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Busy Lizzy

Today has been quite the busy day! Not complaining though. I am finally feeling better…still a stuffy nose, but none of that dragging, tired, sick feeling.

I woke up at about 8 this morning and had a breakfast of proatmeal and an apple. I headed to the gym and did biceps and triceps (my triceps were starting to feel sore during my last set of bench dips so it was definitely a good work out.) I added a 25 pound plate to my bench dips today (usually just do body weight between two benches) and i was pumping out 8-10 reps per set. I haven’t done them recently and am glad to see I’m getting stronger! I had some of a friend’s protein shake post workout(he was giving me samples of all the different proteins he had in his bag because he said they were delicious…and they were!!) He also gave me a sample of XPand which is a glutamine, b-vitamin, and creatine was tasty and the ingredients looked pretty solid so I may have to invest 🙂

Tomorrow is my P.F. Changs 1/2 marathon too! So today my friend Brittni and I went downtown to pick up our race packets. We stopped at Samurai Sams on the way and i decided to get food, being I could get white meat chicken and steamed vegetables without sauce. Well the chicken still had some skin on it and some yucky stuff so I basically disected every single piece and didn’t get much out of it. The vegetables were good though! After that, I had a hair appointment. I needed food in me, so I stopped and got a Clif was all I had time to grab and it was the best thing I could find at CVS (wanted almonds, but they were all salted! :-(..) After my hair appointment I had a medium sized sweet potato and some more chicken, along with two apples, some strawberries, proatmeal, and then a shake of protein powder, 1/2 a banana, and cinnamon(very good!)…this was all spanned out over about 2 hours by the way. I just am trying to get my protein in. So as far as eating today it wasn’t the best as far as timing and nutrients, but I still have one more meal to get some more protein in! (Only at 137 g. right now and would like to be closer to 180 or above) I feel like I can see more straitions in my back and shoulders lately so I’m excited about that!

Race tomorrow at 8:30AM. I hope I am ready for it. My running training has not been what it should be, so if I need to walk at some point, then I will, but at the same time…i think i can pull it off! We will see my friends 🙂


Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! It is cool to see how many supporters I have 🙂 I am still at home sick. Managed to get in 45 minutes of elliptical today and did some legs, but nothing crazy. Eating has been going well yesterday and today and I am feeling like a nap right now.

I’ll post more later.


Okay so I have been doing this whole workout thing for about a year and a half now. I have seen ups and downs but never really took progress pictures. I weighed about 128 pounds back in June, and then all hell broke loose and I decided to gain back 14 pounds of that. By Decemeber I was hating the way that I looked. I couldn’t get out of my binge cycle. Anyways….I took pictures on December 18th, 2008 and decided enough was enough.

This picture makes me sick to my stomach! I was puffy and blehhh…

So here is one I took tonight…January 15th..approximately 1 month later….

Now, I’m not at a competition weight yet, but im getting there and that is some progress that I really notice! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the two pictures side by side..I knew i was looking better but WOW i feel like the second picture loooks SOOOO much better.

Anyways i had to share my excitement! That is some motivation! Can’t wait to see what I look like in February!!!!! :):):) I’m so excited i could cry 🙂

Sumo Wrestler Diet

This made me laugh…

If you want to look like a sumo wrestler….

1. Skip breakfast. By depriving their bodies of food after eight hours of sleep, their metabolic rates stay low.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach. If their bodies haveno food, their metabolic thermostats are turned down even lower to conserve fuel.

3. Take a nap after eating. The Sumo secret for gaining weight is that, after eating, they sleep for at least four hours.

4. Eat late in the day. Going to bed with full stomachs means that their bodies must respond to the huge flood of nutrients with a rush of insulin, forcing their bodies to store some of it in the cells as fat instead of in the muscles and organs as nutrients.

5. Always eat with others in a social atmosphere. According to leading researchers, a meal eaten with others can be at least 44 percent larger and with 30 percent more calories and fat.

There you have it…the dream diet we have all been looking for 🙂


Being sick is no fun!! This time it got the best of me and I actually have been sitting on my couch since noon hehe.

I did get a great shoulder workout in this morning followed by a low intensity 30 minutes on the elliptical. I ate more calories then i wanted to today (2100) but oh well, not a big deal. (Wanted to eat about 1800) All of it was clean food so it isn’t horrible, and i’m still feeling sick. What the hell else was i supposed to do all day 🙂

Anyways, i’m really really bored now and want to go for a walk or something. I didn’t get anything done today that I wanted to, and now i have watched everything on tv, and surfed every website. I need some fresh air. Maybe just a walk around the block with the ipod will refresh me.

Still sick…

Still sick today, and woke up soooo congested. I took some tylenol not too long ago and it helped tremendously. I am going to get some strength training in today, because I feel up to it and I just am a worrier about losing muscle. I have been realizing lately that I LOVE these muscles I have built on my body. I took yoga yesterday and could see my arms in the mirror and it just made me so damn happy that I have muscle to show off to the world. It takes a lot of time and effort to build muscle, and I am proud of mine and not afraid to tell the world that! So that being said, I can’t miss two days in a row of strength training I will feel like a weakling lol.

Breakfast today was 1 cup egg whites, proatmeal (1/4 cup rolled oats, 1 scoop whey protein, cinnamon), and an apple.

Off to do my strength training, probably won’t do cardio today because I’m not feeling up to it.


Not gonna lie, i was feeling so crappy today that i really just didn’t care about my food intake. I ate 90% clean, but then i will admit i had a clif mojo bar, some trail mix, and for whatever reason i had a smuckers peanut butter and jelly sandwich thing from the freezer (yuckkk.) crappy food makes you feel like…CRAP. who woulda thought hah. I am not feeling too guilty over it, i honestly feel so shitty today that even if i wanted to make myself feel guilty, i couldn’t. One day won’t kill me and i know that i will be back on track tomorrow. Hopefully I will be feeling better, cuz that will make it easier. I just needed to get that out of my system maybe?

Anyways, i ended up today doing 40 minutes on the treadmill, incline walked the first 15 minutes and ran the rest of the way. Then went to a yoga class. Surprisingly, no more exercise for the day for me. (I was supposed to go rock climbing, but i just felt too sick.) I now have an annoying stuffy nose. Ya know the kind when you sit or lay down you can’t breathe out of one nostril…ARGGHH. Going to take some tylenol pm though and pass out.

Hopefully i will feel better in the morning. If you can even handle this my calorie intake today was…………..3,673!!!!!!!!!! That is horendous. I at least kept track, and like I said…most of it was clean foods (lots of apples, oatmeal,) but it was the clif mojo bar, the larabar, the stupid smuckers uncrustable, the trail mix..those all REALLY made it add up. Anyways, not feeling guilty about it. Tomorrow is another day and I think it helps me stay on track if i have a cheat day here and there. That is the first one I have had in like…a month…so that in itself is an accomplishment, as for a while I was in a real rut and was binging like crazy.

Great article

Everyone should read this. It gave me some new insights and I think it will do the same for you.

Definitely eating over calories today. I will probably end up in the 2500 range, but I am sick and not binging, just need a day of food in whatever quantity i want lol. Still eating clean foods though.


Ugh! So my room mate has been sick all week and of course, now I am feeling sick. A sore throat 🙁 This is the 3rd time in the last few months. (Luckily nothing bad, but a cold is annoying!)

Note to self: “No Lizzy, feta cheese does NOT taste good with your egg whites”
Do you think that stopped me from eating them? Of course not. 🙂

Today i am honestly going to rest. I am going to a yoga class at 9:30, but thats IT. And rock climbing tonight but what I am trying to say is no formal cardio, no formal weight lifting. My diet is going to be a little cheatful as well. I use that term lightly because my “cheats” are the reduced fat feta i had in my egg whites, and a little low sodium tomato soup i had when I woke up to soothe my throat. I will probably have a protein bar later cuz well…we all know i love those 🙂

Quick question: Larabars are made with simple natural ingredients, so is that counted as a processed food though??? I always want to say no its not, but then again…i don’t know??

A few more quotes…

“Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.”

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

“You will never plough a field if you only turn it over in your mind”

Off to work 🙂

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