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Booty Booty

My butt has been screaming at me since I woke up. I guess the million walking lunges and thousands of squats and jumps we did in the fitness class yesterday really took a toll on my booty. I’m not complaining! I love waking up to sore muscles.

This morning I started my day with a bowl of oats with banana and almond butter mixed in. I had a cup of egg whites too on the side with 2 tangelos.

At the gym, boxing was first up, followed by back and finally 45 minutes on the treadmill. It was a good workout. I came home and literally sat on my ass all day until about 3:45. I decided to go rollerblading around the lakes by my apartment. It was beautiful out and I did it for the mind exercise, NOT the physical aspect. (Although it did that as well on its own.) My head is fully in the game as far as health and fitness, no troubles there lately. I am just missing the ex lately. He has been a part of my life for what seems like forever (going on 7 years…)

I love him and he is my other half. I find every flaw i can in every other guy I date. (I tell myself i just am not into them, but i am starting to think subconciously i just miss him) I don’t really know what to do about it. We still talk, we’re still good friends, but it isn’t the same. I hardly see him and we live separate lives right now. I want to move on, I want to find someone who treats me the way I should be treated. Maybe I just haven’t found that person, although I think I have, and I know its him. But I can’t let that get in the way of other opportunities. I am staying open to that and always ready to meet new people, but after so many tries and so many disappointments, i am starting to lose hope that there really IS someone ELSE out there. Maybe I am crazy, or maybe I just need to be even more patient. I guess it has only been since July/August, so in geologic time that is nothing. (Haha my friend is a geology major and they go by millions of years.) Anyways, I am just having one of those days I will stop now 🙂

I have class tonight and school will be over in just two weeks!! I can’t wait!! Going to the lake tomorrow, so may not be posting until the evening!

Feeling great!

Good morning bloggers! I guess it isn’t really morning anymore, but oh well.

This weekend was great. I hung out with my sister, her boyfriend and my friend Mike on Saturday night. We went to Zipp’s and played shuffleboard, and then went back to their condo and hung out for the night.

Sunday I woke up and made a trip to Whole Foods with my dad. I just got some produce, almond butter, and my thick rolled oats. I like the texture better than just regular rolled oats. After Whole Foods, I hiked Camelback with Jorge and Rick. Jorge and I beat our record time and got to the top in 29 minutes!! Our goal is 25, but it was hard yesterday, so it will take some time. My legs always feel like jello when we get to the top. I am bummed that it is getting so hot outside, soon enough the 100’s will be here and it is just going to be brutal. All the more reason to spend the days at the lake though!!

This morning I met with my trainer and I did shoulders and legs. He had me do a bunch of different shoulder exercises, leg press, and about one million sets of walking lunges. No realy though. Between every shoulder exercise, I had to do 12(6 per side) walking lunges with 27.5 pound dumbbells in each hand. 9 shoulder exercises=9 sets of walking lunges. I better feel that tomorrow! Afterwards, I got on the arc trainer(wanted to do the treadmill but i have a blister on my heel from rollerblading, so trying to let that heal). I was on for about 30 minutes, when SMELL MAN got on the machine next to me. This guy sweats PROFUSELY. As in, it looks like there is mist coming off of his body(i think there actually is….) He is DRENCHD. Puddles form underneath him wherever he is. It is gross, and he smells bad too. So when a friend asked me if I wanted to take a class with her I was all for it! The class was called The Mix. It was really really hard! Most group classes are somewhat challegning but not killer for me, but this one was pretty damn good! I will likely go again next Monday. Something different and I love mixing it up!

Today I am working and then going to the Diamondbacks/Cubs game with my dad. My family is from Chicago, so it is kind of a win/win situation for us. If either team wins, we’re happy! Haha, I know I am being a bad D-Bax fan…oops 🙂

Have a great day!!

lame blogger!

Sorry guys i have been so lame lately! I have just been busy busy!

Yesterday I did Chest and abs at the gym, followed by an hour on the elliptical. I then headed home, showered, and got to work. I worked until about 3pm and then headed to my apartment to meet my friends Rick and Perry to…………..GO ROLLERBLADING! hahah yes i am serious. Rick asked me if i wanted to go and i was for SURE down! And let me just say this…WHYY did rollerblading ever go out of style?! So much fun and a great workout!!

Last night i went out to a show to watch a few bands play. It was a good time, but im tired today. I ended up eating about 2100 calories yesterday. Today I went hiking and plan on going out with my sister, her boyfriend and my friend Mike tonight.

Eats have been good today and I am just enjoying relaxing for the rest of the day!

Late post!

Sorry this is so late! I was lazy this morning before class.

Yesterday at the lake was SOOO much fun!! The weather was gorgeous, the water was glass. I got some great wakeboarding in and had a blasty with the friends. It was me and 7 guys haha but im used to that. I did wipe out a few times on the wakeboard and my neck is feeling it today. I am getting better at jumping though so im happy! I ended up only having 1256 calories by the end of the day (oops!) but after Tuesdays extravaganza, im pretty sure my body was cool with it.

Today I had my boxing class, followed by bi’s and tri’s and finally 45 minutes on the treadmill.

My triceps were sore after finishing the first exercise and i just beat them to death.(I’m so evil) My friend Mike worked out with me and we did his bicep workout that he does…it was good! 10 curls, 12 curls with a bar(in my case the 25 pound bar..not the 45 ha), then 10 hammer curls. That is one set with no rest. You do that 3 times. Then we did cable curls and I started at 6(not sure what weight it just says 6 lol) and did 8 reps at 6, 8 reps at 5, etc. until i had done the rest of that rack. Muscle Fatigue was written all over that workout.

I had one class already and am just hanging out at home until my next class which doesn’t start until 6:30. Remind me not to sign up for night classes anymore because I hate that I still have more class tonight. :-/

Tomorrow I will be working out in the morning, heading to work for a few hours, and then hanging out wtih my friend Rick. He wants to go rollerblading haha and then we’re probably going to jump in the pool because have I mentioned that the weather has been like 95-100 degrees all week?! Yeah summer is here for the Arizonanans.

Today I ended at 2051 calories(goal was 2000).

Tomorrow is an 1800 calorie day. I will start posting my daily ending totals. Just for fun 🙂

Have a good one!


That is how I would describe myself yesterday. My cravings got the best of me. I decided that I have been on track for 8 days, so since I was having all these cravings, and I beat them over the weekend, that I would give in to them so that I wouldn’t be having all the cravings. I am not beating myself up or feeling bad, but i AM feeling like a LAME ASS. It was just dumb. I am glad I did it, but still feel lame for doing it. Athletes don’t do this. People with a goal DO NOT do this. You toughen it out. I just know I have about 3 months until my show, so I am being….LAME!!

Anyways, that makes 4 days this month that i have been LAME and eaten crappy shitty food out of stupid cravings. 4 is my limit per month that I give myself, so that means there are definitely no more of those this month. January and February I only had 1 bad day each month. March I had 4 and April is looking the same. I am looking good and my legs are leaning out big time, as well as my glutes, so I definitely can’t keep doing this or shit will hit the fan.

As I was doing squats on Monday my trainer even said that my hamstrings were “popping.” You know how long I have wanted that?!?!!? So I will not throw it away over dumb cravings.

Eating crappy food also doesn’t sit well with me, as in, it made me sick last night. That just proved to me that this stuff SHOULD NOT be put into my body. They label this stuff as food, however, it is just something that is meant to mimic real food. Last time I checked, our bodies weren’t made to digest teddy grahams or fritos.

Anyways enough ranting, I’m really not feeling that depressed feeling that I used to get after a binge because my mindset is so much diffferent than it was then. I feel that before I was haunted by the fear of not getting back on track, whereas now I KNOW i can get back on track. I have the tools and the knowledge and best of all, I LOVE eating clean wholesome foods. I feel great and it fuels me and I see results. There is no greater reward.

Breakfast today was 1 cup of egg whites with 1 cup of spinach and some asparagus on the side. I ate enough carbs yesterday to last me through today so veggies will be the only ones entering this body today. Tomorrow will be back to normal completely. I don’t believe in starving myself after a binge, just nursing myself back to health with the foods it needs and WATER.

I am going to the lake this afternoon too and it is supposed to be about 95 so i can’t wait!

Almost Vegetarian?!

So i was putting groceries away this morning after the gym…and i realized that without my egg whites, the rest of my diet is vegetarian. (I think.) Unless greek yogurt counts as an animal product?? i don’t really know what counts and what doesn’t.

Lately i haven’t been eating much chicken or turkey..purely out of laziness to cook it. Cooking egg whites is much easier to me. I plan on buying some chicken this week though because i do miss it. I also have some tuna steaks in my freezer that i want to cook up!

This mornings workout was boxing, shoulders, and an hour on the treadmill. My friend Rick worked out with me and it made the cardio go by fast because we were able to talk the whole time.

I have class today and another long day..but im feeling good!!

Eats today:
Meal 1: Egg whites, rolled oats, banana, tangelo
Meal 2: Egg whites, asparagus, strawberries, grapefruit

That’s all so far!! Will update later today!

Ahh busy day

Hey there!

I got through the weekend…no pigging out…so im very happy about that!

This morning I met my friend Brittni at the gym to swim.(wow cool rhyme nerd! haha) Before we got in I got a text message from my trainer that said “Meet me at the pool at 8” I replied “am i swimming??” He replied”No…marine corps boot camp!”

We swam for about a half hour. I got out and changed and met my trainer. He had me doing sprints, jump squats, jump lunges, running up and down stairs, lunging up and down stairs(with a 25 pound plate i should add), chest flys, rows, you name it, i did it. And with four 30 second breaks…in THE WHOLE HOUR. It was killer. The ladies in the pool kept yelling “Dae your going to kill her!” in which he would reply “She’s” It was an insane workout and still (at 5:30pm) my body is shaky and jittery. The sick part is i love that. I love working my ass off at the gym. It hurts so good!!!

My trainer also told me that he has had several people come up to him and tell him that i am “inspiring.” Me??? Inspiring??? I don’t see myself as that at all but it was so flattering to hear that. He then told me that some members wanted to start a running club and he asked if i would be interested in leading it!!! No details yet, but if the opportunity arises I will DEFINITELY take it!! So cool!!

I had class and work the rest of the day and i am exhausted. I am planning on just chilling out the rest of the night and watching tv. Sounds like the perfect ending to a day like today.

Make her get out of here!!

I’m talking about my Aunt….Aunt Flow. She actually hasn’t arrived yet, but you would think she has with the damn CRAVINGS i’m having. I seriously was II<— that close to just eating whatever I wanted yesterday. I was ready for it, about to hit the road and go to my dads and pig out on everything. Just as I was about to leave I got a text from some friends to meet them at a bar. It was a God send i'm telling you. I took it as a sign and I went out and didn't pig out. It was SUCH a close call. I wish she would just come and go already because she is driving me NUTS. She is taking away my will power!!! Someone kick her out!! Haha

Anyways, I am very proud that i didnt give in to those cravings and I stayed on plan. She better not try again today!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Friday night I went to my friends show, and then got up Saturday morning and poked around Kohl’s(if there is one in your area they have a ton of racks for like 80% off clothing, jewelry, purses, etc. so I highly reccomend it!) Of course I didn’t end up getting anything but two rings. (I love cheap jewelry) Then I hit up Whole Foods and got some loot. I swear if I could pitch a tent in whole foods and live there, I just might :)I feel healthy just walking around there. After Whole Foods I relaxed at home for a bit and then went and hiked Camelback with my friend Jorge. Our pace was fast yesterday and we got to the top in just 32 minutes! We are trying to get it down to 25, but it will take time. That mountain makes your legs feel like jello. If I did that everyday, I really wouldn’t even need to ever work my legs out. Climbing all those boulders really gets ya! After the hike, I relaxed some more and then met my friends Perry and Dusty(the life savers that took me away from my almost pig out sesh) at a bar called Gilligin’s. We hung out there for a while and then headed to Perry’s friends house to watch the UFC fights.(Not that i really cared to see them, but if they are on I like watching.)

I left there and went to a bar called The Office. My sister’s boyfriends dads band was playing there. They play classic rock songs. It was a fun time hanging out with them and a few of my friends met up there too. I headed home about midnight and crashed out.

This morning i have a softball game. I am going to try to get a hike in afterwards and then I’m playing volleyball this afternoon.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!!


Good morning loveys!! Sorry for the lame-o post yesterday! I was just so exhausted so I figured instead of rambling I would just keep it short.

My shoulders are STILL sore from Tuesdays workout. I did bi’s and tri’s on Wednesday and chest yesterday. Today I will do back(with my trainer.) I also decided I want to start posting my daily goals and check them off as i go along! So here are today’s:

-Eat 5-6 meals
-Keep the carbs below 150g
-1800 calories

Meal 1: 1 Cup egg whites; 1/3 cup oat bran topped with 1/2 banana and 1/2 TBSP almond butter; grapefruit

I have a massage today after my run!(what better timing!!) Then off to class and then straight to work. Going to a concert tonight too. Busy day!!

I need to go pack up my food for the day since I will be showering at the gym and getting ready there.

Hope your Friday is fantastic!

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