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Longest Day

Wow, today was another long day, and tomorrow won’t be any shorter, or Friday, or this weekend! Don’t even get me started on next week!

Today was Leg Day. I got to the gym a little early to do some extra triceps because I didn’t feel like I burned them out enough yesterday. Afterwards, heavy leg/plyo hell came into effect. It was a tough one, not as tough as last week, but still tough, none the less.

Afterwards, I took a speedy shower and hopped up front to work. I worked for 5 hours. I am still technically training, so I was with my manager(who is my age and a cool guy). We literally watched You Tube videos, quoted movies, and talked about stupid shit for 5 hours. Rough job, I know 😉

After that, I had a 2 hour class and was literally falling asleep during it. I came home, ate some food and watched some of the Office(season 2). One of them was when Jim tells Pam that he is in love with her and they kiss for the first time.(melltttt!!!) UGH love those two 🙂

I somehow am not as tired anymore, but am forcing myself to skip boxing tomorrow because I am over tired and I have a very long day tomorrow. Workout, hair appointment(i know this is my choice but my hair is seriously in need), need to take my truck in and get a rental(more on that in a minute), and then I am working(on my own) from 5-9pm. Then I have a workout at 5am Friday morning because……….

I’m going to L.A.! 🙂

It is a pretty random trip, but I am so excited. I am going with my friend to visit my brother and my good friend who just got back from Iraq a few months ago. I have other friends that are there this weekend too, so it should be packed with stuff to do! I NEED this vacation for oh so many reasons. Mostly to clear my head from boy drama issues. The reason I am getting a rental car is because my truck gets about 14mpg(big-ass diesel..i love it, but it takes $$ as fuel.)

Still no appetite. I tried to eat more today, I am coming in okay with the calories, so I’m not starving myself, but I am literally NOT hungry what so ever, nothing looks appealing and I am basically eating for fuel. I guess that is what contest prep is all about anyways, so if the cravings aren’t there, then oh well!

I am bringing some food with me this weekend and the rest I will cook up at my brothers.

I need sleep. GOOD NIGHT 🙂

Dear appetite,

Where did you go??

The past week and a half or so, my appetite has become pretty non-existent. I am still eating my scheduled meals, but I have missed meals here and there because I seirously have NO appetite. There are many reason why this could be happening: overtraining, not eating enough, etc.

I am trying to find it, but so far it has disappeared.

If you find my appetite, please return immediately!! 🙂

Actually, I can’t complain, as it has made prep pretty easy. It worries me though because no appetite could mean slowing metabolism which would NOT be good.

Todays workout:

-Boxing(Left arm only, my right wrist is almost healed, but i’m giving it another week off of boxing.)

-Back, Bi’s Tri’s- Worked with Ernie today and it was a killer workout. My back and biceps especially, burned out very quickly.

-Cardio: Got in about 40 minutes of cardio total was split though between gym sessions.

Afterwards, I worked until 2pm, came home and am now just relaxing and exhausted. Was supposed to go to conditioning tonight, but I am dead tired and listening to my body. Rest and relaxation!

Have a great day bloggies!

Daily Blogging

I miss blogging daily! I am making it my goal to do this!

I have been so busy. I am currently:

Going to two different schools(18 credits total)

Working 4 part time jobs.(It isn’t as crazy as it sounds, it equates to about 20-25 hours per week)

and…Oh yea! Training my ass off! 🙂

I love being busy and rarely complain about it. I am the one that makes myself so busy by adding on more and more things to my agenda. I fall into that category of people who only gets things done if I’m busy. Give me a day where I have nothing to do? I will probably do nothing 🙂 A day where I barely have a second to breathe? All of my homework and work will be done in between each breath.

Are you more productive when you are busy or when you have a lot of time?

All Things Training:

This morning, my trainer was out, so I was on my own. I was actually excited because in the past 3 weeks, I have been with my trainer for every workout. I miss kicking my own booty 🙂

The agenda: Hamstrings, Shoulders and Calves

The workout: Heavy deadlifts( my favorite!), Lying hamstring curls, DB Shoulder Press, Reverse Hyper(missed this machine! they didn’t have it at my old gym), DB Lat Raises, Lying Rear Delt Pulls, Rear Delt Raises, Standing Hamstring curls, Seated hamstring curls, Cable Rear Delt extensions, Cable front raises, Barbell Calf raises from 3 different angles

Wow, no wonder this workout took me close to an hour and a half. Ha. I was in the zone and didn’t even realize how long it was until I was done.

Nutrition: Everything is going well. I am dropping finally, and actually have a little hope that I will be kind of ready for this show. I don’t think I will be looking as good as NPC, but I am on a healthier track mentally to not let myself blow up again like I did after that show. I am finally excited 🙂

Show:  23 more days until the Bikini America show. Every single day counts because I am really cutting it close with my leaning out. After the show I will probably post a blog about what went wrong the past few months with my diet/nutrition. As much as falling down and being set back sucks, it teaches SO much and you learn A TON about yourself. I continue to learn new things about myself every day.

What is something new that you have learned about yourself after a set back?

I have learned that everything I do is a choice. If I rebel against that choice, I am only rebelling against myself. I also learned to think clearly before I make decisions.

Hiking Season!!

I am so excited that Hiking season is back 🙂 I guess it began a few weeks ago for me with North Mountain and Pinnacle Peak, but for me, the first time I hike Echo Canyon at Camelback Mountain for the season means it has really started!

Echo Canyon description from the website:

Summit Trail (Echo Canyon)
Length: .1.2 miles one way
Elevation gain: 1,264 feet (summit is 2,704 feet)
Difficulty: Strenuous and difficult

This is a very strenuous trail recommended only for experienced hikers. The trail ascends through some spectacular sandstone rock formations and offers unparalleled views from the summit of the greater Phoenix area. The Echo Canyon area is open sunrise to sunset.

Is it just me, or do any of you get a high when you get to the top of a mountain? It is like runner’s high, but even better(in my opinion.) I think the fresh breeze, amazing views and feelings of accomplishment all come together. And oh yeah, those endorphins kicking in 🙂

My hike this morning was absolutely amazing. I had a very weird night of sleep last night(My 7:30pm nap didn’t end until 3:30 am….and then I got up for a while and slept another hour, had some intense dreams and finally peeled myself out of bed at 6:30am) and once I ate some breakfast, all I wanted to do was hike Echo Canyon for the first time of the season.

My normal Echo Canyon buddy is out of town, so I decided instead of going with someone, I wanted to go by myself. For most hikes, I will go at whatever pace the person i am with is going, but for Echo Canyon, my hiking buddy(Jorge) and I like to time ourselves. Since he was out of time, I decided to time myself on my own.(He is quick and I always find myself pushing myself hard to keep up with him.) I think last season(spring) our fastest time was around 29 minutes to the top. We don’t take any breaks and like to go quick(however, we don’t run at all because Echo Canyon is known for people being helicoptered out due to slipping and falling.)

Today, I timed myself and the verdict is……….


I am pretty proud of that time given I was alone. I pushed myself hard, but I always do better when I have to keep up with someone because that competitive switch in my head goes off.

Here is my view from the top:


Later today, my sister and dad are going to hike Pinnacle Peak(a much easier hike with rolling hills) instead of doing our usual family dinner. I am very excited 🙂

What is your favorite hike?

Have a fab Sunday and CONGRATS TO GENIE!! That girl rocked the stage yesterday with a big win!!!

Saturday :)


How is everyone’s Saturday going? Any big plans for the day/night?

I started off my day the right way with some sweaty, heart pumping, boot camp. But let me back track to some interestingness..(not sure that is even a word ;-))

This weekend I am house sitting for my sister’s friend, G. G works for a guy named Bruce, and they just hired a guy from Ohio, named Ben.(Are you still with me?!) Anyways, Ben is staying with G until he finds a place. In other words, I am housesitting and some random dude I have never met is staying here as well.(Still not sure why she wants me to house sit when clearly Ben is “sitting” just fine.)

I met Ben the first night I was here for about 2 minutes. Yesterday, I went to happy hour with my sister, her boyfriend and a bunch of friends. We went to this cool piano bar, I sipped on water of course, and just had a really good time. While we were there, I got a text from Bruce(the boss) asking if I would mind bringing Ben with me to hang out with my friends because he is “lonely.” Awkward right?! I politely told him that I was going to bed early and waking up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so I wouldn’ t be of any help. The response I got was: “Well why don’t you and Ben get some drinks together on the company card.”

A.W.K.W.A.R.D. I chose not to respond. And now I am awkwardly staying here with this Ben guy for another 2 days. Good stuff huh?! You might think it would be bothersome to me, but I live for this kind of thing. Awkward situations are HIGH-larious and i totally think this is awesome. And typical for my life haha.

Anyways….I woke up to a whining, bitching, moaning crying dog at around 3am. I went downstairs thinking something was horribly wrong, and what do I find?

A dog that wants to play with toys….AT 3 IN THE MORNING. Come on pup!

Luckily I was able to fall right back asleep, but my alarm went off at a glorious 5am, so that was that.

To make things more interesting, I don’t have much food here. I ran out of eggs/egg whites last night, so breakfast this morning was 4 oz. cold chicken on a fork. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. 🙂

 (P.S. Chicken at 5:30am is actually not as good as it sounds ;-))

After boot camp was abs class, after abs class was a lovely bowl of OATMEAL (haven’t had it in dayssss) and now I’m showered and about to go meet a friend for lunch, selling a couch later this afternoon and delivering it(having a nice truck=having a nice moving business).

I could ramble on some more, but I think I’ll stop now. Save more for another post 🙂

Have a great day! Eat well! Give your body what it wants 🙂

Everyone loves a slinky GO SLINKY GO

Hi guys!!(If you are still out there! I hope I still have some readers lol)

Sorry about my lack of posting!! I have been a busy little bee! I am currently house sitting and the internet here is spotty. I am still reading though and trying to comment when I can 🙂

Workouts have been REALLY awesome. Leg day on Wednesday was the hardest one so far(if it is even possible that they are getting harder!)

I haven’t been able to use my right hand in boxing this week because I messed up my wrist. It’s healing, but I’m not taking any chances. It was pretty bad for a few days. NO INJURIES!!

The weight is finally dropping and I am starting to get some hope that I will be ready for the FAP. I am working my butt off and eating well so we’ll see what I can pull off!

Today I am doing glutes, bi’s and tri’s. Tomorrow is boot camp and Sunday is probably going to be either a light run or OFF. I am dead from this week.

Have a great weekend!

What is your favorite movie?

What a weekend!


I had an okay weekend. Too much going on in my little head haha. Sometimes, I wish I could just run on auto-pilot and not think so much. OH WELL. 🙂

Took a rest today(twice on one week!), but boot camp totally kicked my ass Saturday morning.

I really don’t have much to say because it’s either type out a novel complete with a Preface, Foreword and 12 Chapters, or else just keep it short. I’m choosing the latter 😉

Today I spent time with my family for my aunt’s birthday, grandma’s birthday, and grandparent’s 53rd anniversary. Family partys are always interesting on many levels. Today, it was more of a “I don’t want to be here” feeling. There are many reasons for this and sometimes it is honestly just easier not to be around them. I don’t really want to get into details, but it’s sad to see people you love deteriorating. And unfortunately, I have to watch 2 people that are very close to me do this. End sap story.

After the family party, I lazed around and then went to dinner with my dad and sister. He ate, we watched, and had a good time. I, on the other hand, LOVE hanging out with my sister and dad. We always have such a good time. The three of us just pick on eachother and it is never ending laughs.

I am contemplating a few things right now and will get into it when I have a clear decision.(I know I keep leaving you guys on the edge about things.) The exciting news, though, is that I started a small business a few months ago and am actually getting it up and running during these next few months. A website is on its way. I will keep you all posted(all 2 of you :))

Tomorrow morning I am going to do a 3 mile run outside before I hit the gym. The weather has been too nice to not do it. Hams, Back and Abs will be the targets at the gym and then I will probably finish up with some elliptical or stairmill afterwards. Then I’ve got some work to do for my dad, make a trip to the library(need some new books!), and then class in the evening. Longgg day. Hoping to sneak a short nap in there at some point!

That is the problem with being up so early in the day(5:30am) I have night classes for school a couple of days in the week, and it makes for a long, long day. I’ll get through it though.


Here’s to a good week 🙂


Good morning bloggie friends! 🙂

Hope everyone is having a fab-u-lous Saturday. I just got back from boot camp a little while ago. Good stuff!

I have a random question, whenever I eat baby carrots, I get like nauseous? Like you know if you take a vitamin on an empty stomach? It feels like that. It has happened many times. Anyone have any idea why? Does my body just not like carrots or is there a reason for this?

Anywaysss, I am going to relax for a while, and then help a friend move a couch(Gotta love having a truck. I should just become a mover(and a shaker!)) Then tonight, I am not sure what is on the agenda, but we’ll see!

Have a good day! Do something new today 🙂

You can always start swinging again…

I’ve got to admit it’s gettin better! And better, all the time!

I’m talking about life. Although, yes, stress and bad things DO happen (they ALWAYS will, better get used to it :)), life just gets better and better as time goes on! Each new day is a chance to learn something new about yourself! Whether you learn a new favorite workout move or that you can single handedly take down an entire box of cookies(i would never! ;-)), there’s always something new!! (And no, i didn’t eat any cookies, just an example.)

(ugh why is this girl in such a good mood)

Anyways peepers, I had another epiphany.(Is there a certain amount of them that you get per year? I didn’t have any for a while, so maybe these are left over? Like rollover minutes?!)

Anywhozzle, this epiphany is regarding momentum. Do you ever notice how much EASIER it is to run after you have been running for xx days straight? Or how easy it is to eat healthy when you’ve been doing it for a while?

Imagine you are on a playground pushing a child on a swing(hopefully your own child or at least one you know haha) and when you start to push, it’s a little bit tough. The child swings back and you push again, a little bit easier, but still kind of tough. Again, the child swings forward and back. You push again, and its almost effortless.

Are you seeing the common ground? I’ll go on….

If you walk away from the swing, eventually it slows down. A little more, a little more, and finally, it isn’t swinging anymore(and the child is screaming their head off to “PUSHH MEEEEE”).

So you see, staying on your exercise and nutrition plan is much like a swing. You use the momentum that you gain to help keep your “swing” going. Eventually, it will get easier. BUT, if you walk away from your swing (goals and good habits) you will lose that momentum. And eventually, your progress will slow, and slow more, until finally it stops.

We must always be mindful of our swing and keep it swinging. The minute we walk away, we could lose some of that momentum.


The good news? You can always start swinging again.

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