My Plan

I like having a plan. It keeps me in line, on track, all that good stuf. That being said, I think I’ve mentioned before that I like a plan that is flexible. Strict without being strict. Makes perfect sense right?! Ha!

I mentioned that I was done competing for the year and that I had looked at doing a show in February. I finally feel ready to start getting disciplined and strict with myself again. I truly feel like I NEEDED the time off that I took from strict dieting.(Although, I definitely had too many treats and am not particularly happy with the weight I’ve put on, but I know exactly how to take it off, so i’m not worried :))

The show I am aiming to do is February 6th. Just shy of 3 months away. Now that I have gotten being sick out of the way, I feel like my body is ready for competition dieting again. I am going about it a little differently this time around. I am incorporating the things I believe in. The last shows I did, I listened to everybody else. This time, I have gained a lot more knowledge, found out what works for me and what doesn’t, and found what I can live with and what makes me happy.

I like high fat, high protein, low carb diets. Before competing, if you were to ask me to lower my carbs, I’d tell you that you were CRAZY. These days, I don’t mind skipping the oats, brown rice, etc. In fact, I don’t really miss that stuff(well, the oats maybe….) I have a crazy love for green veggies though. It is something that grew on me and I think it is now a comfort food for me. Let me explain because I know what you’re thinking…….

Green veggies are a comfort food?! You are nuts!

Well, during comp. prep, there is a lot of night time hunger that happens. Green veggies are something that I can almost always have at any time and they fill me up and keep me from being too hungry. They are gold during comp. prep for me. So, they comfort me.

For this prep, I am going to be eating the usual 5-6 meals a day, but also will be incorporating some of the Fighter Diet rules and am going to eat less starchy carbs than normal. I will have refeed days (probably Saturdays) in which I will lower my fats and up my complex carbs. I am my own guinea pig, so I’m going to see how this works for me, but it is what I tend to do naturally lately, so I think it will work.

So what will my meals look like?

Chicken, avocado, salsa and green veggies will be a pretty typical meal.

Lettuce, chicken, coconut oil, and other veggies with salsa on top will be another typical meal.

Green beans will be popping up EVERYWHERE 🙂

Egg whites with 1 yolk will be a pretty typical breakfast.

Almonds and almond butter will be frequent.

You see, what I learned from my other contest preps is that I love fats! I used to struggle to get 12 g. of fat in per day. I was so afraid of fats!! They scared me because I fat, get fat. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Fats keep me full, they taste good, and most of all they help in burning fat. FAT ROCKS.

I’m also going to be eating less calories than my first prep. And doing less cardio. First prep I was eating about 2000-2200 calories per day. That is really high for most people and a lot of food, but I was also doing close to 2 hours of cardio per day plus lifting. Lowering the cardio is essential if i want to try and preserve the muscle. This might be hard for me. I tend to over do it with cardio, and I don’t really notice. For example going for a run in the morning, then doing light elliptical later on, then going to a boxing conditoning class. That is over 2 hours of cardio and it doesn’t seem like that much to me. I am used to over training my body so it is kind of like the “norm” for me now. I have put on a really good amount of muscle for the short time that I have been working on that, and I do NOT want to lose it if possible. In fact, I am EXTREMELY excited about seeing what the muscles look like when I am lean. (Someone has caps on her shoulders these days!! :-D)

So that is the basic nutritional plan that I will be following. I’m really, really REALLY excited about leaning myself out again. My head is and has been in the right place lately and I just know I’m ready.

As far as lifting, I will continue to lift with my trainer on most days, do some of my own workouts when I feel like it. Plyos, plyos, plyos. Lots more functional training etc. It’s also hiking season again so that will be a weekend essential.

I am ready to get this ball rolling and see what my hard work looks like as a lean machine. I am actually going to post progress pictures eventually too. Right now, they are staying private because when I’m not lean, I have no confidence to do it. I am a baby, I know, I’m sorry. I promise that I will take pictures and chronicle everything though!

This post is insanely long and I’m REALLY sorry about that. If you are still reading, God bless you 🙂 I just have a lot on my mind.



  1. Diana says:

    Girl, I posted pics from when I was 60 pounds overweight… I’m sure you look gorgeous either way. 🙂

  2. Therese says:

    I’m with you girl. I think we are both pretty carb sensitive (hence the disgusting carb face I’m sporting today) so I am going to start cycling mine for a while. 3 days super low (about 25 g) and one refeed day with about 150-200. I just look 1000 times better and am less likely to binge with less carbs. The only thing I will really miss are oats and fruit.

    But gotta do what I gotta do! I have 6 weeks before Christmas to whip this body into shape!

    • fitlizzio says:

      Totally agree with you Reese! I’m looking at this as a reverse New Years resolution. I’m going to see what I can do by New Years, rather than start on New Years.

  3. magdabresson says:

    Hey! Congrats on finding what works best for you, whatever that may be. Your posts sound so positive, I have no doubt that you’ll look lean and fabulous in no time! Best of luck and keep up the good work! 🙂

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