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Worky Worky

Wow, what a quick week/weekend this has been! After being sick all week, finally beginning to recover, getting my workouts back in, and working, time is FLYING.

I leave for Vegas in 10 days! (I am going to cheer on my girls and hang out!)

Thanksgiving is in 18 days!

I’m working the NPC Southwestern Regionals in 20 days!

Everything is coming so quickly! I must say, though, it gives me something to look forward to every week for the next few weeks. As much as relaxing is nice, I almost always  prefer to be busy, over not-busy.


Workout this morning was totally AWESOME. Finally feeling pretty good(other than this damn cough!)

Shoulders and Triceps were the victims today 🙂

DB Military Press

Single Arm DB Lat Raises

DB Rear Delt Raises

DB Front Raises

Plate pushes(think a shoulder press using a plate) I did center , left and right.

Blue Band Shoulder Press

Bus Driver

EZ Bar Upright Rows

Rope Pushdowns

One arm pushdowns

Overhead DB Extensions

Assisted Dips

I did supersets and drop sets and my shoulders are already sore, 5 hours later. My triceps were super pumped during the whole workout, so I’m assuming they will be sore by tomorrow.

Afterwards I got my butt on the treadmill for 45 sweaty minutes of incline walking. I ran for 5 minutes at the end because I was sick of walking.

I haven’t pushed myself to do any interval training since being sick because i don’t want to risk anything. Plus, I knew I would be working all day today and I am still kind of weak and tired from being sick, so I wanted enough energy to make it through the day. Although, I did kick my butt pretty good and am sitting here tired as we speak 🙂


Meals today-

Meal 1: 1 egg, 1 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup wheat bran, 1 banana, 1/2TBSP Almond butter, 1/2TBSP Peanut butter

Supplements with breakfast: 1 green tea complex, 3 BCAA, 2 Athletes performance Multi-vits

Meal 2: 1 scoop Jay Robb Whey protein powder with 1 heaping tsp L-Glutamine

Meal3: 1 can no salt added salmon with 1/2 TBSP Coconut oil and mustard

Meal 4:  4 oz. ground turkey w/ 1/4 cup brown rice, 1 TBSP chia seeds, and mustard

Meal 5: (Haven’t had it yet) 4 oz. ground turkey and a bag of asparagus(yes, the whole bag 🙂 )

Meal 6: TBD. Most likely a salad with tomato and cucumber and salsa, an entire bag of green beans and egg whites. (i’m low on supplies and i can never go wrong with egg whites :))

Otha Shtuff

Only one month of school left until break. I need it to come sooner. I am downright SICK of it.(the business side i should say…still loving the audio production classes).

Trying to figure out more dates I can get back out to LA. I think I love it and I think that when I finish school I might be calling it home for a while. I still have another year of school though, so who knows what will happen between now and then.

Okay, I’m basically just rambling now because I am really bored at work. There are literally 2 people here working out. An hour ago, there wasn’t a single soul here besides me. I keep posting Facebook status’s telling people to stop being lazy and get their BUTTS to the gym!!! Yeah, i’m a meanie today. They won’t regret though!(so far i haven’t seen any familiar faces haha)

Here’s me yelling at you now: GET YOUR BUTTS TO THE GYM OR OUTSIDE FOR A WORKOUT (if you haven’t yet today)


Tom Green

I know I might be the only person that thinks Tom Green is absolutely hilarious (Freddy Got Fingered is my favorite movie…anyone else?!?! It was voted worst movie ever made. 🙂 I don’t care.)

Anyways, I came across this, and had to share. You will either hate or love it. I love it 🙂

Saturday and Thank you!

First of all I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the wonderful comments about my new business venture! You all totally get it and support me and it makes me feel AWESOME. So far I have been having  a BLAST working with clients and their feedback has been awesome as well. I absolutely love this. So thanks again 🙂

I actually slept well last night and woke up feeling ready for a workout. I got in a pretty good workout, considering I know I can’t go balls to the walls yet.


-Wide Grip Lat Pull downs

-Cable rows (high and low)

-Straight Arm Pull downs

EZ Bar Curls

Dumbbell Curls

Seated Rows(just 1 set, my shoulder was bothering me with these for some reason today.)

Afterwards, I did 30 minutes of steady cardio on the elliptical. I didn’t want to push too hard.

I then boxed for about 5 minutes just to warm my wrists up a little bit. It’s been a week and a half since I’ve done any kind of boxing and I miss it. My wrist is pretty much healed, but hooks still don’t feel just right.

I finished up the workout with some abs. Weighted crunches, Russian Twists, and Lying Leg Raises.

All in all a good workout for the circumstances and it made me feel so good to finally work out!! This is the most time off I’ve taken in 2 1/2 years. Technically I only missed Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but it felt like an eternity.


Last night I wasn’t feeling all that great, but needed to cook up some food for the rest of the weekend and next week. I had 2.5 pounds of ground turkey, so I just put my big girl pants on and decided to cook it. I made 4 oz burgers out of them using some spices and then played Iron Chef and cooked them up.

Since I am working an 8 hour shift today, I needed my foods. I brought:

-Salmon salad (Just no salt added canned salmon mixed with 1.5 tsp coconut oil)

-3 oz. turkey w/ asparagus

-40z turkey w/asparagus

-4oz turkey w/ 1/4 cup brown rice and 1TBSP Chia seeds

-1 scoop of protein powder + 1 scoop glutamine(post workout)

Supplements this morning were: 3BCAAs, 1 Green Tea Complex, and 2 Multi Vitamins with breakfast(which was 1 egg, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup wheat bran, 2 bananas, 1 tbsp almond butter) 


I’m feeling really good today. Work is going well and I love this job working at the gym. I get paid commission on top of my wage, and can sit on my laptop all day and work on homework, work, etc. It is AWESOME. Plus, I love the people here and the environment is such a great gym environment. Meat head equipment minus the meat heads. 🙂

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday. I am probably going to stay in again tonight to keep getting more rest and heal myself even more. I want to be back with a vengeance on Monday. Going to hike and workout before working again tomorrow afternoon.


Good morning!(afternoon actually.)

So I feel like my blog is lacking direction. I want it to be more consistent and more helpful. Helping people is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I get e-mails regarding nutrition questions more often than not, and it is absolutely gratifying to be able to help others.

Remember that big news I had a few weeks ago that I just KEPT putting off? Well I had mentioned I started a business a few months ago, but hadn’t really come out to say what it is. While I am still putting the finishing touches on my website, and haven’t exactly gone public with it yet, I wanted to let you all in on it before the rest of the world.(Don’t you feel so special?! haha)

I have started a business of nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

 But Lizzy, you aren’t a dietician!

No, I am not a dietician, I am a hard working girl who, for the past 2 and a half years, has researched, experimented, and ASKED(remember my post on ask and you shall receive? i can’t find it right now or i would link it…) questions. Any article I come across, any book that catches my eye, any new food movements, any ground breaking science, you bet I read it. I am SO interested in nutrition for many reasons, that reading that stuff is like a gift. I get to learn more about how the body processes food and uses it for fuel, and then I try it on myself and see how it works. So no, I am not a dietician, but I LIVE  a healthy lifestyle. No I am not perfect all the time, but that is more a lack of will power than anything else. I feel very qualified in giving people nutrition advice.

That being said, (i feel like i say that alot lately and it’s really annoying haha) I am very affordable, being I don’t have a degree in the subject. If you have any other questions about it, feel free to e-mail me at

Back to the purpose of this post. I want to have some direction. I am going to work hard on having 3 sections of my posts. Workout section, Nutrition Section, Thoughts/Feelings/Motivation section. Sometimes one section will over power another, but at least it will be more well rounded and less random.


What do you guys think? What would you like to see more of/less of on the blog? I promise I will not complain as much 🙂

Ay carumba!

It is 2:30am, and since sleeping is just NOT happening, I’m posting. Forgive me if this doesn’t make sense, because I am totally exhausted.

I thought I was getting better, but swine flu or whatever I have gave me the finger and said “no, no lizzy! You’re not done yet!” and gave me an entirely new set of symptoms. What an awesome gift. How did I get so lucky ?!

Where to begin…

I woke up today yesterday (Thursday) feeling so much better(after sleeping absolutely horribly…sweating, fever, etc.). I was so excited to finally be getting over the illness!

I lazed around a little bit in the morning and then headed out to the gym to try and get a workout in. I knew it wasn’t going to be a workout of the year, but I hadn’t been since Monday, so Iwanted to get something in!

I did legs….Full squats(my fave 🙂 for whatever reason..doing these while I’m sick always makes me feel better. It is like the cure of all cures to me lol), DB Bulgarian squats(aka split squats), Leg extensions, and DB Walking Lunges. Nothing to write home about but definitely was tough and got me sweating, and was about all I could handle.

I finished up with 12 minutes on the recumbant bike. Why 12? Because i started to get really tired and decided I am NOT going to push myself when I am sick.

I left the gym, picked up my truck(it was in the shop) and took a friend to drop her truck off at the shop. I came home and just laid around and watched episodes of the Office, until the new episode was on. My throat was kind of hurting throughout the day, but nothing too crazy. It sure as hell was better than the achiness I had been going through the two days prior.

At about 9:30, I got in bed and that is when things turned terrible. I have been tossing and turning ALL night, literally have not slept AT ALL. My throat hurts EXTREMELY bad to the point I almost thought my throat was closing up. I have gotten up several times to drink water because I am feeling dehydrated, but it hasn’t been helping. So now, I am just awake sitting at my computer, eating a lozenge to try and soothe my throat(helping a little bit) and sipping on water.

I am definitely NOT working out tomorrow, all I have to do is work from 2-5pm and the rest of the day I am going to try and SLEEP.

I. Hate. Being. Sick. BLECH.

Sorry for being such a drama queen but this is totally sucking it up.

Still sick.

Ughhh. I am still SO sick. Whatever my friend gave me is nothing but GNARLY.

I didn’t work out yesterday OR today and am feeling like such a laze-ball. Usually when I’m sick, i’m able to at least weight train and it actually makes me feel better sometimes, but not this time.

In the past two days I have slept, ate, and stared at the ceiling wondering when this will go away. Oh, and watched The Office of course. 🙂 Thankfully I have seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5 on DVD.(Why no season 4? no idea.haha)

The onset of this flu is more than just a sickness. It was a sign (at least in my opinion.) The past 4 weeks, I have been BUSTING my ass in the gym(which I love doing, so i’m definitely not complaining), but what I am NOT a fan of is the diet I have been on. My philosophy with leaning out for a show is slow and steady. I am not all about competing, I am about being healthy, strong and having the body to follow along with it. Competing, to me, is showing off the healthiness of my body and all of the work I have done. Competing is NOT a starving contest, and at this point that is what I feel like I am doing.

I’m eating egg whites, chicken, ground turkey, protein powder, a SMALL amount of oatmeal each day, and veggies(PORTIONED OUT). I’m sorry, but when I have to restrict myself from asparagus, something is NOT right lol.

That being said, I have decided NOT to compete in Fitness America. I toggled with this decision a few weeks ago, being that I didn’t get back on track with my diet soon enough and I am not okay with where my body is as far as competing. Although I could probably get on stage and look pretty good, I don’t ever want to get on stage looking worse than I did in July.(That was where I was happiest with my body.) In August, I looked pretty good, but not AS good and it was definitely a downer for me. This decision was tough, but my realistic thinking was this:

I’m 21 years old…I have YEARS to compete

There is no shortage of shows to compete in.

It is not worth it to starve myself, it is much better to lean out nice and slowly and not feel deprived. It screws with my metabolism anyays, not cool.

Not worth it to risk losing the muscle I have put on(which i am SO excited to see how I look when I’m leaned out)

Anyways, with that being said, I have gone back to the way I was eating to prepare for my first competition. Eating a well rounded diet, still clean, but with more than 4 different types of foods 🙂

Can’t wait to get rid of this sickness and get back in the GYM. This is the most working out I’ve missed since I STARTED working out in 2007. My body needs this break though, and part of me is convinced that is why I am sick in the first place. My body knows I won’t take a break unless I HAVE to.

Thank you all for always being so supportive! It is great to have an awesome support group.

Plans for competing are probably going to be early February.


Lovely timing for me to be sick right?! With 16 days until I am supposed to compete, things aren’t looking good. I can’t work out today because I can barely stand up, let alone work out. I don’t know how long this will last. I am feeling like maybe it is a sign, either way, I’m staying home today and resting.

Checking in

I am currently in AMAZING Santa Monica, CA.

This short trip has been UNBELIEVABLE. I am having such a great time. Eating my contest prep foods here isn’t even making me feel deprived. I am having a blast.


Some other friends are in town and it has been an adventure. I will have to fill you all in on the happenings when I get back. HIGH-larious.(No, it didn’t involve illegal substances I just like saying that. Cuz i’m a weirdo :))

Hope everyone is having a FAB Halloween and weekend. “See” you when I get back 🙂

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