Trying something out

Hola!! Sorry for being a lame blogger, but I have been running around like crazy. Yesterday I worked after my workout and then hit up the rock climbing gym for an hour. Good stuff!! There was one route that I really seriously pushed myself SO hard. I was almost at the top and literally had to grunt my way to the top. If you have ever rock climbed before, then you know the feeling of literally not being able to move or grab anything because your arms become so dead lol. Good times!!

Afterwards, I napped on the couch and then had to pick up my brother from his N/A meeting. I have good instincts and decided to go a little early to make sure that he was actually there and not getting dropped off(pretending to go in, leaving and coming back in time for us to pick him up) Sure enough I see him walking from a different direction. I yelled at him and told him to find his own ride home. Then I felt bad and went back and picked him up. I told him how much it hurts me when hes lying to me and that I will literally do ANYTHING for him as long as he is honest with me. He got kind of teary eyed and you could tell he was struggling. We decided to go hang out at my sister’s place for the night. We had fun and it ended up being an okay night.

So your probably wondering what I am trying out?! Well a woman that leads our posing group, who I might add has an UNBELIEVABLE body, was telling us that she cuts every one of her meals in half. This means she eats 10 times a day, every hour and a half. So i decided I am going to try that today and see what it is like. Seems very time consuming, but i like the idea of eating all day haha. Glutton?!?! Speaking of glutton, has anyone ever watched the Glutton Bowl. It is an event that people from all over the world go to and there are different food categories and its basically a bunch of massive eating contests. It was on the Reality TV channel yesterday. I watched last year’s too. Don’t judge!! Hahaha.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday, not sure what my plans are yet!
Food today so far was 1 cup of egg whites and 195g of watermelon. Waiting another hour and then going to eat my oats with almond butter and banannerrrr.


  1. April says:

    That’s an interesting concept. I’m excited to know how it works for you!!

  2. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    hhmm…sorry to hear about your bother not going to his NA meeting – sad. I really hope, for his sake but also you & your familys sake that he realizes the consequences of his actions…

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