Started out pretty normal. I decided to let myself sleep in today. Sure enough, I was wide awake at 5am. I got up had breakfast and headed to the gym.

Workout- Back/Biceps/Hamstrings

This week, my trainer has been doing all high rep sets because a lot of the girls are competing next week. I have been doing my own workouts most days this week because I’m not competing, but didn’t really feel like thinking today.

We had a circuit going on involving SL deadlifts, One leg SL deadlifts, DB SL deadlifts, lying ham curls, lying bicep curls, seated bicep curls, EZ bar curls, hammer strength seated rows and lat pulldowns.

Pretty good workout, but I just don’t really like high rep workouts. I like 8-12 reps for my sets, but also know that high reps have their benefits as far as building muscle endurance.

Afterwards, I did a little over 3 miles outside for cardio.

I went home and ate, watched the Fitness America live webcast and dealt with some crap. I got really stressed out and happily accepted an invitation back to the gym. The cure for any and all bad things??? SQUATS. They made me feel muchh better.

i <3 squats and deadlifts. end o’ story.


Bored with this yet? haha

Meal 1: 1 whole egg(omega 3 enhanced), 1 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup wheat bran, 1/4 rolled oats, 1/2 banana, 1 TBSP almond butter, cinnamon+1 shot amazing grass

Meal2: 1 scoop protein+1 tsp glutamine

Meal3: sweet potato, 1 TBSP Almond butter, 1 cup egg whites

Meal4: 4 oz. chicken, 1/4 avocado, sriracha, 1 TBSP almond butter

Meal5: 1 banana mixed with 1/4 cup organic pumpkin and 1TBSP almond butter(this wasn’t planned, but i was such a bottomless pit today and i wanted something sweet)

Meal 6: 1 cup spinach, 1 cup egg whites, 3 slices tomato, 2 TBSP salsa and Green Beans

Shim Shimminy Shim Shim Sharoo!

Tomorrow I’ll be up bright and early for boot camp and then abs class. Afterwards, like I mentioned yesterday, I’m booking it home to meet my friends Perry and Danny to head to Sedona for the day to hike and hang out by the creek. I am beyond stoked because I really NEED to get out of Phoenix for the day. Today was too stressful and I’m blessed to live less than 2 hours from such a beautiful place.

Here’s a teaser….

More pictures to come.

I have my food packed for tomorrow…here it is…

Meal 1: Usual (egg, egg whites, oats with the usual mix-ins, amazing grass)

Meal 2: sweet potato, AB, Egg whites

Meal 3: 4.5 oz. chicken, 1/4 avocado, red bell pepper

Meal 4: 4 oz. tuna, 2 tsp coconut oil, asparagus

Meal 5: 4.5 oz chicken, 1/4 avocado, red bell pepper, sriracha

Also packed some almonds with me.


  1. wow,just catching up on your last few posts….your energy is simply amazing–I WANT THIS GRASS STUFF!!! lol!!!
    hope you have a stress-free weekend chica,
    hang in there and keep poppin those squats—drop it like its HOT!!
    (yeah im the sicko who loves those squats and DL’s too!!)

  2. ana says:

    have a nice weekend

  3. jeimayprovy says:

    Nice workout and that picture is amazing!! Have fun đŸ™‚

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