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Feeling a little better now. Basically my brother is in rehab and called yesterday saying he didn’t think he needed it and was going to leave (trust me he needs it he was taking as many pills as a cancer patient according to the doc)so that really had me down. On top of that I hurt my foot in boxing. I thought it was fine but as the day wore on it started to tighten up. After ice and ibuprofen, today it was feeling pretty good and I was able to do cardio…going to lay off plyos for the next week probably tho.

Nutrition got the best of me yesterday and unfortunately I am going to have to hand in one of my skinny bones. I seem to remember doing something similar 3 weeks out from my last show..grr..not happy about it but I WILL make up for it. My workouts this week have been beyond balls to the walls and will continue. I already have shoulders and 2 hrs cardio under my belt today and am doing a boot camp-like workout this afternoon at a nerw gym. After that will update u on hopefully great news I’ve been teasing about.

Will post later!


You are warned.

I feel like everytime things start going really well for me, my mood is brought down by an outside force. I try to ignore it, but it is hard when it is your little brother who you love to death.

I need a prayer. He needs a prayer. I don’t deserve this. My family doesn’t deserve this. I am seriously sick to my stomach.

End of Rant. Don’t worry nobody died or anything, but the spiral is continuuing downward. I am about to lose hope.

And another one gone

And another one gone, another one bites the dust!!

Oh hey guys! Day 97 was great!! I worked my ass off at the gym this morning and my hunger showed for it. Today I made room to have a little treat tonight.

You see, I was being SO perfect during the week days, that Saturdays all bets were off. I didn’t binge every Saturday of course, but honestly I struggled most weekends for the last couple of months. This last 3.5 weeks until my competition, I will not screw it up. I am basically where I need to be, but I need about 5-7 days to lean myself out(no carbs) before the show. So, with that said, if I want a treat, I am going to have it, but only if it is within my calorie limit. This will hopefully stave off any feelings of wanting to just eat like shit and binge.

Today was a long, stressful day, good in many ways, frustrating in others, and by the time i was done with everything, I wanted some ice cream. So i got Stonyfield Farms Low Fat Frozen Yogurt Dark Chocolate After Dark. I knew I had room for it being that I was only at 1700 calories so far for the day and the fact that I burned over 1000 this morning at the gym(probably around 1200…which means I probably burned at least 2800 calories today if not more) ..there was room. It totally got my craving and I feel okay about it because I am not overly full or anything. I don’t plan on having treats every night and this is not an excuse to go get ice cream every night, but I would say once a week or twice a week is okay. Of course if I notice any weird changes in my body, they will be gone with the wind, but if I hover around where I am (which I expect to…at the end of the day calories in/out wins) then I should be good to go by about 10 days out. There will be no treats at all after that and then about 6 days out I will cut all carbs and wring the water out of myself like I did last time.

Hopefully this plan of mine will work 🙂 You already saw my workout for today…so here are my eats!

M1: LARGE b-fast: 1c. spinach, 1 egg, 1 c. egg whites, 125 g. blueberries, 4TBSP Almond butter, 1 red bell pepper

M2: 5 oz. chicken, 1/4 avocado, 1TBSP fresh salsa, green beans

M3: same as above minus the green beans but add aNOTHER TBSP almond butter. yeah i like my fat haha

m4: 1c. spinach, 1c. egg whites, asparagus

m5: 15 almonds

m6: 1/2 can no salt added salmon, 2 red bell pepper, 1.5TBSP almond butter

m7: Stonyfield farms low fat frozen yogurt dark chocolate, strawberries, a peach, and a few yogurt raisins may have slipped in my mouth.

Ended the day at 2588 calories(seems high, but if it prevents a 5000 calorie binge, then its like i said..i burned a lot of kcals this morning so i don’t feel guilty, techinicially im still i n a deficit for the day.)

by the way i know i said i do better without fruit, but i think it is the 110 degree weather here that has me wanting it more lately. i dont know what it is… Anyways, i see fruit as a treat as well…so i guess i had a lot of treats tonight lol

I want to thank KatieP for putting together this 100 day challenge. SO many people have joined and she is amazing for handling all of the organizing!! Check out her blog if you haven’t already. She is an awesome chick!

Quick Update

You know you look bloated when you show up to work out in your sports bra and your trainer says:

“Cardio day today???!!”
“You’re back on your diet right?!”

Haha it is just water weight and I know that, I know that if I were to eat no carbs for a week, I would shred out again, but it was just funny. Then I was doing lunges and he told me to hold my abs in…i said what abs?!! And he replied”just a little extra water!” Haha, at least I find humor in it.

As far as my workout this morning, I think I intuitively KNEW that it was going to be brutal because I ate an extremely large breakfast this morning that consisted of my usual eggs, 125 g of blueberries, a red bell pepper and wait for it………4 TBSP AB…um yeah…don’t ask..i could NOT get satiated. I think it is partly because after my intense workout yesterday morning, I also ran another mile and did abs last night at the gym. Either way….

I got to the gym early and was eager to try out this workout. I did it, and I don’t know if it was the big breakfast or what, but as I was cooling down I decided to do it again, so I did. Yeah about 700 calories burned. Then I met with Dae and he put me through plyometric hell, and quad/hamstring hell for an hour. Needless to say, I put in 2.5 hours at the gym this morning of mainly cardio and plyos, with some leg extensions, calf raises, and hamstring curls mixed in.

My post workout meal of 5 oz. chicken, 1/4 avocado, 1TBSP fresh salsa and an entire bag of green beans was much appreciated 🙂

Off to work, then to a hair appointment and then to get a spray tan for another photo shoot tomorrow.

OH and stretching is done for the day :):):)

Random Thoughts/Tip

1. Holy DOMS. My back and biceps are more sore than they have been…maybe ever? Definitely switching my day up to quads/calves/plyos. My upper body is TOAST.

2. Day 3 of any diet program is usually kinda tough, Day 4 is even TOUGHER, But don’t worry, because Day 5 isn’t so bad….

That is something I have always come to find in any new program I have started…so STICK WITH IT and get to Day 5. I promise.

That’s all. Gym time!

Day 98 – Ambition

Ambition has always been one of my best qualities. I want something? I go for it. No questions asked. It might be a little naive of me, or too much confidence, or a combination, but there are no obstacles that seem “too big” for me. If I told myself I wanted to be president, in my head, I would actually believe that I could. Even though that is seriously SO far fetched(and i really have no desire to be president) it is just how I am.

Well today my ambition paid off. I don’t want to reveal too much until everything is finalized, but I promise you will get a full re-cap once it is.(Most likely Friday evening.)
Anyways, today has been another great day! My mood has been stellar, which always makes this a whole lot easier.
The workout:

Steve(my awesome boxing instructor) was out of town last week=no boxing =sad Lizzy 🙁

He is back this week though and that is how I started off my day!!
After the sweat-fest, it was time for back and biceps. Tuesdays and Thursdays can be daunting to me mentally. I wake up and realize i have an hour of boxing, another hour of strength training and at least 30 minutes of cardio ..all in a row. The best way to get through it is to focus on one thing at a time. If i am boxing, i focus on that, and if my mind starts to think about cardio or strength training, i ZAP those thoughts. Focus on the moment.

So my back and biceps workout today was KILLER. I could feel my lats like crazy today with every movement. I went way heavy today and did some drop sets. My favorite!! Here’s the workout

4 sets of jumping pull ups(jump up, do a negative down)-wide grip and close grip
Close grip lat pulldowns with low cable rows
Straight arm pulldowns with cable hammer curls
One arm rows with EZ bar curls
I was going to do bicep curls with DB’s as well, but my biceps were absolutely dead. Close grip really gets the bi’s and i was doing big drop sets with the EZ bar, which brought my little guns to failure.

I finished that workout and headed over to the cardio room and just did 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer. I had it at level 10 so still a good workout, but for me, the elliptical and arc trainer are more of a “relaxed” cardio session. I don’t mean that it is easy, cuz it definitely gets my heart rate going and has me sweatin!… but compared to a HIIT or incline walking or stair stepper it is.

Afterwards I STRETCHED..yay for 100 day challenge!!

I am also going to do another half hour of cardio with my friend tonight because she is really wanting to get back in shape and I have nothing better to do 🙂 I’m keeping it light though. Might throw in some abs as well..
Eats for today:
M1: 1 egg, 1c. egg whites, 2TBSP AB(i will most likely be cutting out the AB in the morning, i just don’t like how i feel during my workouts with all that sure it will find itself in me later in the day though :))
M2: 5 oz. chicken, 1/4 avocado, asparagus, 1 red bell pepper
M3: Salad made with mixed greens, a can of no salt added tuna, 1/2 roma tomato, and 1/2 TBSP coconut oil and 2 TBSP AB
M4: 5 oz. chicken, broccoli and cauliflower, 1TBSP AB
M5: 1c. spinach, 1 c. egg whites, 1 red bell pepper, 2 TBSP fresh salsa, 125 g. blueberries, a few strawberries

I added in that fruit at the last minute because I knew I would be burning it off at the gym tonight and also because I had a taste for it. I am working on going with what I want, while sticking to a contest diet. It seems to keep me less insane. I have gotten a lot of e-mails about my fat intake, and I just have recently found out how much better I do with less carbs and more fats. I am still experimenting, but it has been doing wonders so far.
^^^^See what i mean about staying organized?? LOL I just have to go with the flow. It’s how I do everything in life and it works for me. Having a plan works for me, but straying from it is kind of in the plan, I guess.

Well I think that is it. I will be back tomorrow!
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