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I actually rested today.

Yes ladies and gentlemen…i did NOT go to the gym today at all. Instead i moved a ton of audio/electronic equipment from my moms house to my apartment. BUT no workout. I know i needed it and also I went to bed at 5am(very unlike me to stay out that late) so I thought….hey if im going to take a rest day..might as well be today.

Anyways…got an old record player from my moms house and have been listening to Pink Floyd all day on it 🙂 soooo good. The sound quality is amazing.

Other greatest discovery is frozen fruit. I know most of you have known about this…but i didn’t realize how much it makes you feel like your eating ice cream!! Im eating frozen mango right now..delishhhh.

I need to get more food in. I have only eaten about 600 calories today and its almost 5pm :-/ NOttt good.

Can’t wait to workout tomorrow morning feeling refreshed and then SUPERBOWL GO CARDS!!!!!


Hey guys!

I am so tired today. And I have been hungry all day too! I ate very well today and was eating every few hours, but I guess my body was just burning up the food so fast because every two or three hours I was so hungry! Usually I will be somewhat hungry by my next “feeding” but not too bad. Oh well, I didn’t munch or do anything wrong, so its alll gooood.

This morning I had another session with Dae. He only had 30 minutes to train me today, but it was 30 minutes STRAIGHT (zero rest) of triceps. All types of pull downs, push downs, dips, diamond pushups, etc. I literally couldn’t straighten out my arm at the end of the workout because even THAT was too much for my poor tricep muscles. They stuck with me until they just couldn’t do it anymore haha. I finished the workout off with an hour of elliptical/arc trainer. Friday he is going to have me do biceps and shoulders, so I will do back tomorrow.

I think a lot lately about how different my life is now that I have started eating clean. For one, my body is looking a million times better than it ever has. I have now had three people this week separately comment on my body. It feels really good to know that my hard work is paying off. The funny thing is that when i lost 10 pounds last spring, every day was a challenge for me. The reason is because I was eating any food I chose(mostly healthy, some not healthy), but just watching my calories. It works if you want to lose weight, no doubt, however, it is much harder because eating sugary and refined foods makes you crave……….drum rolll…………….sugary and refined foods!!! WEIRD HUH! I had read so many things about this but until you actually make the commitment to eat clean foods, you don’t realize just how impactive it is. I now “splurge” on an extra bowl of oatmeal or a few extra apples. Today for example…i had 2 apples after dinner instead of just the 1 I was planning. I am now able to walk by junk food and my mouth doesn’t water. Why? Because I can FEEL the difference that my diet(and i use that term to mean the way that i eat) has had on my body and mind. I feel at peace with my body, I feel happy in my skin, and I feel healthy. I am not saying that I will never eat any bad foods again, but honestly….I have no desire for them and haven’t in some time. So who knows, maybe I won’t eat them ever again if I never crave them again.

This post has gotten very long but that has been on my mind and I just thought that I would share. For people that struggle with staying on a diet, try eating clean, it is easier than you would ever imagine.

Off to do some homework and then veg out!


Okay so yesterday was my first day training with Dae. (Ex Olympian, Captain of Marine Corps, body builder, Swimmer, etc. ) He has a Masters in basically anything related to health and fitness.

Let me tell you this…I have worked out hard in my life…my old trainer was a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a HUGE believer in leg workouts for women with heavy weights etc. He put me through hell before and it was tough.

Yesterday, however, I probably had the hardest leg workout of my life!! For an entire hour with maybe 3 or 4 30 second rests total did squats, lunges, single leg press, jump squats, jumping lunges. Basically no breaks, lots of drop sets, lots of heavy sets, lots of back to back sets. My ass is annihilated today. It is so sore I can’t even believe it. I literally feel like it looks better already hahaha.

Anyways long story short, my new trainer won my heart yesterday and all of my funds will be going to him in the future. (He is giving me 6 free sessions because he is just that nice of a guy and wants to help me out.) I feel so priveliged to be working with him. He is a genius when it comes to building muscle in any place. He knows how to get definition on a certain part of your arm if that is what you want. He knows just where to tweak an exercise to get that definition and okay thats enough rambling haha

My eating has been great also. I started my second phase of my lean down and am now eating 1600-1700 calories per day.(Was at about 1900-2000) I will do this for 3 weeks and then cut down again to about 1400 and then the last 3 weeks leading up to competition I will be at about 1200 (Depending on how i am looking obviously) But that is the plan for now.

I have been eating less brown rice lately, because I feel much fuller off of sweet potato for a carb. I have been eating turkey breast rather than chicken breast too. (No reason really, but I like it better at the moment ha)

That is all I have for now…I have another session with Dae on Wednesday…Biceps and shoulders. Since I got a damn good cardio session with Dae yestrday, i did steady state cardio after the workout and will be doing my Interval/More vigorous cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I do not train with him.


This question is mostly opinion since I don’t know that we really know the “right answer” but it’s a good one………

As far as weight loss goes……Which is worse……eating 1500-1800 calories of CRAP food (just whatever you feel like…not very nutritious etc.) OR eating 2200-2500 calories of CLEAN and nutritious foods(lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.)?

Just curious what you all think is worse. I don’t know the answer….i know that the healthy clean foods are technically better for you, that part is obvious. BUT in a weight loss stand point, it gets technical.

If your bored, there’s something to think about 🙂

Irony and Lopsided

I know this is totally random, but i have been seeing a lot of really ironic things lately and i just need somewhere to jot them down haha.
1. I saw a woman walking across the street. She was a Wal-Mart employee, as she was wearing a Walmart shirt. She was carrying a bag from Target.

2. I drove by a business that said “House and Apartment Leasing” The other sign on the building said “Space for Lease” (If that is confusing, basically the house and apartment leasing company had either moved or gone out of business and their space was now available.)

There was one other thing and I totally can’t remember right now!! I will figure it out though haha


Is it possible to only lose fat on the front side of your body LOL?? I am telling you….when I look in the mirror…my stomach is looking good, arms are looking good, legs ehh.. but looking better.

Then i turn around….my back does not look nearly as lean as my stomach….my butt and back of my legs don’t look as tight and toned as the front.

Anyone else ever have this problem or know if its just how my body is or should I be working harder on the back of my body?? Ha very confused!! Also my left leg/glute area has more fat than the right…WHY AM I LOPSIDED?!?!? hahah

Friday! Randomness and Leg Workouts

I have to say, I’m really excited that I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow 🙂 This week has FLOWN by and I know that the following weeks will continue to fly because of my schedule. Yesterday was filled with so much down time that couldn’t be used for anything but sitting.

I woke up yesterday at about 6AM….got ready for the gym and headed out. Did a leg workout, followed by 20 minutes of intervals on teh treadmill, with 10 minutes of steady jogging at the end. I then moved onto the stair stepper for 20 minutes. Just as I was getting off, the head trainer at my gym (who will be training me next week! Can’t wait as he was in the olympics and needless to say..he knows his shit.) came up to me and said “I had a massage scheduled for right now, but I can’t make it…do you want it?” UMM YEAH! Even though I didn’t really have time for it, I went anyways and decided I would just do a rush act to go to class after the massage. The massage was amazing!! I then headed to my first class of the day which I thought was about 30 minutes away(its at a different campus then ASU). WRONG it was more like an hour away…I was so late and then I couldn’t find parking and by the time I did, I decided SCREW not making this drive every day! So i left haha. Since I was so far away from home and had to go to class at 1:30 (which is half way between where I was and my house) I decided to waste time at walmart. I go to my 1:30 class and our teacher is sick so he keeps us for 10 minutes….okay well now I don’t have class until 3pm….waste more time reading magazines….I get to my 3pm class and we were there for 10 minutes and he decided to let us go! WTF! SOOO I had a 2 hour break before my next class and decided OKAY im going home for some real food. (Ate apples, a clif bar, a protein shake, and an odwalla bar throughout the day…must plan better next thursday)

Anyways….Fitting Back In requested that I post my leg workouts so here goes:

I usually do about 4 sets of each exercise…sometimes only 3 sets….and I usually do about 4 or 5 different exercises. I decide before hand if I want to focus more on glutes and hams or if I want to focus more on quads.

A typical “quad” day may consist of squats(barbell, DB, hack or sumo), leg press, lunges, leg extensions

A typical “ham/glute” day may consist of deadlifts, 45*(degree sign lol) hypers with weight, reverse lunges, bulgarian squats(split squats) with weight, step-ups, hamstring curls, ham curls on the swiss ball, hip thrusts(video link of me below from my old favorite exercise!), cable donkey kicks, DB squats and sumo squats work the glutes pretty well and much differently than normal medium stance squats

Me on the Skorcher

Anyways, there you have it. Off to the gym now!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days…my schedule has been crazy! First off I’d like to say thank you for all of the comments! They were very helpful to me. I am also proud of myself for not digging my face into food during the days that I was bummed out. I have stayed on plan and will continue to do so. I have to learn that this is going to be a slow process. The fat isn’t going to just melt off of me like I want it to. It is going to be subtle changes here and there and I’m okay with that and finally I think I will accept that.

School started this week and I am taking an insane amount of hours (mostly because I am pursuing a business degree and an audio engineering degree at another school) That plus the 15-20 hours a week I am working…and can’t forget about the 2 hours in the morning that I leave open for my workouts. Needless to say, life is clockwork these days. I don’t mind it. I actually seem to get more done when I’m busy.

Yesterday’s workout was shoulders and I feel like my shoulders are really starting to cut out and look bigger than before. Very excited about that! My biceps also seem to be peaking a bit more than they used to. I am going to try to do legs more often than I have been (currently twice a week, may try for a third day depending on how they feel) because they are my problem area. I feel that for so long I have focused on my upper body because it was always scrawny and now that its coming into place, I need to tone up my legs and butt more! I am starting to feel that the competition is getting closer and closer and I am getting nervous about the way I look. I will keep on pushing though, nothing is going to stop me!!

Anyways, its 6:30am and i need to get to the gym ASAP!


I’m not sure why, but the past 2 days i have been really bumming about this whole leaning out, losing weight stuff. I lied, I do know why. It’s because I stepped on the scale yesterday….and I haven’t lost a pound. I understand that I am eating close to maintenance calories so that I can still build some good muscle, but my workouts have been so heavy and hard that I thought I should still lose some weight on the scale if I am losing fat. The thing is before I got on the scale i was on a high horse..really excited about how my stomach was looking and stuff…even my legs a little bit…then I got on that scale and i just got really upset. I just can’t or don’t want to believe that I am building enough muscle and losing fat to even out the scale. I am starting to worry that I won’t be able to lean out enough for the competition and I’m just really bummed about right now.

Anyone ever feel like this or experience something like this? Where in reality you think that even though they are small changes, you are changing for the better, but then something like the scale tells you your not.

Stupid scale i hate you!!! LOL.

Anyways I could really use some motivators right now if you have any 🙂 I’m going to the gym now…it can’t hurt right 😉

Results are in!

I ran my half marathon this morning! It went better than I even expected. I haven’t run more than 6 miles in over a month and was assuming I might have to walk some…well, I didn’t! And in fact I got faster as the race went on! I started with a 10:38 pace and by the end was at a 10:14 pace. My time was 2 hours 13 minutes and 58 seconds. I placed…7,753th! Haha, but it was out of like 35,000 people! So not too bad I guess. Either way, I had fun, I passed my expectations, and most of all I RAN A FREAKIN 1/2 MARATHON.

What I learned: I have no desire to run a full marathon. Haha. For anyone out there who does that, you are amazing. Running a half marathon made me ache like crazy, and knowing to train for a full i would be running those like cake…NOPE doesn’t sound fun to me.

Anyways, that was my “only”(i use that term lightly haha) exercise today. Eats have been awesome, except that I haven’t eaten enough for how many calories I burned (somewhere in the 1900’s according to my HRM) and that was just my exercise. I am at about 1800 calories for the day, so I need to eat but i have no appetite.Funny how that works out….

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