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Tuesday Afternoon

Okay well technically it is still the morning, but i have that song stuck in my head. 🙂
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This morning was a tough one. I guess I should back track to the rest of yesterday though….
I never made it to class(oops! :-)) but I did get to my school advising appointment. I am all set with my changed major(Business Management) but I went to register for classes and there are like 3 options per class I need to take..and at terrible times!! I hope they open more classes later on or something….
After my appointment, I met my dad and brother at the running store so I could get new shoezies!!! I love mine, but I got them in October and am now wearing holes through the sides hehe….so I got the same upgraded pair of Nikes! Love love.

After picking up the new kicks…my older brother(who is in town from Cali) went hiking. So 2 and a half hour workout in the morning…then an hour hike on Camelback…(its a tough hike)…let’s just say I was DEAD by the end of the day…..

Back to today…Tuesdayyyy: I boxed this morning. My right hand has been hurting so I have been hitting left hand dominant the past few days and my instructor told me how much I have improved on my left side. I’m excited because I am really loving this boxing! Class was really hard today, he must have eaten a great energizing breakfast this morning because we worked hard today.

After boxing, I did legs. Deadlifts, squats, seated ham curls, leg extensions, hip adductors, hip abductors, and the glute machine. It was good. I wasn’t planning on doing any cardio afterwards because boxing was so tough this morning, but on my way out, the cardio kickboxing instructor stopped me and said “hey are you coming to my class today you haven’t been in a while!” So out of guilt and also taking that as my “sign” I went ahead and did cardio kickboxing too. It was an extra hard workout today as well. (There must be something in the water at my gym or something.)

Now i am just relaxing for a few until I have class at 1:30 and another class at 6:30 tonight. Ugh. Not in the mood for class tonight..i may just stay home and rest..we’ll see.

Hope your all doing well! Here are some fight night pictures, as promised

my sister and i with Michael Phelps!!

monday fun day?

ehh wishful thinking 🙂

I just got back from the gym. I had a great chest workout, but an even BETTER tricep workout. No joke, my arms were shaking and i bet i was making some relaly funny faces. There is a guy at my gym that calls me mean face because i guess when i am pushing hard i have a mean look on my face haha.

Cardio went by fast today too, surprisingly!

Breakfast was 1/4 cup oats, 1/2 banana, 1/2 TBSP almond butter, and 1 cup of egg whites on the side with some spinach.

After my workout i had almonds, an apple, brussels sprouts, chicken, and brown rice.

Yum yum!

Today i have an appointment with my advisor to figure out my schedule for next semester and then going to hang out with my dad and brother!! It should be a fun Monday after all!

Hope your day goes well also!!

Crazy weekend!

Hey guys!! Sorry i haven’t posted in a few days! I have been super a good way though!


Friday’s workout was shoulders! I had a really awesome workout and then did an hour on the treadmill walking on a 15% incline at 3.3 mph. I then had to race to school to take a test(which i don’t think i did too well on, but oh well.)

The rest of friday I was the taxi driver. I had to pick up my little brother from my dad’s office and drive him to pick up a laptop and then drive him home. Then i went to my best friend Taylor’s house and hung with her until it was time to pick up my older brother from the airport. The airport was CrazyYYY busy, but it all worked out fine. My older sister, older brother, and sister’s boyfriend all decided to go to a bar and hang out with some of my sister’s friends. It was a really fun sibling night!(Love that i can go out with them now!!!)

Saturday morning I woke up, and picked up my older brother from my sister’s condo and we went to a Vinyasa yoga class. It was pretty good, but not up to his standards(he does a lot of yoga at a nice studio in LA….our Scottsdale JCC couldn’t compete LOL) We then went to whole foods and got some veggies and he cooked us some veggies.(He is also very health concious…i hate that he lives in LA and not here!! I of course had my egg whites with the veggies hehe)

After lunch, we went and hiked Camelback mountain. Really challenging but fun! And then i had about an HOUR to get ready to go to Celebrity Fight Night. My dad is a special advisor and video producer of the event so we go every year. It was so fun! I got to meet Michael Phelps and John Corbet!(pictures to come of course!!)

Eats have been AWESOME this weekend and i have stuck to my guns and not cheated on my diet. I am feeeling very happy and good about this. Since I will be going to Vegas on Friday morning, my weekend next weekend is Friday-Saturday(instead of Saturday-Sunday) so I am going to do Monday’s workout today, Tuesday’s workout tomorrow, etc.

I will be also playing some volleyball today! Should be a good one.

This morning for breakfast: 1/2 cup egg whites; 1/4 cup of oats topped with a banana, 1 TBSP almond butter, and some blueberries; and a grapefruit.

Have a good rest of the weekend bloggies!!

Great description of weight loss

How Losing Weight is Like Playing a Sport
If you are playing basketball, you can’t expect to stop the opposing team from scoring. Same with weight loss…you can’t expect to lose weight without ever gaining some of that weight back. Also in basketball, there are times when a team is behind for a quarter or two. When losing weight, you may weigh more on Wednesday than you did on Monday. This is natural, just make sure that you push extra hard on the rest of the week to come out slightly ahead on Wednesday.

To read more about this click here. Good article, but I thought the above was a VERY good analogy.

oh the confusion!

so you all know the last time my friend george tested my body fat about 2 weeks ago it was 21%. Well today a different trainer (i would say more experienced) took my body fat because he didn’t believe that i was 21%. It came up as 16.5%!!!! I now don’t believe either reading. The test today, he pinched lower on my leg than george does and that made a huge difference.

The only real way to find out body fat percentage is with a dunk test. They submerge you in water and test your body fat that way. My friend got me a certificate to get a dunk test for my birhtday(i know only I woudl get excited about that haha) so that will be the real test!!

Anyways…sorry for no post yesterday, i was at the lake all afternoon! Before that i had the BEST chest and tricep workout of life. My trainer really killed me. He and 2 other people also complimented my physique saying i was getting more muscle and cuts and leaning out. So great to hear!!!!! Eating was great yesterday, although i didn’t eat anything at the lake because that is one place that I have no thoughts about food whatso ever!!

The lake was beautiful…a little colder and windier than last week, but i still wakeboarded! Once you get in the water your skin gets kinda numb so it’s all good right? Heh.

Today’s workout was boxing, abs and calves, finished off with elliptical for an hour.

Off to class! Sorry for the lame post, I will have more later!

Are you there legs? It’s me, Lizzy

Sometimes I underestimate myself. I think “leg days with Dae are so much better, i should save them for wednesday so he can push me harder.” I am wrong in thinking that. Today I did legs on my own and after an HOUR, i was hobbling out of the weight room. Smith squats, hip adductors, hip abductors, lying ham curls, leg press, leg extensions, and step ups. I went heavey on everything and did a total of 27 sets of legs. I KILLED these babies and i LOVE it. 🙂

Rewind: This morning I woke up and had a bowl of proatmeal and some egg whites. I headed out the door at 6:15am (bleh) for boxing. Great class today, except i have a hurt knuckle on my right hand and it keeps getting worse because i keep going all out in boxing class. I talked to my instructor and we are going to take it easy on my right hand for a week and see if it gets better.

After boxing and the leg shred, i hit up the arc trainer for an hour. I ate an apple on the way home from the gym because i just couldn’t wait i was starvin’ marvin’.

Post workout: Egg whites, 185 g sweet potato, 12 brussels sprouts, apple

I have class today (two tests, iCK) And tomorrow i have another test and then going to the LAKE for some more wakeboard action!!!! Yayy.

If you all are wondering why i am being lazy and not working, it’s because I actually am working for my dad right now. His assistant is out for 2 weeks so I am filling in for the time being. He also has a client who needs someone to do Quickbooks for them and luckily that is one of my skills. I am just picking up jobs here and there because I honestly have such a weird schedule that it is hard for me to work on a set schedule. Plus after having my last job that i absolutely HATED, i would rather live on the streets then take up another job I hate. Seriously. I also kind of feel like a hippie these days you guys. I am in the whole “i just want to be healthy, live my life to the fullest and have fun, even if i am poor” It’s a stage I’m sure, but that is where I am at. I really do have a great work ethic when i want to, and school is keeping me plenty busy.(and so are my workouts ha!) When I am ready to venture out onto something worth while(in my opinion) then I will and until then I will do what I can to get by. In this economy that is what most are doing anyways. I’m not stressed about it, I am loving life!


hey all! sorry for not posting yesterday i had a busy day!!

Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal and egg whites. I had a softball game in the morning and then had to go straight from there to a family party(mom’s side). I ate some cucumber slices, a baby dill pickle and a slice of tomato. When I got home I was pretty hungry so i made some egg whites, had some chicken and brussels sprouts, and also another bowl of oatmeal. Then it was time for some volleyball! Volleyball is so much fun, but it was WINDY, which really sucked. We still had a good time. Then I had to go to my dads house for dinner(my siblings and I go every sunday evening) They ate chinese food, and i ate some grapes, 2 apples and a grapefruit. I was just so in the mood for fruit!!

I also tried a Green Superfood drink and let’s just say I got two sips down and that was the end of that! Ha.

Today i am off to meet my trainer to do a nice BACK workout. Maybe some abs too, he likes to throw those in there sometimes. My shoulder was kind of bugging me on Saturday so i really hope it is okay today.

I made Gina Alliotti’s Zucchini Protein bread last night! (Thanks to Kelly O) I had it for breakfast this morning. I didn’t add in the Splenda, and i still thought it was pretty good. Kind of bland without the sugary taste, but i am used to bland these days. It was VERY filling and i probably won’t eat the whole loaf at one sitting next time. I am feeling a little more full than I’d like to be. The good news is that it is only about 415 calories for the whole loaf!! Full of protein and healthy carbs 🙂 Good stuff!

I also had a grapefruit and an apple. Biggg breakfasts are key to a good day for me. I notice that when I eat a small breakfast, i end up eating a HUGE lunch, so i just have to do what works for MOI!

Have a lovely day lovelys!

i suck

Okay guys..i am not allowed to go to my dads house anymore!! 3718 calories today!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I think I know.
1. I am actually pretty happy with my body right now. It isn’t EXACTLY how i want it(i don’t think that i’ll ever see my body that way thats why we are called health ‘nuts’…we are nuts hehe) but it looks good. I like how my abs are defined, and my legs are slimmer and i don’t have cellulite. I actually like what i see when i look in the mirror.

THIS IS BAD. It makes me that much more likely to go cheat because i say to myself “you look pretty good, one day won’t kill you” This is what happened last time i lost weight. Those “one days” added up and i HATED not only my body but my self for letting it happen.

I need to get my head back in the game on weekends. During the week I am fine because it is all routine and honestly, if i don’t go to my dads house, then there is no crapfood at my apartment for me to eat, SO….moral of the story. NOT going to dads house anymore!! It is the danger zone.

I did hike camelback mountain today (a hard as f*** hike, i literally got my heart rate up to 190 at one point…i don’t take breaks at all on the way up so it really is a hard workout) afterwards i got the tires in my bike fixed and rode around for about a half hour… then went to the gym and did some random pushups and abs, stair master for 10 minutes and ran on an incline with intervals for 10 minutes…5 minute cooldown.

I guess its good that i logged in all that i ate, but at the same time I probably came in about 1000 calories or more over my daily intake. NOT COOL LIZZY.

This is a tough position. I like being happy with my body because it makes me confident, happy and I appreciate it, but I worry SO MUCH that i will let myself go. I know that I have the power though and I just need to remember that. A 3 day carb-deplete is sounding pretty good right about now! Nix some of that damage I did.

I WILL be better. I will not only get through the weekdays on plan, but i WILL GET THROUGH NEXT WEEKEND ON PLAN TOO. Keep me accountable guys, I need your help. I will be honest if you will be too.

Thank you for listening to the rambling you guys are awesome you are ALWAYS there and honestly, i am going at this game ALONE. I don’t have many supporters in this fitness endeavor.

Thanks again.

My 1/2 marathon training

Hey guys! I had a few questions about how I trained for my half marathon.

It started out as just running. I liked how my body responded to running so i started slowly. I built my endurance up to being able to do 3 miles straight. That is when I decided that I wanted to try and run a half marathon. I signed up for the P.F. Changs Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Upon sign up they gave me a free schedule to follow. There were different schedules. Some had you running every other day. Some had you running 4 days in a row. It all depends on YOU. I found that i did not like running on consecutive days and stuck to the every other day plan.

My advice to all of you that want to do a half marathon is to find a race that you think you might like to do.(Plan far ahead giving yourself at least 4 to 5 months) Many times they will give you a free schedule, otherwise you can purchase them online. If you follow the schedules you will find it easier and easier and soon enough you will be running your own half marathon! Getting a buddy to train with you helps out a LOT. Run outside whenever possible because it is definitely a different kind of running than treadmill running.

That is my two cents. I am no professional at all, but that is what worked for me. Follow the plan and it will get you across the finish line!

Friday friday!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting yesterday!!!

Yesterday I woke up and went to my boxing class. It was so HARD, yet rewarding!! There are two highlights from yesterday’s class. There were only 4 of us yesterday, and we are all regulars. We were doing an ab exercise where you need a partner and as we were pumping out the reps, the instructor said “that’s my two athletes!!” An athlete! I love it!! Then we had a competition between the four of us. 25 toe touches(not the cheerleading kind, more like the hot concrete dance? hard to explain) right into 10 pushups…for 4 sets. It was a race! And i won!!!! It was awesome because the four of us are all in pretty good shape, so it felt good to beat them all.(i’m competitive what can i say lol)

Then i had a GREAT chest/ab workout, followed by RUNNING. Yeah i haven’t done any SS running in a while. I was planning on running a 5k on the treadmill, but ended up running 6 miles! It felt good to run at a steady pace since I haven’t done too much of that since my half marathon.(After runnning 13.1 miles, i needed a break from it haha)

Then yesterday I went to the lake with friends!!! Here is a picture of me! It was a blast, such a great time. The water was a little chilly, but nothing a little wakeboarding can’t fix 😉

Today for breakfast i had a 1/2 cup of EXTRA THICK rolled oats(my favorite) with 20 blueberries, 3 strawberries, and 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder. Yum yum. Time to head to the gym!!

Side note: I had a dream that i slept in through my training and i was so mad at myself!! I woke up with a sigh of relief today.
Have a good day!! I will post later tonight.
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