Memorial Day!

Blah…I have had a really bad day. Well, not terrible, but just blah. That is the best way to describe it. The day started out pretty good….I woke up at 6:30…ate my oats, AB ½ banana with 1 cup of egg whites on the side and headed off to the gym. My plan to channel my anger and sadness regarding my brother into my workout, worked Haha. I nailed my shoulders pretty good and then hit up the treadmill for an hour to do my incline walking. Sweat-a-thon. I was leaving and I ran into Noel, one of the trainers at my gym. He used to be almost professional in boxing, and really knows his stuff. He is from another country and is a very goofy man, and you would never know he is such an amazing athlete if you didn’t know his background. He told me to go grab some boxing gloves. I was all for it!! He showed me some better techniques/form and then had me doing some combos. There was a lot of punching and ducking going on and it was getting tiring and confusing. I forgot to duck one of the times and I got punched in the face. Hahah it was hilarious if I may say so myself. It gave me a fat lip for a few minutes, but it was all in good fun. It was an excellent end to my workout. Except it didn’t end there. My friends texted me to say that they were going to the rock climbing gym, so of course, I was in!! We climbed for about an hour and a half. It was I.N.T.E.N.S.E. I am getting pretty good at climbing though which is really cool! It is such a FUN workout, I’m telling you all, TRY IT. If you hate exercise, this is something you will most likely love.(Unless your afraid of heights, then maybe not so much lol) But I climbed a 5.10- today which is the hardest climb I have ever done!!! The climbs in this gym range from 5.4-5.13(I think?) I usually climb about 5.8 or 5.9’s. + means a little harder and – means a little easier. So a 5.10- is a little harder than a 5.9 but not as hard as a 5.10. Anywayssss….this is where I got all depressed. My friends were going to barbecue at my ex’s place. My ex and his g/f’s place I should add. Naturally, they didn’t invite me, and I am glad. I would have gone and I would have been annoyed the whole time. I am also frustrated because the other night I was talking to one of my ex’s best friends. He was basically telling me that he likes me and that he had mentioned that to my ex and that my ex was kind of like taken aback and really not comfortable with it. Of course I was glad to hear that and now I am back to thinking about him. But anyways, that wasn’t really why I got upset. I just felt very lonely today. I felt like all my friends were having a good memorial day and I was just hanging at home. Boyfriend-less, and with all the shit going on with my brother AND my mom, I was bummed.

(My mom has her issues and further pissed me off and showed me just how far gone SHE is when I texted her to let her know that my brother had tested positive for pot, cocaine and opiates….her response???”Tell them to drug test your dad.”) REALLY MOM?! She should be focused on my brother and ONLY my brother..not her anger towards my dad. So frustrating.


I guess I feel better now that I wrote it out though, and I am not that upset, just frustrated in general. It is a weird day. I took it out on Ben and Jerrys, had half of the pint. 500 worthless calories. So dumb but I don’t care to be honest, because I still was in a good range calorie-wise. The rest of my eats today were healthy. And I am sure I burned a shit ton of calories today. I really decided to emotionally eat haha I actually sat there and thought “im eating ice cream and I dare anyone to try and stop me.”


The rest of my eats today were: egg whites, sweet potato, grapefruits, apples, baby carrots, almond butter, strawberrys, banana, oats, and 3 saltine crackers because my stomach was hurting from the ice cream lol. Go figure. I don’t have my little chart do-dad and I am too lazy to make it right now, but it will be back tomorrow!!

Calorie burn for the day: 1537


Sorry for the ULTRA LONG post. lol


  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    wow, sounds like you definetly had a workout today!

    Sorry to hear about the ups & downs with your family, but your strong, I know you can handle it!

  2. fittingbackin says:

    Blah is definitely the way to describe your day. It would definitely put me in a moody-icecream-eating place. I hate the whole ‘ex’ thing – I vividly remember one of my exes having a house while we were in high school (yes – his parents moved and he was a year older and so it was SWEET)… until we broke up and ALL my friends went there and I couldn’t go. LAME. I didn’t WANT to, but I didn’t want anyone else to either and it’s a crap feeling. Coupled with your brother/mother stuff – grrrrrr. I’m sorry it was a rough one and hope you’re better today. You did have a GREAT workout (s!) and great eats!!

  3. Reese says:

    I'm sorry things are still rocky with your brother. You just have to give him time…its not something that will happen overnight. There will be ups and downs. Stay strong girl!

    O and at least you stopped at two servings of B&J! I usually don't have that kind of restraint…once I start there is not stopping.

  4. Amy says:

    Hey, sorry to hear about your shoddy ex and family situations. My family went through a similar situation with my sister a couple years ago and it was not pretty. My sister would deny and lie about anything and everything and then, my parents would go through all kinds of emotions, fearing the worst and then denying the problem, ad nauseum. I think they found it hard to admit their baby could do wrong, especially to hurt herself so much.
    I found it helpful to try and remove myself from emotional ties and be completely objective, and say, look, we need to deal with reality. It doesn’t matter how she spiraled down to this place, doesn’t matter what past experiences might have driven her there, or who may have influenced or encouraged her behavior and drug use, none of that matters. All that matters is she is addicted to coke and needs help.
    In the process of convincing my parents of this – that they can no longer believe a word that comes out of my sister’s mouth – my sister also broke down and made a phone call to my mom at 3am one night after not speaking to her for weeks, and cried out for help.

    Sorry to be long-winded! But all that is to say that people can come through these situations. And if you feel like you need to give your mom or dad a lecture about what they should be doing, do that! In my case, they didn’t appreciate it at the time, but they thanked me later. I hope things get better!

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