Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days…my schedule has been crazy! First off I’d like to say thank you for all of the comments! They were very helpful to me. I am also proud of myself for not digging my face into food during the days that I was bummed out. I have stayed on plan and will continue to do so. I have to learn that this is going to be a slow process. The fat isn’t going to just melt off of me like I want it to. It is going to be subtle changes here and there and I’m okay with that and finally I think I will accept that.

School started this week and I am taking an insane amount of hours (mostly because I am pursuing a business degree and an audio engineering degree at another school) That plus the 15-20 hours a week I am working…and can’t forget about the 2 hours in the morning that I leave open for my workouts. Needless to say, life is clockwork these days. I don’t mind it. I actually seem to get more done when I’m busy.

Yesterday’s workout was shoulders and I feel like my shoulders are really starting to cut out and look bigger than before. Very excited about that! My biceps also seem to be peaking a bit more than they used to. I am going to try to do legs more often than I have been (currently twice a week, may try for a third day depending on how they feel) because they are my problem area. I feel that for so long I have focused on my upper body because it was always scrawny and now that its coming into place, I need to tone up my legs and butt more! I am starting to feel that the competition is getting closer and closer and I am getting nervous about the way I look. I will keep on pushing though, nothing is going to stop me!!

Anyways, its 6:30am and i need to get to the gym ASAP!

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  1. fittingbackin says:

    WOW! You have a lot going on!! Sounds like you're on top of it all though & enjoy it so that's great! I hear you on legs- they're my problem area, personally. I'd love to know what you do for legs in a future post if you don't mind!

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