Am I blind? Body Dysmorphia?!

Okay, this just goes to show how SKEWED women’s brains (or maybe just mine) are when they view themselves. I was looking through old pictures, and absolutely SHOCKED at what I saw. I saw something TOTALLY different than what I saw right after these pictures were taken. I can remember thinking to myself “I need to get leaner” Looking at the pictures now, I am thinking “i looked pretty good!”

I am honestly in shock at my skewed view of how I looked. This was in May. I WILL get back to this body, and even better, just gotta be patient…….


I remember looking at this picture and thinking that I needed my abs to be more defined, and that I looked bloated and not lean enough. Maybe this isn’t a “show ready” body, but now that I am looking at it, I can honestly say that I think my stomach looked good!


This picture, I remember thinking that I would NEVER be ready for my show in time. THis was about a month out from NPC. I thought that my legs didn’t look good and that I had love handles on my back. HA.

I am in no way saying I looked perfect, and there are definitley some improvement areas, but what I am getting at is that I am WAY TOO HARD ON MYSELF.

I need to ease up and give myself some slack. Know that what I am doing WORKS and know that I just need to be patient, and see my body for what it really is at the moment and not what I think it needs to be in the future. It will get there, I just have to let it.


Now, with that said, I am going to practice this whole patience thing because I absolutely know I’m not looking like that these days 😉 In due time…….


  1. Um, yeah – these pics are AWESOME so for you to think that isn’t cool – be nicer to yourself! haha And yes, in due time indeed. You work SO hard – but yes, patience sucks. 🙂

  2. April says:

    Take off your fat goggles girl. Easier said than done I guess.

    I wish we lived closer so we could watch silly movies together 😀

  3. OMG! Um, yes, you were clearly NUTS when you thought that!! Those photos are amazing!

  4. Kelly Olexa says:

    I’m so glad you are posting this. I am seriously guilty of the body dysmorphia thing. I have had friends tell me this for a while but I’m finally getting it. And I do believe that when we are that hard on ourselves, it’s easy to prevent future success- we are too busy punishing ourselves and berating ourselves, who could get motivated with that kind of negative reinforcement? Now that I am finally getting a handle on the whole mental thing, both in how I view myself along the way and how I mentally deal with food, I’m seeing results. And enjoying LIFE along the way. Amen! Keep it up girl!! You rock. 😉

  5. Betty says:

    ou look great in those pictures. I think all women think this way once in awhile. We need to remember to be patient and not give up.

  6. Jessica says:

    I agree… It’s crazy how we see ourselves. I still see Fat Jess all the time – the only thing that really helps me to realize I’m doing ok is to put on clothes and realize they are still big. We’re so hard on ourselves!

  7. jeimayprovy says:

    Haha I mean this in a nice way but yes you were nuts when you looked at these pictures before 🙂 You clearly look amazing!!

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