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This post is going to go backwards..Monday first..then yesterday…

Today I woke up and wasn’t feeling hungry, so I decided to embrace some Empty stomach cardio. 30 minutes on the treadmill at my apartment at 15%-3.3mph, while reading Maneater. Love this book! Almost finished!

Afterwards, I came back to my apartment and had 1 egg with 1/2 cup of egg whites and spinach mixed in. Then headed off to do this:

Deadlifts-4 sets
3 supersets each of:
DB Step-Ups/Seated Ham curls
Glute Machine/Smith Machine Lunges
Smith Machine Hack Squats/Hip Abduction
Cable Donkey Kicks-2 Sets

Jumped back on the treadmill for 30 more minutes of reading/incline walking. Lately reading this book has gotten me to do more cardio than ever haha.

Okay so Sunday…..

Well, i officially have 19 days left of contest prep..and IDIOT me…BINGED. It wasn’t a binge where i was “out of control i can’t help it” it was like a conscious decision and a “ill just be extra good this week.” Looking back, that was probably a really dumb thought, but i kept watching shows that were all about “you only live once” haha so i decided that eating 1.7 trillion TJ’s Vanilla SANDWICH COOKIES, and some pop chips with laughing cow cheese would be a great idea?! really lizzy?! REALLY!! Oh, to top it off i had half a bagel with CREAM CHEESE and SALTY LOX!!!!!! and oh a bowl of icecream afterwards because i totally needed it right?!

I have gotta be kidding myself. And apparently i was, because my body was NOT happy and i spent 2 hours last night throwing it up. NOT ON PURPOSE…don’t worry. My body just REALLY didn’t like what i did to it, or maybe i ate something bad.(or maybe i ate a LOT of bad things!!)

If you get grossed out easily then cover your eyes, but….

It is amazing how long it takes for our bodies to digest some foods! That is all i will say because i know that is gross haha.

Anyways, moral of the story…don’t do what i did. Because i am a puffy mess today and although i got right back on track and feel that i can recover and still bring my A game….it was NOT a good idea. It will NOT help me and it was downright DUMB. But low carbs this week should bring me back to where I was. No more funny business!!! GRRRR!!! Oh well…it’s over and i’m not beating myself up about it. Anywayssss have a good night1

Finished today with :

1579 calories P: 160, C:140, F:45

Still Here

Just letting everyone know I didn’t fall off the earth lol. I will try to post later today/tonight.

“The advice we give people is the advice we need to take.Today, think of that one person you keep saying the same things to over and over again. Do it yourself. Lead by example. They will follow. “

-Yehuda Berg

haha rest HAHAHA

I am incapable of resting sometimes. I was unable to go rock climbing because my friends are lazy asses!!! So i had a few hours to kill before heading out to the pool party and decided the gym was in order.

I DID take the day off from weight training because i plan on getting some triceps/abs in tomorrow, but I hopped on the treadmill and put the incline up to 15% and 3.3 mph like usual. Pulled out another book i started reading called Maneater…..anybody read it?! loving it so far…so much in fact that i couldn’t stop. I walked for an hour and 10 minutes and then hopped on the bike for another 20 minutes. It’s a funny book and they made it into a TV show i’m pretty sure.

The first book that I just finished reading the other day(2 days after i bought it lol) was Jennifer Johnson is sick of being single by heather mcelhatton. It’s a cute book also! Not sure if i liked the ending or not, but it kept me entertained throughout!

Anyways, hope everyone had a great Saturday. I am tired and a little burnt from the pool so I’m not sure if i am gonna make it out tonight. I can be so lame sometimes!! Oh well 🙂


Ahhh rest days are nice. Every muscle in my body was aching yesterday when I went to the gym for my shoulder/ab workout. Today, a little better but still pretty sore. All that is on the agenda is a pool party and hopefully some rock climbing!! Tomorrow will be triceps and some cardiooooo.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 6 pm. HA! I woke up at 8:30 and decided I wasnt going to go out. I laid in bed trying to fall back asleep, but I WAS STARVING. After 3 days at about 1600 calories…with all of my workouts….i was seriously so hungry i couldnt sleep. I ate some almonds and a red bell pepper and that helped. I finally fell asleep at about 11pm. Woke up at 4am.

What to do on a Saturday that early? Well i decided that after being low carb for 3 days this chick needed some! So i had eggs and steel cut oats for breakfast. Yummy. I went to the farmers market and got a few things, then spent some time at Whole Foods.

Things are still going well and my abs have been popping and so have my legs. 3 days of low carb/cals really helped my physique pop out and i feel MUCH better about how i will look on stage. Still have a ways to go, but i believe i have 21 days to get there. Carb boost today should help. Then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be low-carb..wednesday will be normal carbs and so on. I can do this and am definitely feeling good and positive!

Have a great Saturday and thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful comments you leave me. It is truly a blessing to have all of you in my life even though I haven’t met you, you have made an impact!! Thank you so much!

Friday is heeeya!

Sorry for no post yesterday! The workout yesterday was UN-real.

An hour of quads/calves/plyos…TOUGH stuff..i was nauseous afterwards–aka i killed myself haha.
Followed by an hour of boxing….and he made it extra hard. Figures.
Followed by a half hour on the treadmill incline at 15% at 3.3mph.

Woo. it was tough. Eating was 100% yesterday again and I can already see myself leaning out.

Today was shoulders and abs. and a half hour of the arctrainer. I am going rock climbing tonight also before I go out.

Things are going good over here. My suit is finished and i am going to have a fitting today. Then it will be jeweled!! 22 days people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :):)

Happy girl!

I have to say. If every day could be as easy as today, I would be winning competitions left and right.

Good night of sleep–CHECK
In-MaZING workout–CHECK
Good cardio sesh–CHECK
Perfectly spaced meals–CHECK
Perfect food choices–CHECK
No cravings–CHECK
Energy all day–CHECK
Easy day at work–CHECK
Good reading(keep reading for more on this)–CHECK
Perfect Macro split–CHECK

You get the point. I will be following this menu until it doesn’t work anymore. I usually change things up here and there, but this was seriuosly the best day I have had in a LONG time. Feels AWESOME.

About my reading…i picked up a book at target yesterday. I NEVER read books other than nutrition, health, fitness, and strength training books. I dont know why either, i used to read a lot when i was younger. I guess I got lazy. I read articles daily and sometimes for hours about nutrition and fitness. I love to learn new things, so I never would buy fiction books. I got one yesterday and am already on page 126. I am addicted and about to go read some more of it. I forget the name of it but I will post a review when I’m finished with it 🙂

Hope everyone can have as fantastic a day as I had!!!!

so. much. better

I am feeling SO much better. Granted it is only 11AM and my energy seems to peak in the early hours. You know what though? I was feeling shitty walking into the gym today. I work out in a sports bra now because my trainer wants me to see my muscles work and also so that I keep my damn abs in! I just was feeling like a fatty today and just wanted to wear a big baggy t-shirt and sweat pants in there. But i sucked it up and wore the sports bra.


I trained with Dae today. He. Kicked. My. Ass. It was an hour long session today of chest and biceps. The things he was having me do, I can’t even begin to describe. First of all…he handed me the 50 pound EZ bar to curl…..but instead of just letting me curl that..he was pushing on it so that i had even more resistance. Such a nice guy right? That combined with the pushups, the bench pressing, the flys, more curls, hammer curls, cable curls, YOU NAME IT. oH did I mention the sprints i had to do in between sets?! Yeah those were FUN let me tell ya. I literally was light headed and dizzy finishing each set because i was grunting and using every bit of energy in me to get those last reps of each set out. I thought veins were going to pop out of my head. ANyways, moral of the story….it made me feel GREAT. I am sick and twisted and I LOVE to be tortured like that. (Good thing i train with Dae too because he told me that he likes to watch me be tortured…ok this is starting to sound like the beginning of a porno but don’t worry he is gay and i promise i won’t take this any further!! Haha) He killed me, and it got my head back to where I need it to be.

After my killer sesh, another trainer Noel(the one who gave me the greatest compliment of life) told me he was going to put me through an ab workout. I don’t know how i am able to pull off all this free personal training but i am not complaining!! I guess just spend hours upon hours in the gym working your ass off and eventually, trainers will start offering up their services?! Ha who knows…anyways..he had me doing a lot of things i have never seen or heard of before. Involving hanging from ropes and doing swaying movements and such. It was really hard and he wants to work with me some more. My abs are by far my weakest link. Before December, I did not regularly train them. (Bad, i know) So they have a ways to come compared to the rest of my body.

Before training with Dae i ran for 20 minutes to warm up and I finished it off after the workout with 30 min. on the treadmill at 15% 3.3 mph, and then 20 minutes on the bike at level 8 all out as fast as i could go.

Food for today:

Meal 1: 1 egg, 1 cup egg whites, 2 slices tomato, 1 cup spinach, 2TBSP pico de gallo(its just onions, cilantro and tomato chopped up) and 1/2 TBSP coconut oil

Meal 2:(post workout) Green smoothie: 2 Kale leaves, 1 TBSP Flax seeds, 1/2 TBSP Almond Butter, 2TBSP 100% pure whey protein(NO additives, fillers, NOTHING…it doesnt taste good but it is completely clean..i love it), and 1 heaping TSP of glutamine

Off to shower and get ready for the day!

i need

a vacation!

That is the only thing that I can think of that will cure me of my BLAH-ness.

I am tired ALL the friggin time. As in, i have energy in the morning to work out, and then around noon. DRAINED. Getting off the couch is hard. part of that is the 110 degree weather in this lovely state of arizona and although i have lived here my whole life, it still gets to me. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and nap, eat, sleep, repeat!

So, how will I fix this? Just keep plugging away. Get my workouts in, eat my food, and try to keep some sanity. I could be over training, i could be in a funk, or maybe i just……..


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