Things I Love

I thought I would post about the things that I LOVE about my lifestyle. Lifting heavy weights and eating clean are so rewarding. Competing is just as rewarding. Some don’t like the idea, but I see it as a way to show off what I have worked so hard for. When someone works on a piece of art, they display it at an expo

I love:

-seeing my muscles contracting at the gym while I work out.

-seeing my muscles grow and see progress in my physique

-the taste of freshly boiled green beans(sooo much better than the pre-packaged ones you steam in the microwave..wish I wasn’t so lazy all the time hehe)

-Getting pumped in the gym and seeing my veins flare

-Seeing new veins start to surface every few months from my training

-Feeling my body functioning optimally.

-The jitteriness I get after a tough weight sesh.


-The taste of a well-balanced meal after a tough workout

-Knowing that I can pick up and run 6, 7, 8 or whatever miles at (for the most part)any given moment

-Inspiring people to do more, try more, and become healthier.

-Helping others in their quest to lose weight, build strength, become healthier, etc.(i love answering questions that people have)

I could probably think of 100 other reasons, but I’ll stop there.

What are YOUR reasons why you LOVE your lifestyle?


  1. April says:

    I love watching my body change and getting the “you look great” compliments from the fatties that use to be skinny. I know that’s bad but it’s the truth. Plus eating healthy and working out is who I am.

  2. These are awesome!! A lot of yours ring true for me.I love feeling stronger, seeing my body tone up, being able to shop and have everything fit and being SO much more comfortable in the kitchen! 🙂

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